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   Eyewitness Accounts of the New Jersey to Illinois Dutch Migration Hardships and Successes
Dear cousins, fellow genealogists, and friends,

We welcome you to this memorial website and ongoing genealogy research project for Isaac Hageman. Born and raised in Somerset County, New Jersey in the late 1700's, Isaac married another Dutch American, Maria Vanderveer, in 1800, and continued until her death to reside in Somerset County and to raise their eleven children. After Maria passed away in 1832, Isaac second married Ellen Voorhees in 1834. In 1837 Isaac and Ellen ventured west with the Dutch-American migrations to Illinois from New Jersey along with many of his children including his grown son William Brown Hageman and his first wife Aletta Quick Stryker, his youngest son son Andrew Brown Hageman, and many other Somerset families. Isaac helped build and became a member of the Dutch Reformed Church at Fairview, Fulton County, Illinois, the oldest Dutch Reformed Church west of the Alleghenies. He died in Fairview in 1849.

Isaac's second son William Brown Hageman first married Aletta "Althea" Quick Stryker and, after her untimely death in Fulton County, Illinois in 1851, second married her younger sister, Magdalena Voorhees Stryker. Aletta and Magdalena were both daughters of Dutch Americans John D. Stryker [See also The Ancestors of John D. STRYKER] and Maria Hoagland. [See also The Ancestors of Maria "Polly" Hoagland: Our HOAGLAND Research Homepage] William Brown Hageman and his second wife Magdalena pushed on further west, to Nebraska, in 1866. Their stories and that of their descendants are told on The William Brown HAGEMAN Family website.

Isaac's youngest son Andrew Brown Hageman, born in Somerset County, New Jersey in the early 1800's, and his wife, Sarah C. Ross, born in Ohio, lived in Pike Co., Illinois, in the early1860's, then they moved to Logan Co., Illinois in the 1865, where they settled. Their stories and that of their descendants are told on The Andrew Brown HAGEMAN Family website.

On the following pages we will turn our attention to the question of identifying the ancestors of Isaac Hageman. Please keep in mind that this ancestral report is an ever-changing research work in progress, rather than a finished or already fully-proved account of Isaac Hageman's genealogy.

On this website, various primary and secondary sources are being considered, debated, and evaluated. Our premise is that in some cases even early researchers whose works are full of errors and confusions of lineage are nonetheless worthy of our cautious attention, since they also got some things right. Two examples of imperfect but resourceful late 19th-Century researchers are Maria Hoagland's distant cousins Teunis G. Bergen, author of Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York, published in 1881, and Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, author of History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America from Their First Settlement at New Amsterdam, 1638 to 1891. Readers are encouraged to weigh the data from such sources carefully for themselves, and to keep a sharp eye on the more reliable sources of church records, wills, census records, etc.

We encourage you to explore these pages, and we invite you to add to or dispute the data presented if you are so inclined. We intend to vigorously pursue Isaac's family history and to frequently update this information until his lines are fully researched and properly documented.

We are striving to meet and share ideas and data with as many of our fellow Dutch-American descendants as possible. We share an appreciation of our rich American history and a deep sense of gratitude for the hard work, sacrifice, and vision of all those who came before us and made our prosperity, our very existence, possible.

We welcome your feedback, contributions, and participation in this challenging project!

--Best Wishes, Isaac's great-great-great grandchildren. P.S. Please sign our Guestbook before you leave!


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