First Generation

1. Andrew Brown HAGEMAN.1,2,3 [PHOTO] Andrew Brown Hageman was born, according to his descendants, in Hillsboro, Somerset Co., New Jersey.1,5 The 2000 Van Voorhees Family genealogy (p.502)3 says he was born in Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey.3 He resided for a time in Pike, Illinois. Andrew Brown died in Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois on 5 Mar 1903; he was age 78 yrs. 11 mos. 1 day.2,3,5 Andrew was buried in Bowers-Templeman Cemetery, in Logan County, Illinois.1 Cause of death: weakness of the heart and kidney trouble.2

The following is from the privately-published, widely-respected work, "Adrian Hegeman and Some of His Descendants," compiled by two of Andrew Brown and Sarah C. (Ross) Hageman's great-granddaughters, sisters Ora Elizabeth Hageman Burnett and Ethel Marie Hageman Mellies. Unfortunately, Ethel has since passed on; Elizabeth survives and has generously given permission to your webmaster to extensively quote their 450+ page "Hageman-Pendleton Genealogy,"1 of which this is one part. We owe these two cousins a great deal for their efforts, and will strive to continue their exemplary work, inspired by their dedication and disciplined labor on behalf of their family.


Andrew Brown Hageman, the youngest child of Isaac Hageman and Maria Vanderveer, was born, 4 April 1824, at Hillsborough, Somerset County, New Jersey. His mother died in 1832, when he was only eight years old. After her death, he moved with his father to Fulton Co., Illinois, where he grew up, and married there, 13 November 1845, Miss Sarah C. Ross, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Ross, and his wife, Annie Hovey. [p.48] Sarah was born, 29 November 1827, at Olmsted, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Andrew, like his father and brother, was a carpenter and a farmer. Andrew and Sarah raised a large family, and moved around quite a bit too! The 1850 and 1860 census finds them in Pike Co., Ill., in '60, Derry Twp., P.O. Eldora; 1870, 1880, and 1900, in Logan Co., Ill., Chester Twp. Sarah made carpets, and was "never without a carpet on the floor." Sometime in her life, probably her later years, she wrote -- "Russell B. Hageman, His Book," "Presented to him by his Father and Mother in 1900." A copy of this book was given to us by our cousin, Lola Hills Titus, to whom we are most grateful. It contains family records of birth, death, marriages, and a delightful story of her life. We, lovingly refer to this book as "Sarah's Book."
Andrew died, 5 March 1903, at the age of 78 yrs. 11 mo. 1 day.
Sarah died, 1 August 1906, at the age of 78 yrs. 8 mo. 3 days.
They are both buried in the Bowers-Templeman Cemetery, in Logan County, Illinois.

On 13 Nov 1845 when Andrew Brown was 21, he married Sarah C. ROSS2,3,1 [PHOTO], daughter of Thomas Jefferson ROSS & Annie HOVEY, in Fairview, Fulton Co., Illinois.2,3,5 Sarah was born on 29 Nov 1827.2 Sarah C. (Ross) Hageman died on 1 Aug 1906; she was age 78 yrs. 8 mos. 3 days.2 Sarah was buried in Bowers-Templeman Cemetery, in Logan County, Illinois.1

Andrew Brown Hageman and Sarah C. (Ross) Hageman had the following children:
2 i. Russell B. (1846-1928) PHOTO, second PHOTO with Anna
3 ii. Anna M. (1848-1873) PHOTO with Russell
4 iii. Simon Van Liew "Van" (1850-1882)
5 iv. Andrew Jackson (1853-1941) PHOTO
6 v. Elisabeth (1855-)
7 vi. Albert G. (1857-1933) PHOTO
8 vii. Margaret W. (1860-1864)
9 viii. Emma H. (1863-1929) PHOTO
10 ix. Sherman W. (1865-1949) PHOTO
11 x. Mary E. (1867-1872)
12 xi. Pheoba Cary (1871-) PHOTO

The following are excerpts from Russell B. Hageman's copy of "Sarah's Book" [Note: another copy, thought to be a slightly different version due to being handwritten by Sarah, was given to Andrew's son Albert G. Hageman and is in the possession of Albert's descendants]:2


Andrew B. Hageman born Sept. 1, 1824
Sarah C. Ross born Nov. 29, 1827
Andrew b. Hageman and Sarah C. Ross were married Nov. 13, 1845

Russell b. Hageman born Sept.1, 1846
Anna M. Hageman born Oct. 23, 1848
Vanlien Hageman born Sept. 8, 1850
Andrew J. Hageman born Feb. 28, 1853
Elisabeth Hageman born April 17, 1855
Albert G. Hageman born Oct. 13, 1857
Margaret W. Hageman born March 11, 1860
Emma H. Hageman born Sept. 28, 1863
Sherman Hageman born Jan. 10,1865
Mary E. Hageman born Oct. 22, 1867
Pheoba C. Hageman born April 3, 1871

September 18, 1900

Our family is quite widely seperated at present day. Russell and family is living in Ford Co. near Ford.
A.J. and family living in Clearmont Mo. Nodway Co.
Albert and family near Rockwell City, Iowa
Emma Rose and family near Polosci, ILL.
Sherman and family on his father's farm in Logan Co., ILL..
Elisabeth and Phoeba at home with parents.
Oscar is in ford Co. Kansas. Has been there 1 1/2yr.
Eva is in Hoopston, ILL.
These last three are grandchildren.

Andrew Hageman and family came to Logan Co. ILL in Feb. 1865 and settled on their present farm in Chester township. Their family consisting of 5 boys and three girls at that time. Two girls were after words born.

Mary who died when 4 years old and Phoeba who lives at home Nov. 1900

Jan.6, 1903 Phoeba is married and has been near 2 years., but still lives at home. She has one little girl. Her husband farms part of the home place.


Micha Ross Born De. 31, 1747
Sarah Davis born July 17, 1753

Micha Ross and Sarah Davis were married March 8, 1770

Sarah Ross born Dec. 7, 1770
Davis Ross born April 21, 1772
Hannah Ross born Sept. 18, 1779
Leonard Ross born April 5, 1781
Chloe Ross born dec. 2, 1782
John Ross born Oct. 5, 1784
Clarenden Ross born Oct. 2, 1786
Susanna Ross born Aug. 4, 1788
Henry Ross born July 25, 1790
William Ross born April 24,1792

Sarah David wife of Micha Ross died April 12, 1795 being 42 years of age.

Margaret W. Hageman, died Jan. 20, 1864 buried at Summerhill cemetery
Mary E. Hageman died April 15, 1872
Anna M. Hageman wife of N. Combs(Nelson..CMC) died Oct. 5, 1873
Simon Van Lien Hageman died Dec. 10, 1882
Andrew B. Hageman died March 5, 1903 age 78 yr. 11 mo. 1 day
Sarah C. Ross Hageman died Aug. 1, 1906 age 78 yr. 8mo. 3 days
Russell B. Hageman died June 9, 1928 at Ford Kansas
Age 81 yrs. 9 mo. 8 days. Buried at Ford cemetery


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