First Generation


1 Maria HOAGLAND.1  Born in about early 1777 in Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey. Baptized on 16 Mar 1777 in Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey.1 Maria died on 27 Oct 1841 in Somerset County, New Jersey. Alias/AKA: "Polly," Mary.1

In The Bergen Family, Teunis G. Bergen lists her on page 416 as:11

III. Polly Hogeland, b.(???), d.(???); m.(???), John Stryker.
In History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America from Their First Settlement at New Amsterdam, 1638 to 1891, Daniel Hoogland Carpenter lists her on page 89 as:1
117. Maria, baptized at Neshanic March 16, 1777; called also Polly; married John Stryker.103
In about 1803 Maria married John Domenicus STRYKER.  Born on 28 Aug 1758 in Solebury, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. John Domenicus died on 25 May 1835; he was 76.

They had the following children:
i. Jane Voorhees (Died as Infant) (1804-1805)
ii. Jane (1806-)
iii. Aletta Quick (1808-1850)
iv. Maria Hoagland (1810-)
v. Margaret Quick (1812-1812)
vi. Christopher Hoagland (1815-)
vii. Eleanor (1817-1830)
viii. Magdalena Voorhees (1819-1894)

Second Generation

2 Christopher HOAGLAND.1  Born in about 1746 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York.1 After the death of his father Christopher Senior in 1766, Christopher inherited his property in Franklin township, Somerset County, New Jersey, and moved there.1 He resided on his farm, which adjoined the farms of his uncles Martinus and Harmanus Hoagland, on the South Branch of the Raritan River, in Hillsborough township, on the road from the village of South Branch to Flaggstown in Somerset County, New Jersey.1  Christopher died in Somerset County, New Jersey in 1822.1

From Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America from Their First Settlement at New Amsterdam, 1638 to 1891 (herinafter referred to as "The Hoagland Family)," pp.88+89:1
[Page 88]

     58. CHRISTOPHER HOAGLAND, son of Christopher (17), was born about 1746. His father had bought property in Franklin township, Somerset County, N. J., about the year 1740, but does not seem to have been a permanent resident. At any rate he was at Flatlands in 1765, and died there in the early part of 1766. By his will he left all his real and personal estate (except small legacies) to his son Christopher, who very evidently was not yet of age. His son Christopher, the subject of our sketch, soon after the death of his father, removed to Somerset County, N. J., locating his home on the South Branch of the Rahway [SIC, should be "Raritan"] River, in Hillsborough township, on the
[Page 89]

road from the village of South Branch to Flaggstown. His farm joined the farms of his uncles, Martinus (21) and Harmanus (24). He married Maria,98 daughter of George and Maria Bergen.99 She was born April 1, 1749. He (Christopher) died 1822. His will100 mentions his wife and four


      115. Jannetie, baptized at Neshanic, Nov. 12, 1769; married Koert Voorhees. He died 1816.101
      116. Christoffel, baptized at Neshanic July 12, 1772; died over 60 years of age, a bachelor.102
      117. Maria, baptized at Neshanic March 16, 1777; called also Polly; married John Stryker.103
      118. Joris, baptized at Neshanic June 13, 1788. He married,
            April 26, 1809, Mary Van Vleet,104 and removed to Michigan
            about 1825.105 They had Mary, born April 28, 1811;
            Leah Huff, born March 8, 1814; Cornelia V., born May
            28, 1817; Abraham Van Fleet, born October 13, 1820, and
            Rebecca Quick, born April 1, 1825, baptized at Neshanic.
[Footnotes on page 89]:

     98 The sister of Maria, wife of Christopher Hoagland (58), was Sarah, born July 31, 1762. She married John Hoagland (62), of Shannack or Soueland, son of Martinus (21); and their children were Isaac, Martin, Bergen, George and Polly. Bergen Geneal., p. 417.

     99This Maria, born Feb. 27, 1720, O. S., is thought to have been a Hoagland. [Ed. Note: Carpenter is wrong here; analysis of wills and baptisms on record proves that Maria Bergen wife of George Bergen was not born a Hoagland but was instead Maria PROBASCO, the daughter of Jacob PROBASCO and Mary VAN LIEW.]

     100Christopher Hoagland, of Hillsborough, made his will Jan. 1, 1821. It was proved April 8, 1822. He gives his personal estate to his wife Mary during her life-time, and the use of two south rooms and part of kitchen. To his son Christopher $50. To his daughter Mary $500. To his daughter Jane $100; and to his son George the whole of his real estate, etc. Witnessed by John Hoagland, Cornelius Peterson and John B. Hoagland. Somerset Co. Rec. Wills, Vol. C.. 83.

     101Vide, Voorhis' Geneal.


     103Ibid, p. 415, etc.

     104"Joris" (George C.) Hoagland and Mary, his wife, sell "385100 acres of land on the South Branch of the Raritan, joining Abraham Van Doren, and bounded by road leading from said South Branch to New Brunswick, being on north side of road." Consideration, $385. Dated Nov. 29, 1815. Somerset Co. Rec., I., 182.

     105Bergen Geneal.

Christopher married Maria BERGEN in Somerset County, New Jersey.1

They had the following children:
1 i. Maria (~1777-1841)
ii. Jannetie1
iii. Christoffel1
iv. Joris1

3 Maria BERGEN.1  Born on 1 Apr 1749 in Somerset County, New Jersey.1 Alias/AKA: Mareah or Mareya.

From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, p.415+416:11

[Page 415]

432. MARIA BERGEN, b. April 1st, 1749, O. S. at one o'clock, P. M.; m. Christopher Hogeland, of Shanack or Sourland, N. J.


I. Christopher Hogeland, b.(???), d.(???), when over 60 years old, a bachelor.

II. Jane Hogeland, b.(???), d.(???), m.(???), Kort Voorhees, and had issue: Garret Voorhees, b. (???), m.(???), Monfoort; Christopher Voorhees, b. (???), m.(???), Maglin Salter; Maria Voorhees, b.(???), m.(???), Wm. Duryea; Ann Voorhees, b.(???), m.(???), Andrew Van Deripe; John Voorhees, b.(???), m.(???), Polly Rynearson; and Jane Voorhees, b.(???), 1807, m.(???), 1822, Elbert S. Du Mont, farmer of near Farmer Village, Seneca county, N. Y., and has children: Samuel Dumont, b. Sept.
[Page 416]
24, 1823; Jane Ann Dumont, b. Feb. 22, 1827; Mary, b. Oct. 19, 1832; Sarah Dumont, b. Aug. 7, 1836; Benjamin Dumont, b. July 31, 1839; and Elbert Dumont, b. July 11, 1847.

III. Polly Hogeland, b.(???), d.(???); m.(???), John Stryker.

IV. George Hogeland, b.(???), d.(???); m.(???), Van Vleet, and settled in Michigan.

Third Generation

4 Christopher HOAGLAND.1  Born on 2 Apr 1708 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York.1  Christopher died on 18 Jan 1766 in Flatlands, New York.; he was 57.1 Alias/AKA: Christopher HOOGLAND,2 Christopher HOOGLANDT.

From Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America, pp. 71~73:1
[Page 71]

     17. CHRISTOPHER HOOGLANDT, son of Harmanus (9), was born April 2, 1708. His wife was Neeltie, daughter of Albert Coerte Van
[Page 72]

Voorhis, of Flatlands.48 She was born about 1704, and probably died before 1745.49 This Christopher Hooglandt appears to have bought land in the township of Franklin, Somerset County, N. J., about 1740, but did not settle there, as is evident from his will.50 (His brothers, Gerrit, Martinus, Elbert and Harmanus, went there, however.)

It is more than probable that after the death of his wife, Neeltie, he again married, since we find a Christopher Hooglandt and his wife Janetje Vechten51 have a daughter Neeltie baptized at Staten Island April 26, 1748.


      53. Harmanus, baptized at New Utrecht, L. I., May 29, 1732; died young.
      54. Sarah, baptized at New Utrecht December 25, 1734; married Jeremiah Williamson, 1758.
      55. Ariantje, baptized at New Utrecht, September 19, 1736; not mentioned in his father's will.
      56. Harman, baptized at New Utrecht, September 28, 1739; unmentioned in his father's will.
      57. Neeltje, baptized at Staten Island, April 26, 1748. She likewise
            was not mentioned in her father's will. She was
            born November 13, 1747; died September 24, 1819; married,
            April 29, 1767, Johannes Vreeland of Bergen. Vide,
            Winfield's Hist. of Hudson Co., p. 450. She was married by
            license, and is designated as "of Staten Island, Spinster,"
            and so undoubtedly is Neeltje (57.) Her husband was son
            of Michael and Jenneke Vreeland. Their children were:
            Michael, born April 18, 1768 (named after his father);
[Footnotes on page 72]:

     48Albert Coerte Van Voorhis, was born about 1660, and died in 1748. He was son of Coerte S. Van Voorhis, born 1637, whose wife was Marretje Garretse Van Couvenhoven. His will is dated Aug. 26, 1677. (Van Voorhis and Bergen Geneal.)
     Cornelis Dircksen Hoogland sold a farm at Flatlands, Nov. 29, 1660, to Steven Coerte of Voorhies, the father of above Coert S. He signs his name Steven Koer.

     49She was not living when her father made his will, May 14, 1747.

     50The will of Christoffel Hoghland, of Flatlands, is dated Dec. 24, 1765, and was proved April 28, 1766. It makes bequests of 80 in money to his daughter Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Williamson; "to his sister Helena his part of the negro wench fillis, which is now in the actual possession of myself and my father, Harmanus Hoogland;" and to his son Christopher his real and personal estate. Jan Ammerman, Gerrit Kouwenhoven and Albert Stoothoff are witnesses, and Wilhelmus Stoothoff and Helena Hooglant, executors. Vide, New York Wills, xxv., 312.

     51She was probably daughter of Gerrit Claessen Vechten, of Staten Island, whose first wife was Jannetie. Vide, Bergen Geneal., p. 364.
[Page 73]

            Jannetie, born October 22, 1772 (named after her mother);
            Jenneke,52 born January 23, 1774 (named after his mother).
            There were other daughters, but no other sons.

      58. Christopher.
[Footnotes on page 73]:

     52The naming of two sisters, Jannetie and Jenneke, seems to furnish a negative answer to the query whether or not those two names are the same.
[Page 88]

Christopher Hoagland (Senior) "had bought property in Franklin township, Somerset County, N. J., about the year 1740, but does not seem to have been a permanent resident. At any rate he was at Flatlands in 1765, and died there in the early part of 1766. By his will he left all his real and personal estate (except small legacies) to his son Christopher, who very evidently was not yet of age."

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. VI 1760-1766, 1897, p.435:4

[Page 435]

Page 212.--In the name of God, Amen, December 24, 1765. I, CHRISTOPHER HOOGLANT, of Flatbush, in Kings County, being weak in body. I leave to my son Christopher all my wood lot in Flatbush, "at a place
[Page 436]
commonly called Fresh Kills point," bounded east by land of Derick Remsen, south by the Long meadow, west by Wilhelmus Stootoff, and north by a Crepil Bush (swamp), and being 4 acres. I also leave him a negro boy "and my best bedstead standing in my large room." I leave to my daughter Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Williamson, 80, to be paid by my son Christopher. I also leave her my second best bed, and my brown table, "and my vitlin cupboard." I leave to my sister, Helena Hooglant, "my chair with the harness," and my part of the negro wench named Phillis, now in the possession of myself and my father, Hermanus Hooglant, and she is to pay to my son 29 10s. I leave to my son Christopher and my daughter Sarah all my pewter and wooden ware and all my books, except my Bible. All the rest of my estate to my son Christopher. I make Wilhelmus Stootoff and Helena Hooglant executors.

Witnesses, Jan Ammerman, Gerrit Kowenhoven, Albert Stootoff. Proved, August 28, 1766, in New York.

In about 1730 Christopher first married Neltje VAN VOORHEES 2 in Flatlands, Kings County, Long Island, New York.2 Neltje was born on 28 Apr 1698 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York. Neltje died in about 1744. Alias/AKA: Neeltie VAN VOORHIS or VAN VOORHEIS.

They had the following children:
i. Harmanus1 (Died as Child) (~1732-)
ii. Sarah1 (~1734-)
iii. Ariantje1 (~1736-)
iv. Harman1 (~1739-)

Christopher second married Jannetje VECHTEN1 in about 1744.

They had the following children:
2 i. Christopher (~1746-1822)
ii. Neeltje3 (1747-1819)

5 Jannetje VECHTEN.  Born about 24 Jan 1724/25.13 Jannetje was baptized on 24 Jan 1724/25 in the Reformed Dutch Church of Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY. Witnesses: Douwe Van Woggelum. Jannetje Staats.14 Jannetje died before 17634 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.13 Alias/AKA: Janetje.1

6 Joris BERGEN.1  Born on 9 Oct 1712 in New Lotts, New York.2 Immigrated in 1737 to New Jersey.3 Resided near Dutch Neck, now known as Grover's Mills. George died in Middlesex or Somerset County, New Jersey on 13 Oct 1784; he was 72. Occupation: milling business. Alias/AKA: George.

Military: He was a private during the American Revolution in the Somerset County, New Jersey militia.

From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, beginning on page 404:11
[Page 404]

424. JORIS OR GEORGE BERGEN, b. Oct. 9, 1712, O. S.; d. Oct. 13, 1784, at five o'clock, P. M.; m. (1st), June 3d, 1738, Grietie (???), b. Jan. 24, 1715, d. Feb. 11; 1743, O. S. at daybreak; m. (2d), Sept. 14, 1744, Maria (???), b. Feb. 27, 1720, O. S., d. Sept. 14, 1770, at ten o'clock, A. M.; m. (3d), Aug. 22d, 1771, Mareya Van Nuys widow of Abraham Van Aersdalen probably bap. June 25, 1727. There is a tradition that his second wife was a Miss Hoagland,1 perhaps a dau. of Christoffel Hoagland and Cathelyntje.[NOTE: Bergen is wrong here, Maria was a Probasco -- Webmaster]

George Bergen after the death of his father probably continued to reside in Hempstead, for in the court of sessions of Queens county in April, 1762, Mary Van Horn, David,
[Footnotes on Page 404]:

      1 Cornelis Dircksen Hoogland, emigrated to this country at an early period, kept the ferry from New Amsterdam to Brooklyn, and Dec. 12th, 1645, received a patent for a plantation on Long Island, near said ferry. He appears to have gone to the Fatherland on a visit, and returned again to this country, arriving in April, 1662, in the ship Hope, with his wife, son aged 24, and dau. aged 2 years. He had a son Dirck Cornelise, who m. Lysbeth Jorissen, and they had a son Arien Dirckse, bap. Sept. 22, 1670.

      Dirck Janse Hooglant, of Maerseveen, who m. Oct. 8th, 1662, Annetie Hans Bergen, wid, of Jan Clerq, also came to this country at an early period,
[footnote cont'd. on page 405]:
and from these two individuals the Hoogland's in this country are all probably descended.

      On the Harlington church subscription list of 1749-50, is a "Jan Hoaglandt," "Christopher Hogeland," and "Martinus Hogeland," probably near relatives of the wife of Jores Bergen.

      Hoogland is a village near Amersfoort in the Province of Utrecht, Holland, of 2023 inhabitants, and Maerseveen is a village in the same province of 1692 inhabitants, in 1841.
[Page 405]:

Samuel, Margaret and Annie Van Horn, had a suit pending against George Bergen, in which they claimed 4 damages.

He finally settled on a farm at New Windsor, near Cranberry, Middlesex county N. J. His will is dated Oct. 7th, 1784, and recorded in lib. 26, p. 284, etc., in the office of the secretary of state in New Jersey, and proved at Princeton, Oct. 20th, 1784, his sons John and Jacob being executors.

A "Jores Bergen," was a communicant of the Harlington Reformed Dutch Church of New Jersey at an early period; and a "George Bergen" a member of the congregation of the Neshanic Reformed Dutch Church of New Jersey at its beginning in 1752, (as per the Rev. Dr. Messler's notes to his Memorial Sermons, pp. 250, 270), who was probably this Jores Bergen.

On a subscription list containing ninety-five names, for building a new church edifice at Harlington or Sowerland, of Jan. 15, 1749-50, amounting all together to 393. 145. 3d., "Joris Bergen" subscribed 2.1

Issue by 1st wife:--

427. I. John B., or Johannes, b. March 27, 1739.

428. II. Peter or Peterus, b. Jan. 27, 1741.

429. III. George or Joris, b. Feb. 3, 1743.

Issue by 2d wife:--

430. IV. Jacob G., or Jacop, b. July 8, 1745.

431. V. Margaret or Marregrietie, b. March 7, 1747.
[Footnotes on Page 405]:

      1See C. C. Hoagland's gleanings of History of Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Harlington.
[Page 406]

432. VI. Maria or Mareya, b. April 1, 1749.

433. VII. Synthe or Seytie, b. Nov. 3, 1750.

434. VIII. Dinah or Deyna, b. Dec. 9, 1752.

435. IX. Martha or Nettie, b. March 20, 1756.

436. X. Lammatie, b. April 9, 1758.

437. XI. Eyda, b. May 20, 1760.

438. XII. Christopher or Christoffel, b. May 20, 1760.

439. XIII. Sarah or Sara, b. July 31, 1762.

Had no issue by his 3d wife. The second version or spelling of the above names are as entered on the family record in the hands of John S. Bergen of Princeton Junction, New Jersey, from which these dates are taken. The dates previous to 1751 are old style.

On the records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Raritan is the bap. of Nettie, dau. of Jores Bergen and Marya his wife, on the 9th of Dec., 1751. This was probably Seytie Instead of Nettie, the latter by the above family record being b. in 1756.

The following is a facsimile of his signature: [Sorry, image not available at this time--Webmaster]

On 10 or 14 Sep 1744 when George was 31, he married Maria PROBASCO, in Somerset County, New Jersey.2

They had the following children:
i. George3 (1743-1785)
ii. Jacob (1745-1805)
iii. Margariettie (1747-)
3 iv. Maria (1749-)
v. Cynthia (1750-)
vi. Deyna Sinah (1752-)
vii. Nettie Martha (1756-)
viii. Lammetie (1758-)
ix. Eyda (Twin) (1760-)
x. Christopher (Twin) (1760-1846)
xi. Sarah1 (1762-)

7 Maria PROBASCO.  Born on 27 Feb 1720 in Windsor, Somerset County, New Jersey. Maria died in New Jersey on 14 Sep 1770; she was 50. Alias/AKA: Maritie or Mary.

Fourth Generation

8 Harmanus HOOGLANDT.1  Born on 18 Feb 1680/81 in Flatlands, New York.1 Harmanus was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church, New York, New York on 28 Mar 1681.1  Harmanus died in Flatlands, Long Island, New York on 8 Nov 1771; he was 91.1 Religion: he was a church elder in the Dutch Reformed Church.1 Alias/AKA: Harman HOAGLAND, Hermanus HOOGLANDT.

From Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America, pp. 64~66:1

[Page 64]

     9. HARMANUS HOOGLANDT, son of Christoffel (1), was baptized in New York City March 22, 1681. He was born on the 18th February of that year. His first wife was Alida, daughter of John Van
[Page 65]

Dyck. She died in April, 1706.32 On June 20, 1707, he married Adriana Stoothoff, born January 11, 1687. She died August 18, 1761.

Harmanus Hooglandt owned and occupied a house near the church.33 He owned other property also,34 including one or more slaves.35 Harmanus Hooglandt (9) was an elder in the Flatbush church in 1710, 1712 and 1716.36 He died at Flatlands November 8, 1771, and his will is found on record.37


      17. Christopher, born April 2, 1708; died January 18, 1766.
      18. Alida, born March 19, 1710; married Jacobus Van Arsdalen.
            In 1752 -- at that time a widow -- she joined the church in
            Harlingen, N. J. She died November 6, 1781.
[Footnotes on page 65]:

     32April 25, 1706, Harman Hooglandt pays 24 gl. for grave and pall for his wife. Vide, Deacons' Record, Flatbush, L. I.

     33The house stood directly opposite the present site of J. B. Hendricksen's store and post office. Letter of Rev. A. Du Bois, D.D., of Flatlands.

     34On June 20, 1704, Harmanus Hooglandt, of Kings County, buys from Aerent Schuyler and Saratje, his wife, lots 28 and 30, at Gravesend, near Flatlands, each lot containing about 25 acres, adjoining land belonging to John Lucasse, Jr. Consideration 200. Vide, Brooklyn Rec., vol. iii., p. 1.
     Two years later (1706) Harmanus Hoogland was collector of taxes, and assessed for ten acres of land.
     On Nov. 1, 1707, Arent Schuyler and wife convey to Harmanus Hoogland and Arianke, his wife, certain lands (about 70 acres) in Flatlands, "now in possession of said Harmanus Hoogland, part whereof of said house, lands, meadows and premises descended to Alyday, late the wife of said Harmanus Hoogland, from her father, John Van Duckhuys, deceased." This deed also shows that the wife of Schuyler and Anneke, the deceased wife of John Lucasse, were also children of said Van Dyck. Land of Derrick Longstreet also is mentioned here. Brooklyn Records, iii., 126.
     In Jan., 1721, John Lucassen and his son, Johannes Voorhees, of Piscataway, N. J., convey to Hoogland their right in this and other lands for 250. Vol. vi., p. 35.
     1721, Aug. 1, Johannes Voorhees sells to John Lucassen about twelve acres of land "where Harmanus Hoogland now lives." This deed was not recorded until June 24, 1745. Vol. v., p. 132.

     35The census of 1738 shows that Harmanus had a family of four white males above ten years of age; two males under ten; four white females above ten, and one under ten; and also one slave above ten years of age.

     36Vide, Flatbush Church Records.

     37Will of Harmanus Hooglandt, of Flatlands, "stricken in years," makes bequests to sons Christopher, Gerrit, Marhyn, Elbert and Harmanus, and daughter Helena; and also to grandchildren Christophel, Alida, Johanna, Catrina, and Helena. Dated Jan. 31, 1766, and proved March 23, 1772. Vide, New York Wills, xxviii., 194.
     On March 10, 1772, there was a vendue sale of lands of Harmanus Hoogland, deceased. Seven lots were included in the sale. The second lot, containing seventy-three acres of cleared land, was bought by Helena Hoogland for 560.

     38The Dutch Bible, containing the family record of Harmanus Hooglandt, is now in the keeping of the widow of Lucas Hoogland, living with a Mr. Cromwell, near Branchville, N. J.
[Page 66]

      19. Johanna, born May 5, 1712; married Jan Remsen; died November 25, 1764.
      20. Gerrit, born November 8, 1714; died January 8, 1771.
      21. Martinus, born October 27, 1716; died March 4, 1804.
      22. Catherine, born July 15, 1719; married Henry Cortelyou; died October 19, 1785.
      23. Albert, born March 11, 1722; died June 4, 1785.
      24. Harmanus, born January 1, 1725.
      25. Helena, born July 20, 1729.

From Abstracts of Wills Vol. VIII 1771-1776, The New York Historical Society, 1899, p.21 [corrected]:4
Liber 28.

[Page 21]

Page 194.--In the name of God, Amen, January 31, 1766. I, HARMANUS HOOGLANT, of Flat lands, in Kings County, "being stricken in years, and but weak in body, and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die and not knowing how sudden or when." After debts and funeral charges are paid, I leave to my daughter, Helena Hooglant, 50, before the rest of my children; "Also my part of the negro wench which I and my son Christophel bought together, named Fillis." Also 4 cows. I leave to my grandson, Christophel Hooglant, son of my son Christophel, my silver Tankard. I leave to my daughters and grandchildren, viz.: my daughter Alida, and to the heirs of Johana, Catrina, and Helena, and my grandson, Christophel Hooglant, all my real estate in Flat lands. I leave my personal estate to all my children, viz.: Gerrit, Martyns, Elbert, Harmanus, Alida, Catharine, and Helena, and to the heirs of Johana, and to my grandson Christophel. The bonds which I have against my sons are to be null and void. I make Wilhelmus Stoothof, Abraham Voorhees, and Garret Kowenhoven, executors.

Witnesses, Jan Amerman, Albert Stoothof, Johanes Stoothof. Proved, February 12, 1772.

Harmanus first married Alida Jansz Van Dyck.32

On 20 Jun 1707 when Harmanus was 27, he second married Adriana STOOTHOFF.1,2,10,28,29

They had the following children:
4 i. Christopher (1708-1766)
ii. Alida1 (1710-1781)
iii. Johanna1 (1712-1764)
iv. Gerrit1 (1714-1771)
v. Martinus1 (1716-1804)
vi. Catrina1 (1719-1785)
vii. Albert1 (1722-1785)
viii. Harmanus1 (1725-1806)
ix. Helena1 (1729-1820)

9 Adriana STOOTHOFF.1,2   Born on 11 Jan 1686/871,10,28,29 (T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers has 6 Aug 16862) in New York, New York. According to Carpenter's The Hoagland Family, Adriana died in Flatlands, Long Island, New York on 18 Aug 1761; 1,10,28,29 she was 75;  in Early Settlers, T.G. Bergen states that Adriana died before 1735.2,24 Religion: Dutch Reformed Church. Alias/AKA: Arinthe, Adrianna,2 or Arianke.

Teunis G. Bergen, in his Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York (hereinafter referred to simply as Early Settlers), published in 1881, refers to her on p.285 as "Arinthe or Adrianna, b. Aug. 6, 1686, d. prior to 1735."2

From "The Kouwenhoven, Stoothoff and Verbryck Descendants of Aeltie Cornelise Cool," the private research of Richard A. McCool, June A. McCowan & Dorothea E. McCowan:17

4-029. Arintie(4), or Adrianna, Stoothoff, stated by Honeyman to have been baptized 6 August 1686 and to have died before 1735. Perhaps the Adrianna baptized in 1686 is the first of this name in this family group, who, having died in infancy, is succeeded by a sister of the same name, born in 1687. Record exists of an Adrianna Stoothoff, born 11 January 1687, died 18 August 1761, who married 20 June 1707 Harmanus Hoagland, born 18 February 1681, son of Christoffel Hoagland and Catherine Cregier.28,29 Harmanus Hoagland was married first to Alida Jansz Van Dyck and married second in 1707 Adrianna Stoothoff.32 Honeyman offers no explanation for his statement that Adrianna Stoothoff died before 1735, though this is likely a reference to the indemnity bond regarding the suit for Bergen's Island, for she is not included. The issue of Adrianna(4) Stoothoff and Harmanus Hoagland are given as: Christopher(5) Hoagland and Alida(5) Hoagland, no stats, married Jacobus Van Arsdale. Christopher(5) Hoagland, born 2 April 1708, died at Flatlands, Brooklyn 18 January 1766, married Neeltje Voorhees, daughter of Albert Coerten Van Voorhees and Sarah Willemse Cornell.30 Other Hoaglands, probably additional children to those mentioned by Honeyman, are also parties to the Bergen's Island suit, to wit: Martinus Hooghland, Gerrit Hooghland, Heeleena Hooghland, Elbert Hooghland and Harmanus Hooghland (perhaps the husband). Christoffel, or Christopher(5) is mentioned, but not Alida(5).
10 Jan Gerritsen VECHTEN.3  Born about 1692 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.13 Jan Gerritsen died before 18 Jan 1773 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.4

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. VIII 1784-1786, 1904, p.88:4
Liber 28.

[Page 88]

Page 369.--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN VEGHTE, of Richmond County, Gent., "at present laboring under some indisposition." All debts to be paid. I leave to my son Nicholas my silver hilted sword, sheath, and belt. I leave to my son Gerritt my silver Tankard. I leave to my said sons all my wearing apparell. I leave to my wife Cornelia the use of all my estate while she remains my widow. I leave to my son Gerritt 25. To my daughter, Catharine Vanderbilt, 25. To my granddaughter, Cornelia Hoogland, 25. To my granddaughters, Cornelia Veghte and Geritie Veghte, daughters of my son Johanes, 25. All the rest of movables I leave to my children, Nicholas, Gerritt, and Catharine, and to my grandchildren, Cornelia Hooghland, Cornelia and Geritie Veghte. I leave to my wife Cornelia the use of all lands and meadows during her life; then my executors are to sell, and from the proceeds I leave to my daughter, Catharine Vanderbilt, 300. To my granddaughter, Cornelia Hoogland, 300. To my granddaughter, Cornelia Mersereau, 70. Whereas my son Nicholas, without my permission, has sold to William Groom 6 acres of land formerly part of the farm, now possessed by John Lake, for 70. And whereas I am indebted to him 70 for money expended by him on repairs at home. He is to release the same. I make my
[Page 89]
son Gerritt, and Daniel Mersereau, and my son-in-law, Christophel Hoogland, of Long Island, executors. [CORRECTION from page 321 of Vol. XVII: "Will of John Veghte, also mentions grandson Christophel Hoogeland and daughter Janitie Veghte deceased."]

Dated November 30, 1763. Witnesses, Cornelius Croswoier, Samuel Brittene, Richard Hasnan.

Codicil. My son Nicholas being dead, I leave his legacy to all the rest of my children. October 5, 1765. Witnesses, Helmor Vreeland, Robert De Groot. Proved January 18, 1773.

In 1710 Jan Gerritsen married Cornelia STAATS, in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.13

They had the following children:
i. Nicolaes14 (<1711-<1765)
ii. Gerrit14 (<1714-1776)
iii. Catherine (1717-)
iv. Johannes14 (<1719-<1748)
5 v. Jannetje (~1724-<1763)
vi. Henrik (<1727-)

11 Cornelia STAATS.  Born before 5 May 1696. Cornelia was baptized on 5 May 1696 in the Reformed Dutch Church of Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York. Witnesses: Pieter Staats, Cornelia Corssen.13

12 Hans Joris BERGEN.  Born in about 1684 in New Utrecht, Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Hans Joris was baptized in New Utrech, Long Island, New York on 31 Aug 1684.2 Immigrated to Hempstead from Brooklyn. Hans Joris died in 1726 in Hempstead.2 Occupation: milling business.

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.32:2
Hans (Jorise) [Bergen], bp. Aug. 31, 1684, in N. U.; m. Aug. 16, 1711, Sytie da. of Evert Van Wickelen of N. L.; d. in 1726. Resided at first in Brn, but in his latter days removed to Hempstead, where he d. At one period owned a grist-mill within the boundaries of the present Navy Yard, since known as Remsen's Mill. Issue:--George, b. Oct. 9, 1712, m. 1st, June 3, 1738, Grietje Du Mont, m. 2d, Sept. 14, 1744, Maria (???); and Evert, b. 1717, m. Jane da. of Denyse Hegeman, d. Nov. 17, 1776, whose descendants reside mainly in N. J.
From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, page 561:3
(III) Hans Jorise Bergen, fourth child and eldest son of Joris or George Hansen(2) and Sarah (Strycker) Bergen, was born at Flatbush, Long Island, August 31, 1684. He was a resident of Brooklyn, where for many years he was engaged in the milling business. He married Sytje (Cynthia) Van Wicklen, daughter of Evert Van Wicklen, of New Lots, Long Island, and they were the parents of: 1. George, see forward. 2. Evert, born in 1717, migrated to New Jersey in 1737. He settled near Somerville, in that state, where some of his descendants are dwelling at the present (1907) day.
From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, beginning on page 395:11
[Page 395]

24. HANS JORISE BERGEN, bap. Aug. 31st, 1684; in New Utrecht, Abraham Jorisz (Brinckerhoff), Hendrick Strykker and Annetje Tonis Bogaard, wit.; d. 1726; m. Aug. 16th, 1711, Sytje, dau. of Evert Van Wicklen,1 of New Lots. April 30, 1708, Hans Jorise Bergen and others were tried for a riot at the tavern of Sarah Knight in "Brookland," as more fully appears under Hans Machielse Bergen.

April 15, 1706, a "Yan Bergen" paid Flatlands Church 6 guilders for the use of the pall, who may have been Hans Jorise.

Jan. 28, 1722-3, Hans Jorise Bergen and "Seytie" his wife, for 172, conveyed to Cornelius Ewerrse, of Brooklyn ferry, "all the full moiety or half part of that Land,
[Footnotes on Page 395]:

      1Evert Van Wicklen, a carpenter by trade, emigrated from Holland in 1665, and m. in 1687. In 1703 he resided in Flatlands, in which year his name appears in the lists of those who took the oath of allegiance as "Evert Janssen Van Wickalen." Some of his descendaots reside in New Lots and Jamaica South. May 29, 1703, Gerardus Beekman, Leffert Pieterse and "Evert Van Wyckelyn," of Kings county, for 200 bought of Thomas Cardal, of Jamaica, Queens county, 450 acres on the Raritan river in Middlesex county, New Jersey (see lib. 1, p. 425, of deeds in office of secretary of state, New Jersey). "Evert Van Wyckelyn's" children were: Jan, who m. Ida, and d. prior to 1734; Sytje or Eylie, who m. Hanis Jorise Bergen; Covert, m. Mattje (???),
[footnote cont'd. on page 396]:
Pieternelletje, m. May 6, 1715, Rem Hegeman of Flatbush; Symon, m. Geradina, dau. of Nicasius Janse Couwenhoven, b. in 1705; Garret, m. Tryntje (???); and Geertje, m. May 18, 1719, Hendrick Snydam, of Flatbush. Eyert's name is on the list of those, who in 1715 signed an agreement for the payment of Dominie, Freeman's salary. On the census of 1698, he is entered among the residents of Flatbush, 1 man, 1 woman and 3 children.
[Page 396]:

meadow, creek, grist mill, mill dam, Beach, of ye old dwelling house, Bolting house and Bolting mill, the new Dwelling House only excepted, all which lying, standing and being in the township of Brookland abovesd, at a place called Martys hook, and so as it is now in fence and in possession of sd Hans Jorise Bergen, and was bought so by the sd Hans Jorise Bergen as per deed from Aert Aersen (Middagh),1 bearing date the ninth day of February, Anno Dom. one thousand seven hundred & thirteen, may more and at large appear, the land containing in all twenty acres and two-Fifths of an acre" &c.2

"Hanse" (Jorise) "Bergen" appears to have removed to Hempstead, Queen's county, where he died, as per the
[Footnotes on Page 396]:

      1Aerv Aersen was a son of Jan Aersen Middagh of the ferry, which Jan was bap. Dec. 24, 1662, d. prior to 1710, m. (1st), Ariaantje Bleyck, dau. of Cornelis de Potter and Swantje Jans, widow of Johannes Nevius, of the ferry, who she m. Nov. 18, 1653. Jan Aersen was a son of Aert Anthonize Middagh and Breckje Hansen Bergen. Aert Aersen m. Lysbeth or Elizabeth (???).

      De Potter bought Jan. 4, 1652, of Jan Haes, his patent of 38 morgenis and 485 rods, dated April 2, 1647 (sec vol. ??. p. 99? of Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary state, Albany). By the will of Swantje Jans, widow of de Potter (see lib. 1, pp. 77, 208, 220, office register Kings county), it appears that Arlaentje Bleyck was the only child of de Potter, and from her Aert Aersen, her son, probably inherited his share of the mill property. Jan Haes was a cooper by trade, in this country, as early as Nov., 1641, served as a soldier in 1645, and m. the widow of Edward Fiscock, who appears to have had possession of the premises covered by Haes patest.

      This mill was probably built about 1710, for May 15, of that year, "Aert Arrison" and others petitioned the colonial authorities for liberty to erect a mill on their land, in Kings county, at or acar a place called Jan Martyn's Hook or Wallaboght. (Land Papers, vol. v, p. 64, office secretary state, Albany.)

      2See lib. 4, pp. 309 and 336 of conveyances in Kings county register's office. The mill was located on the land now occupied by the United States Navy Yard. Marty's or Martyne's Hools was the point of Brooklyn formed by the
[footnote cont'd. on page 397]:
Wallabout bay, west of the Navy Yard, and opposite to Corlear's Hook in the city of New York.

      A natural pond in the marsh with a short dam formed the mill pond, and the mill was afterwards known as Remsen's mill at the Wallabout. The mill pond was filled up in 1826, in consequence of its becoming a nuisance.
[Page 397]:

inventory of his estate, dated Oct. 1, 1726, on file in the office of the surrogate of the city of. New York, of which Hendrick Hendricksen and Antony Demot were appraisers. The inventory was filed Feb. 3, 1726-7 by George Bergen, John Van Wicklen and Cornelius Ryersen, administrators of his estate and that of his wife "Sylie" (Sytie), who at the time was also deceased. The following is a copy of the inventory which will illustrate the personal property and its value, held by a wealthy farmer at that date.

                                                                 sb.   d. 
  Eight cows, a Steere, a yearling & 6 calves,
                                                            20    10    0 
  Nine Swine,
                                                            9     10
  Two mares,
                                                            5     0 
  Four Cattle in ye Commons,
                                                            2     10 
  Eleven Sheep,
                                                            1     8 
  A plow & Iron Teeth Harrow with the Clevis,
                                                            1     10 
  A waggon & Gears,
                                                            2     0 
  A spade, a Harrow, ax, Two forks, three Iron Wedges, 
  two hinges,
                                                            0     10 
  A half Bush1 measure & some old Iron,
                                                            0     3     6 
  A Sythe and takling,
                                                            0     4     6 
  A piece of Indian Corn,
                                                            1     0 
  The Corn in ye Barrak,
                                                            4     0 
  The Corn on ye ground,
                                                            3     0 
  Twelve chairs, cone (small),
                                                            0     9 
  Three Brass Kettles,
                                                            2     0 
  A Grind Stone,
                                                            0     4 
  A Tubb & Cask,
                                                            0     6 
  Five old Tubbs & Casks,
                                                            0     6
[Page 398]
  A wooling wheele,
                                                            0     7     0
  One do. , three Linnen wheels,
                                                            1     8
  A Bedstead,
                                                            0     4
  Thirteen Baggs,
                                                            0     13
  Some Sheeps wool,
                                                            0     4
  A woman stove & pair of wool cards,
                                                            0     3
  Half, an ancher, a wooden measure & baking trough,
                                                            0     9
  A mean Table,
                                                            0     0     6
  Two frying pans, a hamer, a pair of andirons, a Trammell, 
  a pair of Tongs & Shovel,
                                                            1     5
  Five Keelers,
                                                            0     8
  A churn & four tubs,
                                                            0     1
  Three pails & three earthen potts,
                                                            0     8
  An Iron Kettle & little Iron pott,
                                                            0     13
  Two Juggs, an earthen platter & pott,
                                                            0     3     9
  A watering pott, a Tin Kettle, a Tunnell & tinn Pott,
                                                            0     12
  A little box, a spoon Case, a Dish & 2 ladles,
                                                            0     2
  Seven pewter Dishes, 16 plates, 1 bason, 2 porringers, 
  a Chamber pott, a Drinking pott & 18 spoons,
                                                            3     2
  Seven earthen Dishes,
                                                            0     3
  A looking glass & five small pictures,
                                                            0     5
  A smoothing Iron,
                                                            0     3
  A parcell of Cotton yarn
                                                            0     8
  A gunn, a Carbine, two pistols & holsters, a sword 
  belt & Cartouch box,
                                                            5     0
  A case of Bottles,
                                                            1     6
  A Cubbard,
                                                            2     10
  A Settle bedstead & small Cubbard,
                                                            0     6
  A well bound Chest,
                                                            0     12
  A bed, bedstead & furniture,
                                                            5     0
  Another bedstead & furniture with some other bedding,
                                                            8     0
  A Chimney Cloath,
                                                            0     0     9
  Another Table eight square,
                                                            0     4
  A hanger for Cloak,
                                                            0     1     6
  A Cradle,
                                                            0     1     6
  Eleven sheets,
                                                            5     0
[Page 399]
  Some Pillowbeers & Table Cloaths,
                                                            0     10    0
  Four Towels,
                                                            0     1
  Their wearing Appearll,
                                                            20    4
  Some Thread,
                                                            0     1
  A great Bible & some other Books,
                                                            1     4
  A little Trunk,
                                                            0     2
  A Saddle & bridle,
                                                            1     0
  Some Knives & two Combs,
                                                            0     1     6
  A wine pipe, a hogshead, barrels & a Tubb,
                                                            0     14    6
  Three Glass Bottles,
                                                            0     1
  A parcell of Carpenters tools,
                                                            3     10
  A seat of a waggon,
                                                            0     3
  Due by Bond,
                                                            227   17    3 1/2
  A stak of hay,
                                                            1     1
  Sixe Sheepe,
                                                            1     1
                                                            351   16    3 1/2
The George Bergen, who administered on his estate, was probably his brother, and the John Van Wicklen his brother-in-law, his son George in 1726 being a minor.


424. I. George, b. Oct. 9, 1712.

425. II. Evert, b. 1717.

On 16 Aug 1711 Hans Joris married Seytie VAN WICKLEN.2

They had the following children:
6 i. George (1712-1784)
ii. Evert (1717-1776)
iii. Peter

13 Seytie VAN WICKLEN.  Born about 1692 in New Lots, New York.12 Alias/AKA: Sytje (Cynthia),3 Eytie,2 Sytie, or Zytie.

She was of New Lots, Long Island.3

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.32:2
Hans (Jorise), bp. Aug. 31, 1684, in N. U.; m. Aug. 16, 1711, Sytie da. of Evert Van Wickelen of N. L.; d. in 1726. Resided at first in Brn, but in his latter days removed to Hempstead, where he d. At one period owned a grist-mill within the boundaries of the present Navy Yard, since known as Remsen's Mill. Issue:--George, b. Oct. 9, 1712, m. 1st, June 3, 1738, Grietje Du Mont, m. 2d, Sept. 14, 1744, Maria (???); and Evert, b. 1717, m. Jane da. of Denyse Hegeman, d. Nov. 17, 1776, whose descendants reside mainly in N. J.
14 Jacob PROBASCO.4  Born circa 8 Jul 1682 in Flatbush, Kings County, New York. Jacob was baptized in Brooklyn, New Amsterdam on 9 Jul 1682. Jacob died on 22 Dec 1755 in Middlebush, Somerset County, New Jersey. Occupation: yeoman (a farmer who owned his land).2 Alias/AKA: Jakob.

From the Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II, 1751-1760, p. 260-1. Liber F, p. 297:
1752, Dec. 23. Probasco, Jacob, of Somerset Co., farmer; will of.
Children--Christopher (living at Middlebush), Jacob, Frederick, John, Hendrick, Deyna (wife of John Hogelandt), Ida (wife of William Post), Mary (wife of George Berrege). Home farm; farm at Middlebush; land on the Westside of Millstone River, formerly belonging to Steven Courten; 260 acres in Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Personal estate. Executors--sons Christopher and John, and son-in-law, John Hogelandt. Witnesses--John Smock, Tise Smock, John Brokaw. Proved Nov. 25, 1755.
1755, Nov. 7. Inventory, 435.13.11, incl. 19 1/2 Dutch ells of homemade linen @ 2s., 1.19; a silver cup & 2 silver spoons, 3.10; 3 books, 6s.; 3 negroes, 150; 100 bush. of wheat, 25; 40 do. of Indian corn, 5; 30 do. of buckwheat, 2.5; bonds and cash, 99.13; made by Benjamin Thomson, Peter Perrine and Abraham Couwenhoven.
In 1707 Jacob married Mary VAN LIEW,4 in Somerset County, New Jersey.

She was referred to in her mother Dinah's will as "Mary, wife of Jacob Probasco, of New York"

They had the following children:
i. Christoffell (1709-1776)
ii. Ida (1711-<1789)
iii. Frederick (1714-1757)
iv. Dinah (1714-1779)
v. Jacob (1716-1776)
7 vi. Maria (1720-1770)
vii. Elizabeth (1725-)
viii. John (1727-1789)
ix. Hendrick (1730-1801)

15 Mary VAN LIEW.4  Born on 29 Apr 1686 in Jamaica, Queens County, New York. Mary died before Dec 1752 in New Jersey. Alias/AKA: Maria or Anna Mary VAN LIEW.


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