Ninth Generation (Continued)

Family of Friederich IMIG (65) & Anna IMIG (85)

Friederich and Anna (Imig) Imig

175. Marie IMIG. Born in 1872 in Seward, Nebraska. Marie died in 1933 in Seward, Nebraska.

Marie first married Fred GREEN. He was born in 1871. Fred died in 1901 in Seward, Nebraska.

They had one known child:
i. Albert (1897-)

After 1901 Marie second married Earnest W. WALL. He was born in 1874.

They had the following children:
i. Alvin (1903-1943)
ii. Irene W. (1908-1933)

176. Wilhelmina IMIG. Born in 1874 in Seward, Nebraska. Wilhelmina died in 1938 in Seward, Nebraska.

Wilhelmina married Louis HARTWIG. He was born in 1876. Louis died in 1931 in Seward, Nebraska.

177. Anna IMIG. Born in 1877 in Seward, Nebraska. Anna died in 1925 in Seward, Nebraska.

Anna married Henry MAYLAND. He was born in 1873. Henry died in 1930 in Seward, Nebraska.

They had one known child:
i. Milton (Private)

178. Adolph H. IMIG. Born on 22 Jan 1880 in Seward, Nebraska. Adolph H. died on 26 Aug 1929; he was 49. Buried in Minier Cemetery, Minier, Illinois.

On 27 Mar 1902 when Adolph H. was 22, he married Mary Elizabeth APPENZELLER, daughter of Jacob APPENZELLER & Mary GRAFF. Mary Elizabeth was born on 9 Aug 1880 in Minier, Illinois. Mary Elizabeth died in Minier, Illinois on 4 Apr 1972; she was 91. Buried in Minier Cemetery.

They had the following children:
i. Fredrich J. (1905-1908)
ii. Clarence W. (1907-1908)
iii. Ralph (Private)
iv. Wilbur (Private)

179. Alfred IMIG. Born in 1882 in Seward, Nebraska. Alfred died in Seward, Nebraska.

Alfred married Louise BLOMENKAMP. She was born in 1892.

They had the following children:
i. Ruth (Private)
ii. Walter (Private)
iii. Elaine (Private)
iv. Harry (Died as Infant) (1922-1922)

180. Fred IMIG. Born in 1885 in Seward, Nebraska.

Fred married Marie BLOMENKAMP. She was born in 1898.

They had the following children:
i. Arnold (Private)
ii. Herbert (Died as Infant) (1918-1918)
iii. Leona (Private)
iv. Bernice (Private)
v. Martha Jane (Private)
vi. Unknown (Private)
vii. Richard (Private)

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