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1 Isaac HAGEMAN.  Born 10 Oct 177911 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey1 He was baptized on 28 Nov 177914 in Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church, Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., New Jersey.14 He immigrated in 1837 to Illinois from New Jersey, along with his second wife Ellen Voorhees, many of his children including his grown son William Brown Hageman and his first wife Aletta Quick Stryker, his 13-year-old son Andrew Brown Hageman, and many other Somerset families. Isaac died on 15 Nov 184911 in Fairview, Fulton County, Illinois.11 Cause of death: typhoid fever.11

The record of Isaac's baptism is in "Six-Mile Run Church Baptisms, 1743 - 1805: From the Records, " Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol VIII, 1919.14 The Six-Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church is in Franklin township, Somerset County, New Jersey.
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Nov. 28. Hagemen, Benyemen and Sara--Isaac.

The record of Isaac and wife Maria's membership in the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church is in Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church membership records:
"5/23/1823 Isaac Hagaman, Maria Van Der Veer"
The migration of Isaac with his second wife Ellen VOORHEES is described briefly in the book William Oppie of Somerset County, New Jersey, 1958, p.59:9
Isaac Hageman m. 2nd Ellen Voorhees. These two went to Illinois c. 1837 along with many other Somerset families. The record of his death is in the Dutch Reformed Church at Fairview, Ill., which is the oldest Dutch Reformed Church west of the Alleghenies.
The story of Isaac Hageman's last days, passing, and estate settlement is lovingly told by Sarah C. (Ross) Hageman (wife of Isaac and Maria Vanderveer Hageman's son Andrew Brown Hageman), in a family treasure known as "Sarah's Book," 1900:11
Our little girl [Anna M. Hageman] was born in October [1848] and Aunt Lettie [Aletta Quick Stryker], William Hageman’s wife came and staid with me two weeks, and we had a good time. She often spoke of it. Andrews people all liked me. We got along together very well. I treated them very well. That Fall we moved into Father [Isaac] Hageman’s house. He boarded with us. I done his work and we had the house nice and comfortable. We lived very happily that Winter. He took a great deal of care of the children.

Andrew had all the work he could do the next Spring. He worked about three months and then he bought three town lots and got rocks and lumber hauled to build a house. He dug the celler and laid the wall himself, framed it up, raised and enclosed, and floor down and stairway up, but in the Spring he plowed up part of the lots and planted to potatoes, sweet corn, and lima beans, and all kinds of garden truck we wanted. Then done well he worked them up every evening.

That Fall Father [Isaac] Hageman took the typhoid fever and died the 15th of Nov. I also had it and was very sick. Sister Elisabeth came up and Uncle James Beardsley came with her. They came up and Uncle James had it and was very sick. They came up the river on a steam boat. It landed at Copers Creek some miles south of Canton. I don’t know how they got to Canton or how they came from there to our house. Now probably there was a stage or they came out with someone as Canton was our general trading place. It was cold weather... As it was 8 or 9 miles to Pitsfield and I believe 13 to Florence whare they took the boat, but Mother was worried about us and they came.

Father Hageman’s sale was settled up. Everything sold for what it would bring. Money was scarce and things did not fetch what they ought to.

The following is the will of Isaac Hageman, transcibed from the handwritten original:
State of Illinois              I do hereby certify that the foregoing
Fulton County               will has been duly proven and has this
                                      day been admitted to Record in this
                                      Office    November 27th 1849
                                                 L[eonard?-illeg.] J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]
Last Will & Testament
of Isaac Hagerman
        I Isaac Hageman of the Town of Fairview, County of Fulton & State of illinois do make & publish this my last will & testament here by revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
        It is my will that my body be decently interned & that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate & my situation in life, and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of same as follows.
        First I direct that all my debts & funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first monies that shall come into the hands of my executor.
        Second I direct that all my estate both real & personal consisting of my house, shop & barn & the lots on which they are situated being lots No. four, five & six in the new addition to the Town of Fairview & all my household &kitchen furniture, tools, & all other property of which I may possessed be sold & out of the proceeds of said sale after payment of debts & funeral expenses as above specified that my executor pay to my beloved children viz Sarah, Garret, William, Eliza. Ann, Isaac, Peter, Gitty & Maria the sum of one dollar to each if demanded within six months after my decease & to my two youngest sons Simon VanLiew & Andrew Brown, I bequeath all of the residue of the proceeds of the sale of my estate as aforesaid. Lastly, I hereby appoint William Vanderveer my executor.
        In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Thirteenth day of October A. D. 1849
Witness present                                Isaac Hageman
David M. Wyckoff
Henry D. Voorhees

State of Illinois              On this 27 day of November
Fulton County               A.D. 1849 before the undersigned Probate of the Peace within and for said County and State Personally appeared David M. Wyckoff & Henry D. Voorhees subscribing Witneeses to the foregoing Will, who being duly sworn depose and say that they were present and saw the testator Isaac Hagerman sign the same -- that he sign the same as and for his last Will and testament and that at the time of the said signing they believe the testator to have being of sound mind & memory
Subscribed & Sworn before me                  David M. Wyckoff
on this 27th day of November                  Henry D. Voorhees
A. D. 1849        L.J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]

State of Illinois              I do Solemnly swear that this writing
Fulton County               contains the true last Will and testament of the within name Isaac Hagerman deceased, So far as I know or believe; and that I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the legacies mentioned therein as far as his goods and chattels will thereunto extend and the law charge me and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattels, rights and credits as may come to my hands orknowledge belonging to the state of said deceased render A fair and just account of my executorship when thereunto require by law to the best of my knowledge and ability
So help me God                Wm. F. Vandaveer
Subscribe and Sworn to
before me this 27th day of
November 1849
                L.J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]

On 25 Jan 1800 Isaac married first Maria VANDERVEER1,11,13 in Somerset Co, New Jersey.1

Isaac and Maria had the following children, all born in Somerset Co., New Jersey:
i. Sarah11 (1801-1841)
Born 18 Feb 1801, baptized 12 April 1801 in Six-Mile Run, died 16 Aug 1841, and buried at the Harlingen Cemetery at Belle Mead, Somerset Co., New Jersey. She married William J. OPPIE.
ii. Garret Vanderveer2,11 (1803-).
Born 12 July 1803; married 30 April 1828, Maria VOORHEES. Found on the 1830 census of Hillsborough, Somerset Co., New Jersey (one daughter under 5); no further trace
iii. William Brown11,15 (1805-1882)
iv. Elizabeth Ann2,11 (1808-) Born 24 April 1808; AKA "Eliza Ann."
v. Isaac Jr.2,11 (1810- 1891) .
Born 7 April 1810; married Maria W. VOORHEES. Died in Ellisville township, Fulton Co., Illinois in 1891
vi. Peter2,11 (1812-) Born 7 July 1812.
vii. Gertrude2,11 (1815-) Born 19 April 1815; AKA "Gitty."
viii. Maria2,11 (1817-) Born 18 April 1817.
ix. Cornelius Waldron2,11 (1820-) Born 29 June 1820.
x. Simon Van Liew2,11 (1822-) Born 27 Mar 1822.
xi. Andrew Brown2,11 (1824-1903)
Born 4 April 1824, died 5 Mar 1903; married 13 Nov 1845, Sarah C. ROSS.

On 8 Feb 1834 Isaac married second Ellen VOORHEES,1,18 in Somerset Co., New Jersey,1,18 daughter of William VOORHEES and Alche VAN DOREN, of Lysander, New York. Isaac and his second wife Ellen were half 3rd cousins once removed through their common ancestor Roelof Martensen Schenck, and also half 4th cousins once removed through their common ancestor Steven Coerte Van Voorhees. Ellen was born 14 Sep 1813 and died 1 May 1886, at age 72.18 After Isaac's death she married second Samuel FRANKISH on 3 Aug 1851.18

Isaac and Ellen had one child:
i. Holmes Milton18 (1835-1842) (died as child)
Born about 20 Apr 1835 Holmes Milton Hageman died 30 Apr 1842 in Fairview, Fulton Co., IL, at age 7 years and 10 days; buried at Fairview, Fulton Co., IL.18

PHOTO of the Grave of Holmes Milton Hageman, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Fulton County, Illinois
Gravestone inscription:

DIED- APRIL 30TH 184?[stone broken]
Note: Died 1842 per cemetery records.

The following is from Florence A. Christoph, compiler and editor, The Van Voorhees Family in America: The First Six Generations, the Van Voorhees Association, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 2000:18


1791. ISAAC6 HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN] (Sarah5, Petrus4, Jan3, Lucas2, Steven1);2457 born 27 Sep 1776; baptized 27 Oct 1776 at Ref. Ch., Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ; married first Maria Vanderveer 25 Jan 1899; married Ellen Voorhees, daughter of William Voorhees and Alche VanDorn, 8 Feb 1834 at Ref. Ch., Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; died 15 Nov. 1849 at Fairview, Fulton Co., IL, at age 73.
        A. Stokes, The Van Voorhees Family, says that Isaac Hageman's son married Maria Wyckoff Voorhees, and her sister Ellen married this Isaac Sr. as his second wife. The Oppie Genealogy says Isaac went to Illinois circa 1837 and the record of his death is in the Ref. Ch. at Fairfield, IL. 2458

        MARIA VANDERVEER was born on 15 Feb 1782. She was baptized on 1 Apr 1801; died on 4 May 1832 at age 50.

        The 11 children of Isaac6 Hageman and Maria Vanderveer were as follows:
        4421. i. SARAH7HEGAMAN [SIC] /HAGEMAN; born 18 Feb 1801; baptized 12 Apr 1801; died 16 Aug 1841 at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; died at age 40.


+      4422. ii. GARRET VANDERVEER HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 12 Jul 1803; married Maria Voorhees.
        4423. iii. WILLIAM BROWN HEGAMAN [SIC] /HAGEMAN; born 6 Nov 1805; baptized 12 Apr 1801; died 15 Nov 1882 at age 77.
        4424. iv. ELIZA ANN HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 24 Apr 1808.
+      4425. v. ISAAC HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 7 Apr 1810; at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; married Maria Wyckoff Voorhees; married Cornelia Ann Little.
        4426. vi. PETER HEGAMAN [SIC] /HAGEMAN; born 23 Jul 1812 at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ.
        4427. vii. GERTRUDE HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 18 Apr 1815 at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ. She was also listed as GITTY.
        4428. viii. MARIA HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 8 Apr 1817 at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; died 1889.
        4429. ix. CORNELIUS WALDRON HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 9 Jun 1820; baptized 12 Apr 1801; died 12 Sep 1836 at age 16.
        4430. x. SIMON VANLIEW HEGAMAN [SIC] /HAGEMAN; born 24 May 1822; died 1856.
        4431. xi. ANDREW BROWN HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born 4 Apr 1824 at Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; married Sarah C. Ross 13 Nov 1845; died 5 Mar 1903 at Lincoln, Logan Co., IL, at age 78.

        ELLEN VOORHEES.2459 She and her husband were half-cousins once removed. Their common ancestor was Steven Coert Voorhees. She died leaving no living descendants. Her husband Isaac Hegeman 1779-1849 was the father of Isaac Hegeman Jr. 1810-1891 who married Ellen's sister Maria Wyckoff Voorhees in 1831. She was born on 14 Sep 1813. She was baptized on 5 Jun 1814 at Millstone Ref. Ch., Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ. She married second Samuel Frankish on 3 Aug 1851. she died on 1 May 1886 at Fairview, Fulton Co., IL, at age 72.

        The only child of Isaac6 Hageman and Ellen Voorhees was:
        4432. i. HOLMES MILTON7HEGAMAN [SIC, should be HAGEMAN]; born circa 1838; died 30 Apr 1842 at Fairview, Fulton Co., IL; buried at Fairview, Fulton Co., IL.

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