Descendants of William Brown Hageman
and his wives, sisters Althea Quick Stryker and Magdalena Voorhees Stryker

William Brown Hageman

Down in that county of brush and muddy roads, Fulton County, Illinois...Somehow an epidemic of western fever broke out in old Fulton in 1866 and...the whole Hageman family took it, and they landed in the wilderness of Seward County in the spring in time to see the flowers bloom.

--History of Seward County Nebraska and Reminiscenses of Territorial History, 1905

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   Where They Lived
               Somerset County, New Jersey
               Fulton County, Illinois
               Seward County, Nebraska
   Where They Are Buried
               Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Fulton County, Illinois
               Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Seward County, Nebraska
               Seward "North" Cemetery, Seward County, Nebraska
               Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska
               Montecito Memorial Park, San Bernardino, California
               Calgary Cemetery, near Sacramento, California
   Descendants of William Brown Hageman and the Stryker Sisters
               First Generation
               Second Generation
               Third Generation
               Fourth Generation
               Fifth Generation
               Sixth Generation
               Seventh Generation
               Eighth Generation
   Ancestors of William Brown Hageman
               The Ancestors of Isaac Hageman, William Brown HAGEMAN's Father
               The Ancestors of Maria Vanderveer, William Brown HAGEMAN's Mother
   Ancestors of Althea Quick Stryker and Magdalena Voorhees Stryker
               The Ancestors of John Domenicus Stryker, Aletta and Magdalena STRYKER's Father
               The Ancestors of Maria Hoagland, Aletta and Magdalena STRYKER's Mother
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Dear Cousins, Fellow Genealogists, and Friends,

We welcome you to this memorial website in honor of William Brown HAGEMAN and his two wives, sisters Aletta "Althea" Quick Stryker and Magdalena Voorhees Stryker. Born and raised in Somerset County, New Jersey in the early 1800's, they ventured west with the Dutch-American migrations, first in 1839 to Fulton County, Illinois where Althea died in 1850, and then in 1866 in a covered wagon to Seward County, Nebraska, where they finally settled for good on rich farmland near the Blue River. Many of their descendants reside in Nebraska to this day, while hundreds of others have followed their inherited pioneer spirit to the far corners of the U.S. and the world.

We invite you to embark with us upon this engaging adventure. We are striving to account for and reach out to as many of our fellow descendants as possible. We share an appreciation of our rich American history and a deep sense of gratitude for the hard work, sacrifice, and vision of all those who came before us and made our prosperity, our very existence, possible.

This report is a compilation of the research, record-keeping, and personal memories of numerous family members and others. We eagerly look forward to reuniting with all our long-lost Hageman cousins. We hope to progressively enrich this memorial site with contributions of facts, photographs, and recollections from all of you.

--Best wishes always, their great-great grandchildren.

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This site was launched 28 Sep 1999, in honor of Alice Naomi Hageman Imig's 103rd birthday
Last update 17 Dec 2003
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