Seventh Generation

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64 Gerrett STRYCKER. Born about 1584 in Ruinen, Drenthe, Netherlands. Gerrett died in 1650 in Ruinen, Drenthe, Netherlands. Alias/AKA: Gerret Van Strijcker.

In about 1614 Gerrett married Altje LUCASDOCHTER(?Unconfirmed), in Ruinen, Drenthe, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
32 i. Jan Gerritse (1615-<1697)
ii. Jacobus Gerritsen3 (1630-1687)
iii. Agnietje Gerritsen (~1630-1659)
iv. Ernestus (unconfirmed) (~1617-)

Notes for Jacobus Gerritsen STRYCKER:

From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, pp.295+296 [corrected]:12

196. JOHANNES or JOHN BERGEN, born Sept. 23d, 1764; died August 12th, 1824, of typhus fever; m. April 23d, 1793, Rebecca, dau. of Samuel Stryker,1 of Gravesend,
[Footnotes on page 295]:

      1Samuel Stryker was a descendant of Jacob Gerritse Strycker, a tailor by trade, who emigrated to this country in 1651, and as near as can be ascertained was a brother of Jan Strycker, who emigrated from Rhuynen, in Drenthe, Holland, in 1652, and settled in Flatbush. Jacob Gerretse settled at first in New Amsterdam of which place he was schepen in 1655, 1656, 1658, 1660, and 1663. In 1660, he and his wife, Ytie (Ida) Huybrechts, are entered on Dominie Selyn's list of old church members as removed to New Amersfoort (Flatlands). From his being schepen in 1663, it may be inferred that he returned to New Amsterdam for a time. In 1667, his name and that of his wife appear as of Flatlands on Dominie Van Zuuren's lists of church members. In 1687 he took the oath of allegiance in Flatlands, and in 1688, as per Dominie Van Zuuren's church books, he died. His children were Gerret, of Flatlands, who died in 1695, m. December, 1683, Wyntie Cornelise Boomgaert (afterwards written Bougaert and the ancestor of the New Jersey Bogerts in the 14th line of the foot noteon page 295.]), who died in Gravesend in 1700. A Gerret Strycker, supposed to bethis Gerret, appointed sheriff of King's county by Gov. Dongan, in 1688. Have seen no account of other children, unless Altje Strycker, wife of Abraham Voorhies, ofFlatlands, whose name appears on a deed of 1687, was one.
[footnote cont'd. on page 296]:
Gerrit, son of Jacob Gerritse, had issue: Gezina, bapt. Dec. 9th, 1677; Jannetje, bapt. Dec. 26th, 1679, m. Thomas Lake; Jacob, bapt. August 27th, 1682, m. Martha (???), and settled on the Raritan, New Jersey; Gerret, bapt. Nov. 23d, 1684, settled on Stryker's bay, on the west side of Manhattan Island; Geesje, bapt. Jan. 11th, 1685; Maria; Catharine; Cornelis, of Gravesend, born (???), 1691, died Oct. 23d, 1769, m. Rebecca Hubbard, (supposed) dau. of James, of Gravesend, born 1700, died Sept. 8th, 1787; and Gerretje, bapt. Nov. 14th, 1694, (supposed) m. Oct. 11th, 1709, Jan Wyckoff.

      Cornelis, son of Gerrit and Wintie, had issue: Garret, born March 2d, 1729, died Sept. 27th, 1779, m. June 26th, 1756, Ida Van Deventer, born Nov. 28th, 1734, died Feb. 7th, 1810, and (supposed) resided in Gravesend and Flatlands; Hanna, born Feb. 13th, 1733, died Oct. 1st, 1807, m. May 31st, 1751, Mighiel Stryker, of Flatbush; Samuel, of Gravesend, born Oct. 20th, 1737, died Feb. 7th, 1828, m. Nov. 27th, 1768, Maritje Schenck, dau. of Stephen Janse, born March 17th or May 29th, 1739, died May 13th, 1813; Cornelius, of Gravesend, born May 2d, 1739, died Feb. 6th, 1829, m. Maria Lake, born July 2d, 1748, died July 3d, 1837; and Elizabeth, born Sept. 28th, 1741.

      Samuel, of Gravesend, son of Cornelis and Rebecca, had issue: Cornelius, born August 21st, 1769, died Dec. 2d, 1794; Anny, born Sept. 24th, 1771; Altie (twin), bp. Oct. 11th, 1771; Rebecca, born Jan. 8th, 1774, died Jan. 28th, 1850, m. April 23d, 1793, John Bergen, of Flatlands; Stephen, born Dec. 9th, 1776, died June 1st, 1851, m. March 15th, 1796, Annatie or Johanna, dau. of Tunis Bergen, of Gowanus; Garret, born Aug. 15th, 1781, died Feb. 6th, 1861, m. September, 1801, Catherine Ryder, born April 1st, 1783, died July 4th, 1850; and Maria, born (???), died May 13th, 1813, single.

      The following is facsimile of Jacob Strycker, the emigrant's signature: [Sorry, image not available at this time--Webmaster]
[Page 296]

born Jan. 8th, 1774, died Jan. 28th, 1850. Will dated April 27th, 1821, proved Oct. 27th, 1825, recorded lib. 3, p. 78, of wills, surrogate's office, King's county. Rebecca's will is dated April 28th, 1843, recorded lib. 12, p. 31, of wills, surrogate's office, King's county.

65 Altje LUCASDOCHTER(?). Born about 1587-1599 in Ruinen, Drenthe, Netherlands.

66 Roeloff Lukassen SUBERING.  Born about 1595 in Beyle, Providence of Drenthe, Netherlands. Alias/AKA: Roelof Lukassen SEUBERING.

Roeloff Lukassen married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had the following children:
33 i. Lambertje (1616-1675)
ii. Jan
iii. Jacob Roelofse (ca.1634-)
iv. Daniel

67 Unknown UNKNOWN.

70 Laurens PIETERSEN. Born about 1620 in Tonsburg, Norway. Immigrated in 1639 from Norway. Buried about 1661 in Manhattan.

Laurens married Anetie PIETERS.

They had the following children:
35 i. Seytie (~1637-)
ii. Engeltje (ca.1646-)

71 Anetie PIETERS.

78 Leendeert BOMME. Born about 1608 in Doesburg, Gelderland, Netherlands. Alias/AKA: Leendert.

In about 1633 Leendeert married Susanna DE HAYE.

They had one child:
39 i. Maria (1634-)

79 Susanna DE HAYE. Born about 1612 in Doesburg, Gelderland, Netherlands.

80 Cornelius DOMINICUS.6  Born about 1545 in Kloetinge, The Netherlands.6 Cornelius died about 1629 in Kloetinge, The Netherlands.6

40 i. Jan Cornelisse (ca.1585-ca.1649)
ii. Geerdtken Cornelisse6
iii. Neelken Cornelisse6
iv. Maijken Cornelisse6
v. Suzanna Cornelisse6

84 Jan Michaelsz MANDEVILLE.  Born in 1601 in Franeker, Friesland, Netherlands. Jan Michaelsz died in 1657 in Garderen, Netherlands. Buried in Garderen, Netherlands. Religion: Dutch Reformed Church. Alias/AKA: Jan/Johannes Michaelsz MANDEVILLE.

On 15 May 1625 Jan Michaelsz married Trijntjen WILMS, in the Reformed Church, Harderwijk, Gelderland, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
42 i. Gillis Jansen (1626-1701)
ii. Wilhelmus (~1640-)

85 Trijntjen WILMS. Born about 1601 in Harderwijk, Netherlands. Trijntjen died after 1640. Alias/AKA: Trintgen WILMS.

Eighth Generation

132 Lukes SUBERING. Born in about 1570.

66 i. Roeloff Lukassen (~1595-)

160 Domenicus Jansse DOMINICUS.6  Born about 1525.6 Domenicus Jansse died in Kloetinge, the Netherlands.6

Domenicus Jansse married Cobmijne HARRENTSDR.6

They had the following children:
80 i. Cornelius (ca.1545-ca.1629)
ii. Jan6 (ca.1540-)
iii. Adriaan6
iv. Marinus6
v. Michiel6
vi. Engel6
vii. Harrent6

161 Cobmijne HARRENTSDR.6

168 Michael Johannis MANDEVILLE.  Born about 1585 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. One source has his place of birth as Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Michael Johannis died in 1635 in Nijmegen, Holland. One source has his death in 11 Oct 1635 in Gerderen, France. Buried in Nijmegen, Holland. Alias/AKA: Michael Johannis/Janez DE MANDEVILLE, Jans Michael DE MANDEVILLE.

In 1601 Michael Johannis married Maria VAN DE RAEDE, in Franeker, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
84 i. Jan Michaelsz (1601-1657)
ii. Samuel (1607-<1622)
iii. Daniel (1608-)
iv. Sara Van (1609-<1617)
v. Emmanuel (1611-1656)
vi. Salomon A. (1612-1618)
vii. David Van A. (1615-)
viii. Aegidius Yellis (~1616-)
ix. Anna Van A. (1617-)
x. Sara A. (1620-)
xi. Solomon (1620-<1673)
xii. Samuel B. (1622-)
xiii. Michael A. (1622-)

169 Maria VAN DE RAEDE.  Born about 1585 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Maria died on 7 Jul 1636 in Gerderen, France. Buried on 7 Jul 1636 in Nijmegen, Holland. Alias/AKA: Maria Van De Rade.

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