Reunion of the George and Alice (Hageman) Imig Family
in Riverside, California on April 30, 2000

On Sunday, April, 30, 2000 in the home of Jimmy and Peggy (Imig) Morris, the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of George Jacob and Alice Naomi (Hageman) Imig came together for a family reunion. Many of us had not seen each other for as many as 30 years.

It was too brief, of course, but we thoroughly enjoyed catching up on each other, and discussed a newly-republished book about the origins of our Imig family from Germany. We marveled at the twin boys, a testament to the fact that twins run in the families of both of Alice (Hageman) Imig's parents, Simon Peter and Martha Viola (Wallick) Hageman.

Everyone in this picture is a descendant of George and Alice (Hageman) Imig; not shown are friends and spouses who were also present for the party.


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