Reunion of the Ryan-White and Imig-Stipak Branches of the Hageman Family
in Portland, Oregon on September 16, 2000

Present are, left to right:

Alice Imig Stipak, (your webmaster), Kami Jo White, her mother Patricia "Pat" Joanne (Ryan) White, and Brian Imig Stipak (Alice's brother).

After 100 years of drifting apart, on Saturday, September 16, 2000 in Gustav's Restaurant in Portland, Oregon four Nebraska HAGEMAN 3rd cousins came together for an historic family reunion. It was too brief, lasting only a few hours, but it was a heart-warming triumph of kinship and research work.

The Imig-Stipak branch of the Nebraska Hageman clan, represented by your webmaster Alice Imig Stipak and her brother Brian Imig Stipak, met with the Ryan-White branch of the Hageman clan, represented by Patricia "Pat" Joanne (Ryan) White and her daughter Kami Jo White. Brian lives in Portland and Alice, Kami, and Pat live in California.

We are all descendants of William Brown Hageman and his 2nd wife Magdalena V. Stryker. We are the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren of first cousins Alice Naomi (HAGEMAN) IMIG and Jennie Adaline (GARNER) HACKWORTH.


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