Eighth Generation (Continued)

142 John SEALS. Born in 1594 in Devonshire, Eng. One source says he was born in 1607 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. John died in 1645 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. Alias/AKA: Jan SEALES.

From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, beginning in the footnote on page 98:20
Teunis Nyssen emigrated as early as 1638, from Bininck or Bennekom, in the Sticht of Uythuyzen, a village near Arnhem, containing 212 houses and 900 Inhabitants, in the province of Gilderland, in the Netherlands, and died prior to August, 1663. According to the records of the New York Dutch church, he married Feb. 11th, 1640, Phabea Faelix, of Jarleston, England, who is known on other records as the widow of Hendrick the boor, who may have used the surname of Faelix. Phabea or Femmetje was the daughter of
[footnote cont'd. on page 99]:
John Seals, an Englishman from Devonshire, written Jan Celes on the Dutch Colonial Records, who-came to New Amsterdam from New England as early as 1638, at which date he was a planter on Manhattan Island. Seals married Maria Robberts or Robertson, Femmetje being his only child of whom we have any account. His farm, commonly known as old Jans's land, and marked 37 on the farm map, on page 463 of Valentine's Manual of 1852, lay north of and adjoining the cripplebush (swamp), a miry outlet of the collect, or fresh water pond, now occupied by the lower part of Canal street, and extended along the river to Charlton street. In his latter days, Seals seems to have become irritable, and as a consequence he figures in court on charges of shooting his neighbor's hogs, and committing other damages. "In 1643, several cattle, belonging to the government, strayed in the woods, and messengers were despatched to look them up. When they came to Old Jans plantation by the swamp, they saw that the woman residing on said Old Jans plantation had driven with a goad the cattle into said swamp, so that they sunk into it over their backs; but as they were strong and well in flesh, they finally got through the morass." In 1645, Seals was in some way wounded, on which he made a will, dated April 7th, of that year, in which he devises to "Tonis Nyssen," his son-in-law, the half of all the means and effects he leaves behind, and to his wife, Marritje Robbers, the other half, until she marry or die: if she marry, then to have the use of said half during life, with privilege to dispose of 200 gl. by will out of the estate, as she may see fit, the remainder of her half, after her death, to go to "Tonis Nyssen," or his children and heirs. Seals died soon after executing the will, and in August 9th following, his widow m. Thomas Gridy or Grydy, an Englishman, and widower, 60 years old, who afterwards resided in Gravesend, got in trouble with George Baxter in 1656, and was sentenced to be publicly whipped, and to be banished the province for twelve years. Nyssen or Denyse administered on the estate, and April 3d, 1647, obtained a patent for "Old Jans Land" from Governor Kieft, in which it is described as extending "on the south side from the land and valley belonging to Everhardus Bogardus, minister, and on the north side to Cornelis Maersen, thence along the Negroes plantations to the Cripplebush of said Bogardus. It runs in breadth along the strand 50 rods, from the strand along the cripplebush south-east by east 150 rods, along the cripplebush to the Negroes land it stretches east by south 45 rods; along the Negroes plantation upwards
[footnote cont'd. on page 100]:
North North West 60 rods; towards the strand downward North West by West 37 rods; along the cripplebush of Cornelis Maersen it runs North West by North 27 rods; along the cripplebush up to the strand Westerly 40 rods." June 11th, 1651, Teunis Nyssen conveyed these premises to Augustyn Heermans, who on the 11th of May, 1655, sold them to Rut Jacobsen, of Fort Orange, as per E. B. O'Callaghan. (See New York Corporation Manual, of 1820, p. 922, etc.) After Nyssen's death, Femmetje, his widow, married, August 24th, 1663 (Brooklyn Dutch Church records), Jan Cornelissen Buys, whose name appears on the list of small burgers of New Amsterdam in 1657, by whom no account of any issue, and died prior to June, 1667. Prior to 1639, Nyssen appears to have possessed or occupied a plantation on Manhattan Island, and Dec. 21st, 1643, there is an acknowledgment of his on the Colonial Records, of being indebted 400 carolus guilders to Cornelis Dircksen Hooglandt for the purchase of cows. Dec. 1st, 1646, he bought for 160 gl. of Leendert Arenden, a house and lot on the great highway opposite the company's garden on said island, which he sold May 13th, 1649, to Govert Loockermans. March 28th, 1647, he obtained a patent for a lot north of the public wagon road, and east of the company's land on Manhattan Island, which he also sold on the 13th of May, 1649, to Govert Loockermans. He also obtained a patent for a plantation and meadows at Gowanus, in the vicinity of Fourth and Fifth avenues and Carrol and President streets, where he at one time resided. The following abstract from a deed or agreement in the possession of Garret Brower, of Gowanus, of Nyssen to Adam Brower, throws light on the location of Nyssen's Gowanus farm: "This 1st day of April Anno 1654, appeared before me Dirck Schelluyne, pub. Notary, &c., Theunis Nyssen, farmer, living in Gouwanes upon the Long Island, & declared the said Nyssen to have granted &c. to Adam Brouwer, the which also appeared & this gift accepted, to wit:--Certain parcell of Bushland (woodland) limeting easterly after (in rear of) his house and land, broad 45 rods (551 f. 3 in.) proceeding to the highway (probably the old road from Gowanus to Brooklyn), and his land so far in the Bush (woods) as ye patent of Thennis Nyssen doth contain (extend); likewise so much ground whereupon Adam Brouwers house is built as ye said Adam for the present hath brought in hedge (fence), & also ye meadows fore (in front) of his house, limiting & proceeding to the East from a small creek in (to) a great creek, & so forth to the Bushland where the meadow doth
[footnote cont'd. on page 101]:
stop, all laying on Gouwanes aforesaid, for which abovesaid gift the said Adam Brouwer doth promise on ye behalf of ye said Theunis Nyssen to be in his service the time of 18 days in this present month of April, & in the month of April 1655, 18 days, all without any cost of ye said Theunis Nyssen, being ye said Nyssen bound in the month of April 1655 aforesaid, when the last 18 days of service are satisfyed on ye behalf of ye said Adam Brouwer of ye aforesaid land & meadows to deliver lawful letters of possession & transport &c." In 1655 he bought a plantation in Flatbush, of Evert Duyckingh, for 660 carolus guilders, where he probably resided in 1656, for on the 13th of Dec., 1656 (as per Valentine's Manual of 1861, p. 591), "Teunis Nysen of Midwout" conveyed to Cosyn Gerritsen, a lot in New Amsterdam, patented to him Dec. 5th, 1643. He resided in Brooklyn in 1658 and 1661, and in said years was a magistrate of said town. Nyssen's children were: Jannetje Teunis, baptized Dec. 24th, 1641, m. Jan Hansen Bergen; Marretje Teunis, baptized April 3d, 1644, m. Derick Janse Wortman; Aartje Teunis, m. (supposed) Theodorus Polhemius; Annetje Teunis, baptized Feb. 28th, 1646, m. Hieronomus Rapalje; Elsje Teunis, baptized May 14th, 1648, m. Garret Snedeker; Femmetje Teunis, baptized April 3d, 1650, m. Michael Hansen Bergen; Dionys (Denyse) Teunis, baptized April 12th, 1654, m. (1st), Oct 22d, 1682, Elizabeth, daughter of Theodorus Polhemius, m. (2d), Aug. 12th, 1685, Helena, daughter of Jacques Corteljou, and widow of Claas (Nicholas) Van Brunt; Jan Teunissen, baptized April 12th, 1654, m. Catalina Tunis, daughter of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert; Cornelis Teunisen, m. Aug. 23d, 1687, Neeltje, daughter of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert, who, with his brother Jan Teunissen, settled on the Raritan, near Somerville, N. J., and whose descendants retain the surname of Tunisens, in place of that of Denyse. The descendants of his son Dionys, form the Denyse family of this vicinity and of New Jersey.

The following is a fac simile of John Seals's signature:-- [Sorry, image not available at this time--Webmaster]

In about 1618 John married Maria ROBERTS, in Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y.

They had one known child:
71 i. Femmetje Jans (1619-1666)

143 Maria ROBERTS. Born in 1591 in England. One source has her born in 1609 in Brooklyn, Kings, N Y. Maria died in New York, New Amsterdam. Alias/AKA: Maria/Marritje ROBERTS/ROBBE/ROBBERTS/ROBERTSON.

144 Cornelius PETERSSON.7  Born in 1560.7 Occupation: merchant trader of Borgholm.7 Alias/AKA: Cornelius WYCKOFF.8

From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p.633:8
The common ancestor of the Wikoff or Wyckoff family in America was Pieter Claesen Wyckoff, son of Claes Wyckoff, and grandson of Cornelius Wyckoff, who does not appear to have emigrated. Claes Wyckoff came from Holland to America, 1636, and settled at Flatlands, Long Island.
On 12 May 1593 Cornelius married Johanna VAN DER GOES,7 in Kelmar.7

They had the following children:
i. Jacob7 (1594-)
ii. Cornelia7 (1595-)
72 iii. Claes Cornelissen (1597-)
iv. Peter7 (1598-)

145 Johanna VAN DER GOES.7  Born in Holland.7

From Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, p.575:7
Johanna, "dotter of Jacobus van der Goes, kopman" (trader), of Holland
146 Martyn VAN DER GOES.

He was of Middelburg, Holland.7

Martyn married Margaretha TYSEN.

They had one known child:
73 i. Margaret (-1631)

147 Margaretha TYSEN.  Born in Amsterdam, Holland.

She was of Amsterdam, Holland.7

148 Hendrick Gerritse VAN NESS.7 Resided in Embderlandt.

From Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, p.576:7
Cornelis was the son of Hendrick Gerritse Van Ness of Ameland, Holland. Maycke was the daughter of Hendrick Adriense and Annetje (Janse, of Laeckervelt, Holland) van der Burchgraeff. These families were wealthy and of high rank...
They had one known child:
74 i. Cornelis Hendrick (->1684)

150 Hendrick Adriense VAN DER BURCHGRAEFF.7 Alias/AKA: Hendrick Asriaensz van den Burchgraeff.

From Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, p.576:7
Maycke was the daughter of Hendrick Adriense and Annetje (Janse, of Laeckervelt, Holland) van der Burchgraeff. These families were wealthy and of high rank...
Hendrick Adriense married Annetje JANS.

They had one known child:
75 i. Mayken Hendricks(e) (-~1658)

151 Annetje JANS. Born in Laeckervelt, Holland.7 Alias/AKA: Annetje Janse.

From Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, p.576:7
Maycke was the daughter of Hendrick Adriense and Annetje (Janse, of Laeckervelt, Holland) van der Burchgraeff. These families were wealthy and of high rank...
152 Johannes NEEFF. Born in 1560 in Antwerp, Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. Johannes died on 9 Sep 1602 in Frankft. Am Main, Hessen-Nassau, Hessen, Germany.

Johannes married Sarah LENERT.

They had one known child:
76 i. Joannes (1594-~1635)

153 Sarah LENERT. Born in 1567 in Cologne, Nordrhein, Westphalen, Germany.

154 Pieter BECX. Born in 1569 in Cologne, Rhineland, Germany. Pieter died in Zoelen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Buried in Zoelen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Alias/AKA: Pieter BEXS.

On 11 Aug 1594 Pieter married Gertrud DIEPENBROUCKS, in Cologne, Nordrhein, Westphalen, West Germany.

They had one known child:
77 i. Maria (1598-)

155 Gertrud DIEPENBROUCKS. Born in 1572 in Dusseldorf, Nordrhein, Westphalen, West Germany.

160 Cornelius DOMINICUS. Same as 128.

164 Jan Michaelsz MANDEVILLE.  Born in 1601 in Franeker, Friesland, Netherlands, Netherlands. Jan Michaelsz died in 1657 in Garderen, Netherlands. Buried in Garderen, Netherlands. Religion: Dutch Reformed Church. Alias/AKA: Jan/Johannes Michaelsz MANDEVILLE.

On 15 May 1625 Jan Michaelsz married Trijntjen WILMS, in Reformed Church, Harderwijk, Gelderland, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
66 i. Gillis Jansen (1626-1701)
ii. Wilhelmus (~1640-)

165 Trijntjen WILMS. Born about 1601 in Harderwijk, Netherlands. Trijntjen died after 1640. Alias/AKA: Trintgen WILMS.

168 Hans BERGEN. Born about 1600 in Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Hans married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had one known child:
68 i. Hans Hansen (1627-~1654)

170 Joris Janszen RAPELJE. Same as 138.

171 Catalina Jeronimus TRICO. Same as 139.

174 John SEALS. Same as 142.

175 Maria ROBERTS. Same as 143.

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