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"Return to Seward Diary, August 2001"

Back From Glorious Seward!

Dear Family and Seward County researchers,

Those of you who know me will remember my excitement about my long-dreamt-of research trip with my brother Brian to Seward, August 8th to August 11th. It was my first visit to my mother's and grandparents' birthplace in almost 30 years, and my first as an information- and reunion-hungry family genealogist. Several of you kindly wrote to wish me a safe and happy trip, to ask me to watch for your kin, and to offer much-needed guidance.

My eagerness was well founded, for it was a glorious trip, indeed! To thank you for your warm send-off, and to explore new ways of sharing with all of you, I have decided to write my trip report to you in several diary-style installments.

I couldn't have imagined what my Seward homecoming would be like, feel like, look like. I want to relate my experiences in a personal way with those of you who yearn, as I did and still do, to walk the streets and cemeteries of Seward again. I hope that some of you might discover that while in Seward I crossed paths with your ancestors, cousins, or memories, and that you might benefit in some way from my stories and photos. Seward, I came to realize, is a place of mostly pleasant surprises and much heart-warming nostalgia.

For those of you who want "just the facts, ma'am!" I will also try to highlight surnames, cemetery names, and landmarks in a way that will catch your eye with a quick scan of my rambling messages. To accompany my diary, I will post many photos I took in Seward County on my family website and point you to their location.

I hope you will enjoy reading my "Return to Seward Diary, August 2001" reports, and looking at the dozens of photos. Your feedback and contributions of stories and photos will be much appreciated!

Best wishes,
    Alice Imig Stipak, a grateful granddaughter of Seward

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