Fifth Generation (Continued)

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Family of June Maxine IMIG (97) & Frank Joseph STIPAK

Brian, June, Alice, and Frank Stipak in the Sierra Nevada mountains, 1979

204. Brian Imig STIPAK. Born on 25 Nov 1947 in the Canal Zone, Panama.1

Brian has been an avid outdoor athlete and adventurer throughout his life. His numerous recreational pursuits include mountain biking, rock-climbing, backpacking, paragliding, and downhill, extreme, and cross-country skiing. He learned to love the Great Outdoors while camping with his family as a small boy, and returned the favor by encouraging his receptive father Frank Stipak to take up skiing and backpacking surprisingly late in Frank's life.31

Resides in Portland, Oregon.31 Brian taught at Penn State University in Pennsylvania before accepting a position on the faculty of Portland State in about 1980. Occupation: professor of Public Administration, Portland State University Graduate School.31 Namesake: his middle name is "Imig" after his mother's maiden name.31 Brian's mother June was fond of saying that Brian has inherited her father George Imig's positive attitude toward life and that he often displays his fun-loving sense of humor.31

205. Alice Imig STIPAK. Born on 13 Oct 1950 in Salt Lake City, Utah.1

Like virtually all of George and Alice Hageman Imig's grandchildren, Alice has a deep love for animals of all kinds, having as a child enjoyed many wonderful hours keeping her grandpa company in his Imig Pet Shop in San Bernardino, California.31 She spent her junior year of college studying at Waseda University in Tokyo, teaching English on national TV and radio, and living with a Japanese family.31 Alice has a second-degree black belt in karate, and used to compete and teach it as a hobby.31 Resides in northen Califonia again since returning from the Midwest in 1983.31 Occupation: entrepreneur, Japanese translator.31 Namesake: her first name is "Alice" after her maternal grandmother, Alice Hageman Imig, whose beloved piano she inherited from her mother June; her middle name is "Imig" after her mother's maiden name.31

Alice is an active Hageman researcher and contributor, and is currently the webmaster and hostess for this website.

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