Fourth Generation (Continued)

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Family of Etha HAGEMAN (34) & UNKNOWN

84. Elmer Avis HAGEMAN.23 Born on 1 Apr 1898 in Milford, Seward Co., Nebraska.23 Elmer Avis died in Lincoln, Nebraska on 24 Jan 1978; he was 79.23

It is likely that Etha is the unmarried "mystery mother" who family legend says died in childbirth.23

Her child, Elmer Avis Hageman, was raised as the son or grandson of Christopher Striker Hageman and his wife Vanna, according to Elmer's daughter, Shirley Jean Hageman. Shirley's daughter Connie Miller says:

"I do not know who my grandfather's (Elmer Hageman) mother or father were. Rumor is that Elmer's mother died in childbirth with Elmer and was not married to Elmer's father. All of Elmer's records show Chris and Vanna as his parents, but 1900 census shows Elmer as Grandson - and my mother believes that to be true also."23
[Note: any information which could shed light on Etha Hageman's death and the paternal identity and mysterious circumstances surrounding Elmer Avis Hageman's birth would be greatly appreciated by the Hageman family. Pleasecontact usby email or fax.]

On 10 May 1920 when Elmer Avis was 22, he first married Clarabelle CHRISTENSEN,23 daughter of Hans CHRISTENSEN (1866-1943) & Anna Magdaline SORENSEN (1874-1939), in Lincoln, Nebraska.23 She was born on 28 Sep 1897 in Bladen, Nebraska.23 Clarabelle died in Seattle, Washington on 4 Jun 1978; she was 80.23 They were divorced on 10 Dec 1936.23

They had the following children:
159 i. Virginia Ann (1921-)
160 ii. Roger Avis (1922-1966)
161 iii. Curtis J. (1927-1994)
162 iv. Shirley Jean (1930-)
163 v. Eloise Jeanette (Died as Infant)

Elmer Avis second married Jessie G. GARY, daughter of Thomas GARY of Lincoln, in Lincoln, Nebraska, on 7 Jan 1943.4

Wedding Announcement of Elmer Hageman and Jessie G. Gary, from the Beaver Crossing Times, January 21, 1943:4

On Thursday, January 7, 1943, Miss Jessie Gary, daughter of Thomas Gary of this city, and Elmer Hageman of Lincoln were married in Lincoln. Both bride and groom are employed at the Mayfair Grill. "The Times" joins their friends in extending heartiest congratulations.

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