Sixth Generation

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32 Harme Dircksz HOOGLANDT. Born circa 1607 in Rynsburg, Netherlands. Harme Dircksz died in Oct 1677 in Rynsburg, Netherlands.

Harme Dircksz married Jannetje DEYNOOT.

[Research Note: CAUTION, these people and their connection to Christoffel are unconfirmed.]

They had one known child:
16 i. Christoffel (~1634-1683)

33 Jannetje DEYNOOT. Born circa 1610 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

34 Captain Martin CREGIER.1 Born in 1617 in Netherlands. Martin died in 1713 in Niskayuna, New Amsterdam. He was a noted officer under Kieft and Stuyvesant.1 Alias/AKA: CREIGER.

The following is from Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's The Hoagland Family, 1891, p.267:1


MARTIN CREGIER (Krygier), the first Burgomaster of New Amsterdam, having distinguished himself as a fearless warrior, retired with Gov. Stuyvesant into private life. He settled at Canastagione. now Niskayuna, on the banks of the Mohawk. In this retired spot he died in the early part of 1713. The original homestead at Niskayuna is still owned by his descendants. His autograph is copied in O'Callaghan's History of New Netherlands, from which is also taken the above memoranda.

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. II 1708-1728, 1893, p.66 [corrected]:4

[Page 66]

Page 28.--MARTIN CREGIER. [Written in Dutch.] I, Martin Cregier, living at Castagoa in the jurisdiction of New Albany. Leaves property to wife Janettie, eldest son Martyn, and other children.

Dated, January 12, 1702. Witnesses, Matys Rossie, Johanes Quackenbos. The names of my children are: Martyn, Elizabeth, Margaritse Marytie Cregier, Catrina, Johana, Samuel, and Gertruy. Proved at Albany, March 3, 1713/4, before Johanes Cuyler.
[Research Note: This is the will of which Martin Cregier?]

About 1636 Martin married Elizabeth JANS(?).

They had the following children:
17 i. Catrina (1645->1704)
ii. Francis (1637-1666)
iii. Sarah1 (<1647-)
iv. William (1644-)
v. Tryntje (1645-)
vi. Lysbeth (1647-1647)

NOTES for Francis CREGIER:

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892, p.3:4

LIBER 1-2.

[Page 3]

Page 7.--FRANCIS CREGIER "dyed lately intestate at New Castle, in Delaware Bay." Letters of Administration granted to his father Martin Cregier, and brother-in-law Laurence De Silles, July 10, 1666, by Gov. R. Nicoll.
35 Elizabeth JANS(?) Born before 1623 in New Jersey. Elizabeth died after Jan 1661. Alias/AKA: Lysbet JANS.

36 Captain Elbert Elbertse STOOTHOFF.2,5 Born in 1620.2 Immigrated about 1637 to New Netherlands from Nieuw Kercken in Zeeland, or Nieuw Kerken in North Brabant.2 Elbert Elbertse died in about 1688 in Flatlands.2 He was in the employment of Gov. Van Twiller and the Patroon Van Rensselaer. Later, he was magistrate and the largest land-holder in Flatlands for many years. He was captain of militia in 1673.2 Alias/AKA: Capt. Elbert Elbertson STOOTHOFF.

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.284:2
Elbert Elbertse, the common ancestor of the family, b. 1620; m. 1st, Aug. 27, 1645, Altje Cornelise Cool wid. of Gerret Wolfersen Van Couwenhoven; m. 2d, July 21, 1683, Sarah Roelofse wid. of Cornelis Van Rossum of N. Y.; d. about 1688. Emigrated from Nieuw Kercken in Zeeland, or Nieuw Kerken in North Brabant, about 1637. At first in the employment of Gov. Van Twiller and the Patroon Van Rensselaer, and finally settled in Flds, where he took the oath of allegiance in 1687, of which town he was for many years a mag. and largest land-holder, having purchased Van Twiller's and Van Cowenhoven's interests in their patent for the flats or plains; was a member of committees appointed by the colonists to vindicate and protect their rights, and one of the representatives in the Hempstead convention of 1665. On the conquest of the colony by the Dutch in 1673, he was appointed by Gov. Colve capt. of militia.(*) Among the premises he owned was Bergen's Island, which he bought in 1665 of Martel or Michael Spicer, and Bearen, now Barren Island, which he bought of Spicer and Tilton. He also owned what was lately known as Crooke's Mill in said town, which mill was in operation as early as 1674. His will, not recorded, is da. Dec. 18, 1686, in which he devised Bergen's Island to his s. Gerret and
[Page 285]
entailed it to his descendants. Issue:--Gerret Elbertse; Elbert Elbertse, bp. Jan. 26, 1648, and d. young; Helen or Heiltie Elbertse, m. Thomas Willet of Flushing; and Achye or Aegge Elbertse, m. Jan Van Duyckhuys. Signed his name "Elbert Elbertsen."
(*) The following is a copy, from p. 269 of Lib. D of Flh rec., of the oath taken by the military appointees of Kings Co. at "Middlewout" on the 30th of October, 1673, in presence of the schout, Jacob Strycker, and Francois De Bruynne, secretary:

We promise and swear in the presence of Almighty God to be bound and true to their High Mightynesses, the Lords States General of the United Netherlands and his Highness the Lord Prince of Orange, and his Governor already here placed, or who may be hereafter placed, our companies in good order to maintain, and to perform the duties of our respective offices, in truth of which so help us God.

For Amesfoort:
For Breuckelen:

Capt. Elbert Elbertse,
Capt. Jores Rapalje,
Lieut. Roelof Martense,
Lieut. Michal Hanse,
Ensign Derick Janse.
Ensign Daniel Rapalje.

For Middlewout:
For N. Uytrecht and Boswyck:

Capt. Jan Strycker,
Capt. Jacob Cortelyou,
Lieut. Titus Sirix,
Lieut. Joost Kockout,
Ensign Pieter Gilyamse.
Ensign Cryn Janse.

For Grouesandt:
Capt. Richard Stillwell,
Lieut. (???)(???),
Ensign Wil. Goldingh.
From "The Kouwenhoven, Stoothoff and Verbryck Descendants of Aeltie Cornelise Cool," the private research of Richard A. McCool, June A. McCowan & Dorothea E. McCowan:17
By the terms of his father's [Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff] will, of which the subject [Garret Elbertse Stoothoff] was Administrator, Garret(3) received Bergen's' Island, now known as Bergen Beach, in Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island. Among transactions following on the Administration of his father's estate, we note the sale of land to Martin Schenck, of Flatlands, of "all that farm in New Lotts at North side of the towne as same are layd out and numbered 1 & 2 great in all 20 morgen," dated 27 November 1693 and "signed in the presence of John Van Dykehuys," his brother-in-law.26 On the same day Roeloff Martinse Schenck conveyed a farm in the Paerdegatt to John Stevense and John Stevense and Femmitie Aukes his wife, convey to Roeloff Martinse Schenck, farm and lots at New Lotts, "at the North side of the towne, soe as the same layd out by the towne, No. 4-5-6 & 7. . .." In the following month, that land was transferred by Roeloff Martinse Schenck, "as a free gift," to Gerratt Roeloffson Schenck, signed "in the presence of John Van Dyckhuys and Peter Cortilleou.27 These appear to be transactions calculated to settle claims among the progeny of Aeltie(2) Cornelise Cool.
On 27 Aug 1645 Elbert Elbertse married Altie Cornelis COOL,2 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church.2

They had the following children:
i. Helena Elbertse2 (1645-1704)
ii. Elbert Elbertse2 (Died as Child) (~1648-)
iii. Achye Elbertse2 (~1652-)
18 iv. Gerret Elbertse (~1653-1730)

37 Altie Cornelis COOL.2  Born in 1620 in Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York. Christened in 1620. Altie Cornelis died on 14 Jun 1683 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Arltie Lambertse COEL, Altje/Aeltje Cornelius/Cornelis COOL, Altje Lambertszen Cornelise COOL.

From The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., NewJersey, p. 545:5
GERRET WOLFERSE COUWENHOVEN was born in 1610 near Amersfoort, Utreacht, Holland. He married about 1635 in Flatlands, N.Y., AELTIE COOL, daughter of Cornelius Lambertse...Cool of Gowanus, L. I., N.Y. Gerret died about 1645 in Long Island, N.Y. and after his death his wife married 2nd Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff 27 Aug. 1645.
38 Johannes NEVIUS.3  Born on 14 Mar 1627 in Zoelen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Christened on 14 Mar 1627 in Zoelen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Immigrated to New Amsterdam from Solin or Solingen in Westphalia.2 Johannes died in June 1672 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Buried in Manhattan, New York, New York. He was schepen of New Amsterdam, secretary of the Burgomaster's court in New Amsterdam, ferryman.2 Religion: He was a member of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam.2 Alias/AKA: Signed his name "Joannes Nevius".2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.215:2
Johannes, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated from Solin or Solingen in Westphalia, settled at first on High (Pearl) St. in N. A.; m. Nov. 18, 1653, Ariaentje Blyck from Batavia in the East Indies, da. of Cornelis de Potter and Swantje Jans of Brn. After his death Ariaentje m. 2d Jan Arisen Middagh. In 1654 and '55 he was a schepen of N. A.; in 1657 was assessed at the ferry 15 gl. towards Do Polhemius's salary; and in 1658 was secretary of the Burgomaster's court in N. A. In 1660 he and his w. entered on the lists of mem. of the R. D. ch. of N. A. as removed to the ferry, Brn. In 1664 he took the oath of allegiance to the English in N. Y. In 1670 he held the position of ferryman. Issue:--Johannes, bp. Nov. 8, 1654; Sara, bp. Aug. 27, 1656; Cornelis, bp. Sept. 2, 1657; Maria, bp. Dec. 22, 1658; Cornelius, bp. June 19, 1661; Peter, bp. Feb. 4, 1663; Sara Katherine, bp. Feb. 16, 1665, m. Cornelis Pieterse Luyster; Johanna, bp. Mar. 11, 1668, m. May 10, 1684, Garret Elbertse Stoothoff--all bp. in N. A. and N. Y.; (sup.) Elizabeth, m. Jan Aersen Middagh; and Catharine, m. Garret Pieterse Wyckoff. Signed his name "Joannes Nevius."
The following is from Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's The Hoagland Family, 1891, p.266+267:1
Spelled Nafius, Neyfes, Nevus, Neefus, Nevyus, Navis.

JOHANNES NEVIUS came from "Solen" (probably Solingen in Westphalia). November 18, 1653, he married Adrientje Bleyck from Batavia, in the island of Java. He was prominent in the
[Page 267]:

affairs of New Amsterdam. In 1658 he was Secretary of the Burgomasters and Schepens Court. He had eight children, viz.:Johannes, 1654, Sara, 1656, Cornelius, 1657, Marie, 1658, Cornelius, 1661, Petrus, 1662, Catherine, 1664, Johanna, 1668. The widow of Johannes Nevius married Cornelius De Potter, a well known merchant of New Amsterdam, but living at Brooklyn.

PETRUS NEVIUS, born 1662, was living at Flatlandsin 1698, having there married Janetje (Roeloff) Schenck. The census names him as having seven children and one slave; one of these children was David, baptized at Brooklyn, 1702; he removed to Somerset Co., N. J., and in 1745 was Assessor of Franklin township. He appears to be the progenitor of the New Jersey family. Other mentions of the name are -- Petrus, Martin, and Cornelius, members of King's Co. Militia, 1715: Christopher, John, David, Martin, Cornelius, Joseph, and Ruloff were privates in Hunterdon and Somerset Co. regiments during the revolution, 1776.

MARTINUS NEVIUS and his wifeGertche have a son Cornelius, baptized at Millstone, N. J., April 16, 1781.

JOHANNES NEVIUS and his wife Sara have a son Cornelius, baptized at Neshanic, February 11, 1784; Lucas and Jacobus Nevius were members of the church at Neshanic, 1784.

JOHANNES NEVIUS and his wife Adrianna a'Brackel have a daughter Johanna, baptized at Brooklyn, March 11, 1668,Wilhelmus a'Brackel and Saartje de Potter, witnesses. An account of the funeral of Joanna Nevius is found in the Bergen Genealogy. Cornelius Navius of Staten Island married Sara Sleght of Rahway, January 20, 1739, as per Bucks Co., Pa., records.

On 18 Nov 1653 when Johannes was 26, he married Adriaentje BLEYCK,24 in New York.2

They had the following children:
i. Johannes2 (~1654-1665)
ii. Sara (1656-1665)
iii. Cornelis (1657-1661)
iv. Maria (1658->1676)
v. Cornelius (1661-1711)
vi. Pieter2 (~1663-1740)
vii. Catherine Johanna5 (1665-1707)
viii. Sara Katherine (1665-1722)
19 ix. Johanna (~1668-1734)

39 Adriaentje BLEYCK.24  Born in 1636 in Brooklyn, New Amsterdam (New York). Adriaentje Cornelise died in 1689 in Brooklyn, New York, New York. Buried in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. Christened in Djakarta, Java, Indonesia. Alias/AKA: Ariaentje Blyck,2Adriaentje BLEIJCK/BLYCK, Adriaentje Cornelise DE POTTER.2

T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers [p.95] refers to her as "Adriaentje Cornelise, m. Jan Aardsz Middagh..."2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.206:2

Jan Aertsen of the ferry, bp. Dec. 24, 1662; m. 1st Ariaentje Blyck dau. of Cornelis de Potter and wid. of Johannes Nevius; m. 2d, Jan. 4, 1690, Elizabeth Smit wid. of Peter Smit of Ja; d. previous to 1710. Owned 200 A. fronting on the East River, lying E. of Fulton Ferry and Fulton Street, late of Joshua and Comfort Sands. Constable of Brn in 1679; ferryman 1697, per rec. of court of sessions; on ass. rolls of 1676 and '83, and on cen. of 1698. Will da. Aug. 11, 1707; pro. June 6, 1709; rec. p. 368, Lib. 7, N. Y. surr. off. Issue:--Helena, m. Christopher Hoogland; Aert, m. Elizabeth(???)and settled on the Raritan; David, bp. Dec. 18, 1681; (by 2d w.) Derick; Catharine; Pieter of the Raritan; Johannes, m. Elizabeth(???); Cornelis of the Raritan; and Matthew, m. Mary(???). Signed his name "Jan Middagh."
40 Klaes Arentse VECHTEN.2 Immigrated in Apr 1660 to New Netherland from Norg in the province of Drenthe, Holland in the ship Bonticon, or Spotted Cow, with wife Lammetshe and 3 children and settled in Brooklyn.2 Occupation: farmer.2 Religion: He was a member of the Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn in 1677, and an elder in 1681.2 Alias/AKA: Claes Arentse VEGHTEN, Claes Arensen.

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.363:2
VAN VECHT, VECHTE, or VECHTEN, KLAES ARENTSE (probably at one period from Vechten, a hamlet in Utrecht, or the river Vecht in the Netherlands), emigrated from Norg in the province of Drenthe with w. Lammetshe and 3 children in 1660 and settled in Brn, where he owned a farm in Gowanus as early as 1672, on which he resided and on which the old stone and brick house near Fifth Ave., erected in 1699, now (1880) about disappearing, was probably built by him. On ass. rolls of Brn of 1675 and '83; took the oath of allegiance there in 1687; on cen. of 1698; member in 1677, and an elder in the R. D. ch. of Brn in 1681. There was a Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten who emigrated in 1638 and settled at Greenbush opposite Albany, whose descendants are to be found in the vicinity of Albany, Catskill, etc., but have seen no evidence of his relationship to Claes Arentse. Issue:--Hendrick Claesen; Gerrit Claesen; and (sup.) Michael Claesen. Signed his name "Klaes Arents Vecht."
Klaes Arentse married Lammetje HENDRICKS.13

They had the following children:
i. Hendrick Claesz2 (<1660-1716)
20 ii. Gerrit Claesen (~1645-<1734)
iii. Michael Claesen2

41 Lammetje HENDRICKS.13 Alias/AKA: Lammetshe.2

42 John CROCHERON.4,13 John was a resident of Staten Island.4 Occupation: planter.4 John died between 13 Dec 1695 and 3 Sept 1696 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.4 Alias/AKA: Jean.13

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892, p.267:4
LIBER 5-6.

[Page 267]

Page 126.--Benjamin Fletcher, Governor, etc. Know ye, that at his Majesty's Fort in New York, on the 3d day of September, 1696, the last will of JOHN CROCHERON, of Staten Island, was proved and Letters of Administration are granted to his wife, Mary, as executrix.

JOHN CROCHERAN [CORRECTION: Will of John Crocheran read John Crocheron]. "In the name of God, Amen. The 13 day of December, 1695, I, John Crocheran, of Staten Island, Planter, being of a great age, but of good and sound memory." I leave to my beloved wife, Mary, the use of all the estate for life, and after her death I leave to my eldest son, Nicholas Crocheran, all that my dwelling house, situate, lying and being on the north side of Staten Island, and two lots of land belonging thereto, with the privilege of Commonage, and all the fresh and salt meadow belonging to the same, being 20 acres. Which said lots are bounded, south
[Page 268]
by the highway, that parts them from the land now in the tenure of Arent Prall. Also 2 horses and 4 cows and a weaver's loom. I leave to my son, Anthony, my two other lots of land, on Staten Island, bounded by Long Neck at the side of Mr. John Casiers, with the fresh and salt meadow belonging thereto, being 20 acres, with the privilege of Commonage, and my utensils of husbandry. Rest of estate to all the children (other children not named). Makes his wife and his sons Nicholas and Anthony executors. Witnesses, Wm. Tillier, Thomas Morgan, Jean Cassier, John Dufrow. Proved, before Governor Fletcher, by oaths of the above witnesses, September 3, 1696, and executors confirmed.

[Page 271]

Page 137.--Inventory of estate of JOHN CROCHERAN [CORRECTION: for John Crocheran read John Crocheron], of Staten Island, taken by Nathaniel Brittain, Sr., and Nathaniel Brittain, Jr., January 9, 169 6/7, before Elias Duxbury and Thomas Stillwell. Live stock, 131; 200 sheffles of wheat, 20; 110 sheffles of rye, 13.15s. A negro man, negro woman, and negro boy, 120; money in the house, Arabian gold and other gold, 72.8s.; English money, 45; 468 heavy pieces of 8, 140 14s. 11d.; 15 books, one a large Bible, 4. Total amount, 625.

[Page 274]

Inventory of estate of JOHN CROCHERON, of Staten Island. Taken by Thomas Morgan and William Fillyer, December 17, 1696. Money in his chest, 286, 8; A negro man, an Indian woman and her child, 80; 8 cows left as a legacy to Nicholas and Anthony Crocheran, 22; 6 heifers, 2 steers, and a bull, 9. Total, 531. Sworn to, March 8, 169 6/7.
Before 1648 John married Mary UNKNOWN.4

They had the following children:
i. Nicholas4 (~1648-<1707)
ii. Anthony4 or Antoine13 (~1650-1697)
iii. Adrianna13 (~1652->1718)
iv. Styntje13 (~1656-)
v. Jean13 (~1658-~1724)
vi. Cherine13 (~1660-)
vii. Marie13 (~1660-1697)
21 viii. Jannetje (~-<1693)
ix. Marguerite13 (~1664-<1697)


From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892, p.330+446:4
LIBER 5-6.

[Page 330]

Page 481.--Inventory of estate of NICHOLAS CROCHERAN [CORRECTION: for Nicholas Crocheran read Nicholas Crocheron], now in possession of his widow, Ann Crocheran. Appraised September 23, 1701, by John Billop and Jacques Poillan [CORRECTION: for Jacques Poillan read Jacques Poillon]. Total amount, 475.

[Page 446]

Page 410.--NICHOLAS CROCHERON. In the name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Crocheron, of Richmond County, planter, being in good health. I give to the poor of the French Congregation on Staten Island, 5, to be paid to the Elders. I leave to the children of John Bodine by his first wife, my nephews and nieces, as objects worthy of my charity, one half of all my paternal estate, goods, and chattels, in case I leave no children. I leave all the rest of my estate to my loving wife, Anne Crocheron, and to her heirs and assigns. I leave to all my other heirs, each 6 shillings.

Dated February 10, 170 2/3. Witnesses, John Bellville, Moses Bernd, William Tilyer. Proved before Thomas Wenham, Esq., July 24, 1707.
43 Maria UNKNOWN.4

44 Pieter Janszen STAATS.2,13  Born about 1638.13 Resided in Gowanus.2 Alias/AKA: Pieter Jansen, Pieter Janse.2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.273:2

Pieter Janse of Gowanus, m. 1st Annie Pieterse Praa; m. 2d Antie Janse Van Dyck. In 1673 he petitioned Gov. Colve for a piece of land on Sten I. opposite Amboy, the mter being postponed until the Gov. could obtain knowledge of the premises. Oct. 20, 1674, he and his sons Jan and Peter Petersen obtained a pent for the land applied for, as per p. 31 of Cal. of Eng. Man. In 1694 he sold his Gowanus farm of 30 morgens, loced between land of Gerbrand Claasen and th of Cors Van Duyn, to his s. Pieter Pieterse for 200, as per p. 37 of Lib. 2 of Con. Took the oh of allegiance in Brn in 1687 as a nive. Issue (by 2d w.):--Geesje, bp. Dec. 18, 1661, in Brn; Pieter Pieterse, bp. July 8, 1663, in Brn; Annetje Pieterse, m. Cornelis Jorise of the ferry; Neeltje Pieterse, m. Harmen Jorisen; and Johannes Pieterse. Made his mark to documents.
On 27 Oct 1658 Pieter Janszen married Annetje Jans VAN DYKE.13

They had the following children:
i. Elsje Pieters13 (~1659-)
22 ii. Jan Pietersen (~1660-<1737)
iii. Geesje Pieters13,2 (<1661-)
iv. Pieter Pietersen13,2 (<1663-)
v. Abraham Pietersen13 (~1665-)
vi. Annerithe13 (~1667-)
vii. Neeltje Pieters2,13 (~1669-)
viii. Annetje Pieters2,13 (~1671-)
ix. Agnetje Pieters2,13 (<1680-)
x. Isaak Pietersen13 (<1682-)
xi. Jacob Pietersen13 (<1685-)

45 Annetje Jans VAN DYKE.13 Alias/AKA: Antie Janse Van Dyck, Antje Jansz.2

T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers refers to her as, "Antje Jansz, m. Pieter Stas of Brn."2

46 Cornelius CORSSEN [VROOM].2,13  Born before 23 Apr 1645. Cornelius Corssen was baptized in Reformed Dutch Church of New York on 23 Apr 1645.2 Witnesses: Cos Pieterszen; Cornelis; Dirck Corneliszen, Marritje Lievens, Tryntie Claes.13 Immigrated in 1680 to S. I. from Brooklyn.2 Cornelius Corssen died between Dec. 9, 1692 and Aug. 13, 1693 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.2,4 Occupation: constable of Brooklyn in 1677; in 1684 he was appointed a justice of the peace for Richmond Co.; he was appointed captain of militia for Brooklyn. In 1689 he held the office of captain of militia and justice of the peace on S. I.2 Religion: member of the Reformed Dutch church hailing from the Walabocht.2 Alias/AKA: Cornelis Corsz Vroom, Cornelis Corsen.2 Signed his name "Cornelis Corssen."2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.382:2
Cornelis Corssen of Brn, bp. Apl. 23, 1645, in N. A.; m. Mar. 11, 1666, Marretje Jacobse Vander Grift of Brn; d. 1693. On ass. rolls of Brn of 1675 and '76; constable 1677, and mem. of the R. D. ch. hailing from the Walabocht. Left Brn and removed to S. I., where he obtained title to 352 A. to the W. of Miles Creek on the 24th of Dec., 1680; and also for 180 A. on said island on the 28th of said month. In 1684 he was appointed a justice of the peace for Richmond Co., as per p. 132 of Cal. of English Man.; Apl. 2, 1685, he was appointed capt. of militia for Brn, as per p. 137 of do. In 1689 he held the office of capt. of militia and justice of the peace on S. I. In 1681 he purchased land on the Raritan, N. J., at 3 cts. per A., as per p. 122 of 2d Edition of Whitehead's E. N. J., and p. 103 of the Records of the Gov. and Council of. E. N. J. Will da. Dec. 9, 1692, and pro. Aug. 13, 1693. Issue:--Jacob Corsen of S. I., m. Elizabeth (???); Cornelia Corsen of S. I., bp. Aug. 13, 1681, m. Jannetje dau. of Peter Van Boskerk; Christian Corsen of S. I.; Cornelius Corssen; and Daniel Corssen of S. I., bp. Nov. 28, 1690, in N. Y, His descendants appear to have adopted Corssen or Corsen as their family name, many of whom reside on S. I. Signed his name "Cornelis Corssen."
From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York, Vol. III 1730-1744, with Appendix and Miscellaneous Documents, 1894, p.429+430:4
[Page 429]



In Liber 19 B

To Sir Edmond Andross, Lieutenant and Governor-General. The Petition of ROBERT ORCHARD, Sheweth: That ye petitioner going cively about his occasions, with two other men living in Woodbridge, in New Jersey, and strangers in this city, to Mr. Otto Gerritsens, a house of entertainment, as they were sitting together at a table drinking a glasse of wine, without giving offence to any one. Some Persons whose names are underwritten, without any reason or cause given yt your petitioner knows of, being at another table, in ye same room. First, one of them came and affronted your petitioner by turning his hatt round his head, and speaking rude and angrily to him. Then another in like manner till his hatt was throwne off his head. When he demanding ye occasion of ye same, they all fell upon him to ye number of four, and beat, bruised and wounded him with their knives, in several places on ye head and face, to ye endangering of his life, as can be made to appear by severall testimonyes. Notwithstanding which, Mr. John Archer, ye Sheriff of ye city, afterward meeting him and reviling your petitioner with threatnings: Saying, Much good may it do you, and, that, wee Duchmen shall meete with you againe. Whereupon he being in a Passion and exceeding bloody with the wounds which he had received in ye fray, gave him some reviling language, and spoke (as it is said) unbecoming words of your Excellency, whereof he is not conscious to himselfe to have been in
[Page 430]
ye least guilty, yet he hath been fined in ye Mayor's Court ye sum of 13. Wherefore your Petitioner prays yt your Excelency will take his case into your Serious Consideration.

Samuel Smith, aged 34, being sworn, Says that on or about the 21st day of June, 1680, he being in ye house of Otto Gerritsen, in New York in company with Mr. Robert Orchard, there being in ye same room, a parcell of Dutchmen, about foor, and they came to ye said Mr. Orchard and offered him some abuse in words, and gave him a shove upon ye shoulder. And Mr. Orchard said to them, How now, good fellow, I have noe concerns with you, pray mind your owne concerns. And then they went away, but came againe and did as before. And one of ye Dutchmen said: If you fight this man I will take his part. And then I went to ye back door, and presently ye door was shut, yt I could not get in to return to Mr. Orchard, but I heard a great noyse of fighting, and soon after I saw Mr. Orchard wounded in ye head, in ye street at ye door of ye house.

Sarah Parker, aged 17, and Hester Dunham, aged 18. They state, That some Dutchmen came to Mr. Orchard, and beat him down and kicked him, and dragged him along ye floor, and trampled upon him, and cried out, Slay ye Hound.

John Lawless, aged 22, Saith, I saw in ye house of Otto Gerritsen, Cornelius Corsen, Andrew Juriansen, Lambert Durking, and Jacobus Corlee, beating and striking of Robert Orchard, and ye said Cornelius Corsen took hould of Mr. Orchard by ye haire, crying, Slay ye English Hound.

Upon hearing this complaint, Cornelius Corsen and his associates were sentenced to pay as a fine 40 shillings each, and to pay ye Surgeon for ye cure of said Orchard, and to pay Sheriff's fees.

From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892, p.230:4

LIBER 5-6.

[Page 230]

CORNELIUS CORSEN, Staten Island. "In the name of God, Amen. I, Cornelius Corsoen, of Staten Island, in the County of Richmond, yeoman." Leaves all estate, real and personal, to his wife Maritie Corsen, for life, and then to their children equally. If she remarry then the children are to take one half, each to have their share when of age (names not given). Makes his wife sole executrix.

Dated December 9, 1692. Witnesses, Cornelis [Nevius], Peter Staes [Staats], Thomas Carhart.

Page 13.--Benjamin Fletcher, Governor, etc. To all, etc. Know ye that at the city of New York, on the 7th of December, 1692, before me, the last will of CORNELIUS CORSOEN, of Staten Island, was proved, and the widow, Maritie Corsen, is confirmed as executrix.

[RESEARCH NOTE: Corrections have been applied to this will, but the date proved is two days before the date of the will!? See also Bergen's proved date of Aug. 13, 1693.]

On 11 Mar 1666 Cornelius Corssen married Marritje Jacobs VAN DER GRIFT,2,13 in New York.2,13 "1666. 11 Mart. Cornelis Cortenszen, j. m. Van N. Breuckelen, en Marrytje Jacobs Van der Grist, j. d. Van N. Yorcke."13

They had the following children:
23 i. Catherine (1667-)
ii. Jacob2,13
iii. Benjamin13
iv. Christian2,4
v. Cornelius2
vi. Daniel13 (<1690-)
vii. Suster13
viii. Marritje (<1704-1763)
ix. Douwe13
x. Rebecca13
47 Marritje Jacobs VAN DER GRIFT.2,13  Born before 29 Aug 1649. Marritje Jacobs was baptized in New Amsterdam (New York) on 29 Aug 1649.2 Marritje Jacobs died in Sep 1698 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.13 Alias/AKA: Marretje Jacobse.2

Research Note: Check this birth date: her father supposedly died in Dec 1693!

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