Hageman/Imig/Peckels Family Graves
Montecito Memorial Park, San Bernardino, California

Montecito Memorial Park, in San Bernardino, California

The corner grave is that of George Jacob Imig, his wife Alice Naomi Hageman Imig next to him, daughter Virginia Jean Imig next to her, and son Myron George Imig just above them in the next row. George and Alice's son-in-law Ted Peckels is laid to rest in an area farther uphill and to the right.

Just across the road near the graves is a lush green area full of cheerful birds and thriving bushes and flowers.

Imig Family Graves
               Alice Naomi Hageman Imig
               George Jacob Imig
               Myron George Imig
               Virginia Jean Imig
see also: The grave of June Maxine Imig Stipak in Calgary Cemetery, near Roseville, California.

Peckels Family Grave
               Theodore "Ted" Eugene Peckels

(Photo by Alice Imig Stipak, granddaughter of George Jacob and Alice Naomi Hageman Imig, May 2000.)

Montecito Memorial Park, San Bernardino, California
Status: Active


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Updated 24 Mar 2001