Reunion of the Brokaw and Imig Branches of the Hageman Family
in San Jose, California on February 5, 2000

Present are, left to right:

Patricia Jane Brokaw Taylor, Cynthia June Typaldos, Evelyn Anne Brokaw Adams (she and Alice are the ones who first found each other on the Internet), Alice Imig Stipak, (your Hageman website hostess), Katherine Day Beck, Christina Marie Typaldos, Matthew Jason Typaldos, Niina Louhio Hathaidharm (standing, wife of Michael), and Michael Brokaw Hathaidharm.

After 100 years of drifting apart, on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2000 in San Jose, California eight Nebraska HAGEMAN 3rd cousins came together for an historic family reunion. It was too brief, lasting only a few hours, but it was a heart-warming triumph of kinship and research work.

The Imig branch of the Nebraska Hageman clan, represented by your website hostess Alice Imig STIPAK, Christina Marie TYPALDOS, Cynthia June TYPALDOS, and Matthew Jason TYPALDOS met with the Brokaw branch of the Hageman clan, represented by Patricia Jane BROKAW (TAYLOR), Evelyn Anne BROKAW (ADAMS), Katherine DAY (BECK), and Michael Brokaw HATHAIDHARM and his wife Niina Katriina LOUHIO (HATHAIDHARM), a native of Finland. Several members of the Brokaw branch were born in Nebraska; they now live in Washington state and in the San Francisco Bay area. The Imig branch is based in California.

We are all descendants of William Brown Hageman and one of his Stryker wives. The Brokaws are descended from William's first wife Althea Quick Stryker; the Imigs are descended from her sister, his 2nd wife Magdalena V. Stryker, whom he married after Althea's early death. We are the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren of first cousins Alice Naomi HAGEMAN (IMIG) and William Hageman BROKAW.

One of the characteristic Hageman family similarities that struck everyone is the tremendous love of animals that most of us share.

We are now enthusiastically planning a much larger 3rd-cousin Hageman reunion this summer 2000 in Portland, Oregon. We would like as many additional branches of the Nebraska Hageman clan to be represented in as great a number as possible. If you are a William Brown Hageman / Stryker sister descendant, please write


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