The Ancestors of Neltje Van Voorhees

First Generation


1 Neltje VAN VOORHEES.2  Born on 28 Apr 1698 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York. Neltje died in about 1746. Alias/AKA: Neeltie VAN VOORHIS or VAN VOORHEIS.

In about 1730 Neltje married Christopher HOAGLAND2 in Flatlands, Kings County, Long Island, New York.

They had the following children:
i. Harmanus1 (Died as Child) (~1732-)
ii. Sarah1 (~1734-)
iii. Ariantje1 (~1736-)
iv. Harman1 (~1739-)

Christopher HOAGLAND.1  Born on 2 Apr 1708 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York.1  Christopher died on 18 Jan 1766 in Flatlands, New York.; he was 57.1 Alias/AKA: Christopher HOOGLAND,2 Christopher HOOGLANDT.

From Daniel Hoogland Carpenter's History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America:1
Christopher Hoagland (Senior) "had bought property in Franklin township, Somerset County, N.J., about the year 1740, but does not seem to have been a permanent resident. At any rate he was at Flatlands in 1765, and died there in the early part of 1766.

"By his will he left all his real and personal estate (except small legacies) to his son Christopher, who evidently was not yet of age."
From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. VI 1760-1766, 1897:4

[Page 435]

Page 212.--In the name of God, Amen, December 24, 1765. I, CHRISTOPHER HOOGLANT, of Flatbush, in Kings County, being weak in body. I leave to my son Christopher all my wood lot in Flatbush, "at a place
[Page 436]
commonly called Fresh Kills point," bounded east by land of Derick Remsen, south by the Long meadow, west by Wilhelmus Stootoff, and north by a Crepil Bush (swamp), and being 4 acres. I also leave him a negro boy "and my best bedstead standing in my large room." I leave to my daughter Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Williamson, 80, to be paid by my son Christopher. I also leave her my second best bed, and my brown table, "and my vitlin cupboard." I leave to my sister, Helena Hooglant, "my chair with the harness," and my part of the negro wench named Phillis, now in the possession of myself and my father, Hermanus Hooglant, and she is to pay to my son 29 10s. I leave to my son Christopher and my daughter Sarah all my pewter and wooden ware and all my books, except my Bible. All the rest of my estate to my son Christopher. I make Wilhelmus Stootoff and Helena Hooglant executors.

Witnesses, Jan Ammerman, Gerrit Kowenhoven, Albert Stootoff. Proved, August 28, 1766, in New York.

Second Generation

2 Albert Coerte VAN VOORHEES.  Born in 1669 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York.  Resided in Flatlands.2 Occupation: owner of Voorees's mill on De Bruynne's Creek.2 Military: He was ensign of militia of Flatlands in 1691 and 1700.2 Albert Coerte died before 14 Apr 1748 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey.2 Alias/AKA: Signed his name "Albert Coerten".2 Alias/AKA: Albert Coerten Voorhees,2 Albert Coert / Coerte / Coerten VAN VOORHEES / VAN VOORHIS / VAN VOORHEIS.

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.169:2
JOOSTEN, BARENT, from "Witmont in Emberland," "ridder" (horseman or knight), emigrated in 1652, settling in Buk in 1661, of which place he was a mag. in 1663 and '64. Apl. 6, 1675, he and Jan Hansen (Van Nordstrant) bought, of Francois de Bruynne, Anthony Jansen from Salee's patent in Gd and N. U. of 100 morgens, which they sold Dec. 11, 1693, to Albert Coerten (Van Voorhees) for 38,750 gl. wampum value, or about $15,340--a large sum for that period.
From New York Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. IV 1744-1753, 1895, p.164:4

[Page 164]

Page 251.--In the name of God, Amen, May 14, 1747. I, ALBERT COERTE, of Flatlands, in Kings County, being in good health. I leave to my son, Coerte Voorhees, 25, for his birth right. My executors are to sell all my estate in Flatbush or elsewhere, and the money to be paid to my children, Coert Voorhees, Elizabeth, wife of Rutger Van Brunt, Mary, wife of John Noordstrandt, Margaret, wife of David Nevins, Aeltie, wife of Wilhelmus Stoothoff, and the children of my daughter Ann, who was the wife of Hendrick Cortelyou, and the children of my daughter Neeltie, who was the wife of Christopher Hooglandt. [The daughter Margaret was formerly the wife of Petrus Stoothoff, and had children.] I make my son, Coert Voorhees, and my sons-in-law, executors.

Witnesses, Hermanus Hooglandt, Johanes Lott, Jacobus Nevius. Proved, April 14, 1748.

In about 1688 Albert Coerte married Sarah Willemse CORNEL,2 in Flatlands, Kings, New York.

They had the following children:
1 i. Neltje (1698-~1746)
ii. Coert Albertse (~1689-1757)
iii. Mary (~1691-)
iv. Margaret (~1693-)
v. Elizabeth2 (~1695-)
vi. Antie Albertse (1711-1742)
vii. Altie2 (~1697-)

3 Sarah Willemse CORNEL.2  Born in about 1668. Sarah Willemse died in 1736.2 Alias/AKA: Sara Willemse CORNELL, Sarah WILLIAMSON.

Third Generation

4 Coert Stephense VAN VOORHEES. 5  Born in 1637 in Voor Hees, Ruinen, Drenthe, Holland.2 1638. Christened on 10 Apr 1644. Immigrated in 1660 to New Amsterdam with his father.2 Resided in Flatlands.2 He was a magistrate in 1664 and '73. Religion: member of the Dutch church and deacon in 1677.2 He was living 20 June 1699. Coert Stephense died in 1702 in Flat Lands, Kings, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Coerte Stevens/Stevense VAN VOORHIS or VAN VOORHEES. Signed his name "Koert Stevensen," and at times "Koert Stevensen Van Ruinen."2

Military: He was captain of militia in 1689.2

In 1664 Coert Stephense married Marretje Gerritse VAN COUWENHOVEN,2 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York.

They had the following children:
2 i. Albert Coerte (1669-<1748)
ii. Cornelis Coerte2 (~1678-)
iii. Neeltje Coerts6 (1676-1750)
iv. Gerrit Coerte (1668-1704)
v. Marretje Coerte2 (1667-)
vi. Steven Coerte (1665-1723)
vii. Johannes Coerte (1683-1757)
viii. Annatie Coerte2 (~1680-)
ix. Altie Coerte2

5 Marretje Gerritse VAN COUWENHOVEN.2  Born on 10 Sep 1644 in Flatlands, Kings, Long Island, New York. Christened on 10 Apr 1644 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York.5 Marretje Gerritse died in 1708 in New York. Alias/AKA: Marritje / Marretje / Gerretse / Gerritse / Garretse VAN COUWENHOVEN / VAN COVENHOVEN / VAN COUVENHOVEN.

6 Willem Gillemse CORNEL.2   Willem Gillemse died before 1702.2 He was a magistrate of the town of Flatbush from 1659 to 1664.2 Religion: He was a member of the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush.2 Alias/AKA: William / Willem / Wm Guljamse / Guljamse / Guilliamse.2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.73:2
William Guljamse (s. of Gelyam Cornelise) of Flh, m. Margarita da. of Do. Polhemius; d. prior to 1702. Was allotted, in pursuance of the patent of Flh, a bouwery in said town lying between the lands of Johannis Christoffelse and those of Hendrick Joorise, cong. 26 morgens, with plain and meadow land, as per p. 8 of Lib. A of Flh rec. His name appears on the ass. rolls of Flh of 1675 and '83, on Gov. Andross's patent of N. L. of 1677, as a mag. of the town from 1659 to 1664, and as a mem. of the R. D. ch. of
[Page 74]
Flh in 1677. Issue:--Johannes Willemse; Peter Willemse; Marike or Maria Willemse, m. Jacobus Aucke Van Nuyse; Catharine Willemse, m. Aug. 27, 1690, Johannes Fonteyn; Cornelis Willemse; Rachel Willemse, (sup.) to have d. single; and Sarah Willemse, m. Albert Coerten Voorhees, and d. in 1736. Signed his name "Willem Guljamse."
Willem Gillemse married Margarita POLHEMIUS.2

They had the following children:
3 i. Sarah Willemse (~1668-1736)
ii. Peter Willemse2
iii. Marike Willemse2
iv. Catharine Willemse2
v. Cornelis Willemse2
vi. Rachel Willemse2
vii. Johannes Willemson2

7 Margarita POLHEMIUS.2 Alias/AKA: Margareta.2

T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.227,2 refers to her as "Maragrietje, m. Wm Guilliamse Cornell."

Fourth Generation

8 Stephen Coerte VAN VOORHEES.2  Born in 1600 in Voor Hees, Ruinen, Drenthe, Holland. He was born at the Farm of Voorhees in the Province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. Stephen Coerte died about 16 Feb 1684 in Flatlands, Kings, Long Island, New York.2 Buried on 16 Feb 1684 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York. Immigrated in 1660 to Flatlands from Ruinen in Drenthe, in front of the hamlet of Hees with second wife, children (except Marchien), and son-in-law. Resided in Flatlands.2 Occupation: farmer, brewer. He was a magistrate in 1664.2 Alias/AKA: Stephen Coerte VAN VOORHIS; Signed his name "Steven Koerten" and at times "Steven Koerts."

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.380:2
Stephen Coerte, the common ancestor of the Voorhees family in this country, emigrated in 1660 with wife and 7 children from Ruinen in Drenthe, and from in front of the hamlet of Hees near said locality, hence the name, and settled in Flds; b. 1600; m. 1st, in Europe, (???)(???); m. 2d, in 1677, Willempie Roelofse Seubering; d. about Feb. 16, 1684. Bought Nov. 29, 1660, of Cornelis Dircksen Hoogland 9 morgens of corn-land, 7 of wood-land, 10 of plain-land, and 5 of salt-meadows, making in all 31 morgens, in Flds for 3000 gl.; also the house and house-plot lying in the village of "Amesfoort en bergen," with the brewery and all the brewing apparatus, kettle-house, and casks, with the appurtenances, as per p. 37 of Lib. B of Flh rec. His name appears on the ass. roll of Flds of 1675 and '83; as a mag. in 1664; and on patent of 1667. Issue:--Hendrickjen Stevense of Holland, m. Jan Kiers; Mergin Stevense of Holland, m. 1st (???) Roelefse, m. 2d Remmelt Willemse; Coert Stevense of Flds, b. 1637; Lucas Stevense, b. 1650; Jan Stevense, b. 1652; Albert Stevense; Aaltje Stevense, m. Barent Juriaansz; Jannetje Stevense, m. 1st Jan Martense Schenck, m. 2d Alexander Sympson; Hendrickje Stevense, m. 1st Jan Kiestede, m. 2d Albert Albertse Terhunen; and Abraham Voorhees. Signed his name "Steven Koerten" and at times "Steven Koerts.
About 1625 Stephen Coerte married Aeltje WESSELS, in the Netherlands.

They had the following children:
4 i. Coert Stephense (1637-1702)
ii. Johannes Coerte (~1639-)
iii. Wessel (1640-)
iv. Marchien Stevense (1640-1702)
v. Hendrickje Stevense (~1640-)
vi. Antie2

9 Aeltje WESSELS. Born about 1604 in the Netherlands. She was alive in 1642, probably died soon thereafter. Alias/AKA: Aaltjen WESSELS.

10 Gerret Wolfertse VAN COUWENHOVEN.2  Born in 1610 in near Amersfoort, Utreacht, Holland.5 Gerret Wolfertse died about 1645 in Long Island, New York Immigrated in 1630 to America with his father.5 Alias/AKA: Gerret Wolfersen VAN COUWENHOVEN,2 Gerret Wolferse VAN COWENHOVEN / COUWENHOVEN.

From The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., NewJersey, p. 545:5

GERRET WOLFERSE COUWENHOVEN was born in 1610 near Amersfoort, Utreacht, Holland. He married about 1635 in Flatlands, New York, AELTIE COOL, daughter of Cornelius Lambertse and Altie (Brackhong) Cool [WRONG MOTHER: she was the daughter of his wife UNKNOWN!] of Gowanus, L.I., New York Gerret died about 1645 in Long Island, New York and after his death his wife married 2nd Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff 27 Aug. 1645. Children of Gerret Wolfertse and Aeltie (Cool) Couwenhoven, all born in Flatlands, New York.
About 1635 Gerret Wolfertse married Altie Cornelis COOL,2 in Flatlands, New York.5

They had the following children:
i. Willem Gerretse5 (1636-~1728)
ii. Jan Gerretse5 (1639-1724)
5 iii. Marretje Gerritse (1644-1708)
iv. Neeltje Gerretse2,5 (~1641-1672)

11 Altie Cornelis COOL. 2  Born in 1620 in Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York. Christened in 1620. Altie Cornelis died on 14 Jun 1683 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Arltie Lambertse COEL, Altje/Aeltje Cornelius/Cornelis COOL, Altje Lambertszen Cornelise COOL.

12 Gelyam Cornelise CORNEL.2 Gelyam Cornelise died before Jul 1666 in Flatbush, Kings Co, New York.2 Occupation: plantation owner. Alias/AKA: Gelyam or Guilliame Cornelise.2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p.71:2
Gelyam or Guilliame Cornelise, the common ancestor of the Flh and Kings Co. families of Cornell, emigrated to this country at an early period (was probably a Huguenot), settled at Flh, and d. prior to July 1666. Aug. 9, 1658, he procured from Director Stuyvesant a patent for a plantation in Midwout (Flatbush), as per p. 591 of Vol. 2 of O'Callaghan's N. Y. In 1661 he and his s. "Pieter Geliamse" bought of Jan Evertse Bout a bouwery
[Page 72]
in Flh on the W. side of the highway, 600 rods in length and 48 rods and 8 ft. in width, cong. 48 morgens and 480 rods; also two pieces of salt meadows of 5 morgens; two pieces of plain land of 5 morgens; 2 house or building plots on the W. side of the highway, of 16 rods in length and 12 rods in breadth, with the houses and barns thereon; and also 2 black draw-oxen, 3 milkcows, a wagon, plough, iron chain, and a cramp-iron to hold saw-teeth when filing--all for the sum of 4500 gl., as per p. 73 of Lib. B of Flh rec. Issue:--Pieter Gilliamsen; Willem Gillemse; (sup.) Cornelis; Jacob; and Maria. The surname of his descendants for more than a century was pronounced Cornale, with the accent on the e (from Cornelise son of Cornelis), and but lately changed to Cornell. What Guilliame's proper surname was (if he had any) has not been ascertained, but from his name it is evident he was a Frenchman. His descendants reside in Bucks Co., Penn., E. N. J., and in Kings Co.
Gelyam Cornelise married Maria (?) UNKNOWN.7

They had the following children:
6 i. Willem Gillemse (-<1702)
ii. Pieter Gilliamsen2
iii. Jacob2
iv. Maria2
v. Cornelis2

13 Maria (?) UNKNOWN.7

14 Rev. Johannes Theodorus POLHEMUS.2  Born in 1598 in Rhenish, Bavaria.7 Johannes Theodorus died on 8 Jun2 or 9 Sep 1676 in Flatbush, Kings County, Long Island, New York.7 Occupation: minister. Alias/AKA: Do. POLHEMUS, Do. POLHEMIUS.2

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, p. 226:2

Rev. Johannes Theodorus, the common ancestor of the family,
[Page 227]
emigrated in the employ of the West India Company from the Netherlands to Itamarca, Brazil, and thence to L. I., where he officiated in the churches of Kings Co.; m. Catharina Van Werven; and d. June 8, 1676. Obtained June 25, 1662, a patent for 25 morgens in Flh, and bought Mar. 6, 1674, of John Sebering an adjoining patent of 24 morgens which had been originally granted, June 25, 1662, to Cornelis Swaelwood, and sold by the latter to Sebering. Dec. 25, 1680, a confirmatory patent was granted by Gov. Andros to Catharine wid. of Do. Polhemius for all the above premises with a small addition, containing 104 A. and 360 rods. Dec. 19, 1702, the heirs of Do. Theodorus and Catharine Polhemius conveyed the same to Daniel Polhemus, as per p. 247 of Lib. 2 of Con.

From a map on file in the off. of the Sec. of State at Albany, made by "Ja. Cortelyan" and filed Aug. 8, 1681, of farms in Flh, it appears that "Polhemius" owned a "double lott, broad before 48 Rod 4 foot (about 583 ft. English), after 57 Rod (about 687 9/10 ft. English), long 600 Rod" (about 7241 ft. English), cong. upwards of 52 morgens. These premises cover the farm of the late Jeremiah Lott on the S. side of the Little Lane in Flh. Issue:--Theodorus of Ja; Lammetie, who m. Johannes Willemse; Anna, who m. Cornelis Barentse Van Derwyck or Van Wyck; Daniel of Flh; Maragrietje, m. Wm Guilliamse Cornell; Adriana, m. John Roelofse Suebering; Elizabeth, m. Dionys Teunise of Gowanus; and (sup.) Catrina. Signed his name "Johannes Theod. Polhemius."
About 1643 Johannes Theodorus married Catharina VAN DER WERVEN,2 in Itamarca, Brazil.7

They had the following children:
i. Daniel2,7 (~1662-~1730)
ii. Catrina7,2
iii. Theodorus2,4 (~1646-1722)
iv. Anna2 (~1649->1702)
7 v. Margarita
vi. Adriana2 (~1644-<1702)
vii. Elizabeth2
viii. Lammetie2 (~1648->1702)

15 Catharina VAN DER WERVEN.2  Born about 1612.7 Catharina died about 1702 in Flatbush, Kings County, Long Island, New York.7 Alias/AKA: Catharine2 or Catherina VAN WERVEN.8

Fifth Generation

16 Coert Albertse VAN VOORHEES.  Born in 1537 in Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands. Coert Albertse died in 1599 in the Netherlands.

Coert Albertse married Mergin UKNOWN, in the Netherlands.

They had one child:
8 i. Stephen Coerte (1600-~1684)

RESEARCH NOTE: These dates all need to be sorted out; births and marriages are conflicting with death dates, etc. Proper documentation is lacking.

17 Mergin. Born about 1541 in Drenthe, Netherlands. Mergin died in the Netherlands. Alias/AKA: Hendrikje.

20 Wolfert Gerretse VAN KOUWENHOVEN. Born about 1583 in the Netherlands. Immigrated in 1630 to America from Amersfoort, Province of Utrecht, Holland.5 Immigrated in 1625. Occupation: superintendent of farms.5 Alias/AKA: VAN COUVENHOVEN, Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven.

The following is from: The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks5
[Page 545]


This Dutch name has undergone numerous changes in yielding to the English language. George C. Beekman, (2) points out that the early court and church records show some of these changes. The "Van" was dropped and the K changed to C, then to Kowenhoven or Cowenhoven, later Covenhoven or Covenoven and finally Conover.

The Couwenhoven family originated in America with WOLFERT GERRETSE VAN KOUWENHOVEN and his wife NEELTJE JANSE. He came from Amersfoort, Province of Utrecht, Holland in 1630 with the Dutch emigrants. They settled in Rensselaerwick, near what is now Albany, N.Y. He was employed by the Patroon as superintendent of farms. He afterwards resided on Manhattan Island and later the families were found in Brooklyn and New Utrecht, N.Y.; then in Monmouth Co., N.J. Here Albert and his family were members of the Freehold Dutch Reformed Church as early as 1709. An account of the Conover family is found in various New Jersey records, also in "American Family Antiquity"(6) and in "Early Dutch Settlers of Monmouth County, New Jersey"(2). They are recorded in such New York histories as "National Genealogical Society Quarterly"(8); "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record"(9) and "Historical and Genealogical Miscellany,"(7). Only the direct line is followed here.

Children of Wolfert Gerretse van Couwenhoven and his wife Neeltje Janse; all were born near Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland, and immigrated to America with their father in 1630.
Wolfert Gerretse married Neeltje JANSE.5

They had the following children:
10 i. Gerret Wolfertse (1610-~1645)
ii. Jacob Wolferse5 (~1612-)
iii. Peter Wolfersen5 (~1614-)

21 Neeltje JANSE.5

22 Cornelius Lambertse COOL.5  Born in 1588 in near Doorne, Amsterdam. Cornelius Lambertse died about 1643-1645 in Brooklyn, Long Island, N.Y.5 Immigrated about 1642 to Gowanus from New Amsterdam.2 Occupation: plantation owner. Alias/AKA: Cornelis Lambertszen Cool, Cornelis Lambertse COOL.

They were of Gowanus, L.I., N.Y. [p.545]5

"Gerret died about 1645 in Long Island, N.Y. and after his death his wife married 2nd Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff 27 Aug. 1645." [p.545]5

From T.G. Bergen's Early Settlers, page 68:2

COOL, CORNELIS LAMBERTSEN, m. Altien Brackhonge, who after his death m. Willem Bredenbent. Bought May 17, 1639, of Thomas Bescher or Beets a plantation in Gowanus (for which he obtained a patent Apl. 5, 1642), to which he removed, having previously resided in N. A. This patent, as near as can be ascertained, covered the farms designated on Butts's map of Brn as of Peter Wyckoff, John Wyckoff, Henry Story, and Winant Bennet. Issue:--Altie Cornelis, who m. 1st Gerret Wolferse Van Cowenhoven, and m. 2d Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff; Peterje Cornelis, who m. Claes Jansen Van Purmerent, alias Jan Pottagie; and Lambert
[Page 69]
Cornelise. See pp. 251 and 252 of Bergen Genealogy. Made his mark to documents."
Cornelius Lambertse married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had one child:
37 i. Altie Cornelis (1620-1683)

23 Unknown UNKNOWN. Unknown died before 1637.

28 Johannes Theodorus POLHEMUS Sr.7

Johannes Theodorus married Elisabeth LEISLER.7

RESEARCH NOTE: Caution! Proper documentation is lacking.

They had one child:
14 i. Johannes Theodorus (1598-1676)

29 Elisabeth LEISLER.7

30 Daniel VAN DER WERVEN.7

Daniel married Lammertje UNKNOWN7.

They had one child:
15 i. Catharina (~1612-~1702)

31 Lammertje UNKNOWN.7

Sixth Generation

32 Albert VAN VOORHEES. Born in 1505 in Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands. Albert died in the Netherlands.

About 1536 Albert married Unknown, in the Netherlands.

RESEARCH NOTE: Caution! Proper documentation is lacking.

They had the following children:
16 i. Coert Albertse (1537-1599)
ii. Steven Alberts (1539-)
iii. Hendrick Alberts (1541-)
iv. Luijtgen Alberts (1543-)
v. Jan Alberts (1545-<1584)
vi. Hilbert Alberts (1547-<1584)
vii. Wesvel Alberts (1549-<1584)
viii. Gertien Alberts (1551-)
ix. Merghin Alberts (1553-<1584)

33 Unknown. Born about 1509 in Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands.

44 Unknown COOL. Born before 1562.

Unknown married Unknown.

They had one child:
22 i. Cornelius Lambertse (1588-~1643)

45 UNKNOWN. Born before 1566.

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