Ninth Generation

256 Domenicus Jansse DOMINICUS.6  Born about 1525.6 Domenicus Jansse died in Kloetinge, the Netherlands.6

Domenicus Jansse married Cobmijne HARRENTSDR.6

They had the following children:
128 i. Cornelius (ca.1545-ca.1629)
ii. Jan6 (ca.1540-)
iii. Adriaan6
iv. Marinus6
v. Michiel6
vi. Engel6
vii. Harrent6

257 Cobmijne HARRENTSDR.6

264 Michael Johannis MANDEVILLE.  Born about 1585 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. One source has his place of birth as Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Michael Johannis died in 1635 in Nijmegen, Holland. [One source has his death in 11 Oct 1635 in Gerderen, France.] Alias/AKA: Michael/Michael Johannis/Janez DE MANDEVILLE, Jans Michael DE MANDEVILLE.

In 1601 Michael Johannis married Maria VAN DE RAEDE, in Franeker, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
132 i. Jan Michaelsz (1601-1657)
ii. Samuel (1607-<1622)
iii. Daniel (1608-)
iv. Sara Van (1609-<1617)
v. Emmanuel (1611-1656)
vi. Salomon A. (1612-1618)
vii. David Van A. (1615-)
viii. Aegidius Yellis (~1616-)
ix. Anna Van A. (1617-)
x. Sara A. (1620-)
xi. Solomon (1620-<1673)
xii. Samuel B. (1622-)
xiii. Michael A. (1622-)

265 Maria VAN DE RAEDE.  Born about 1585 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Maria died on 7 Jul 1636 in Gerderen, France. [Another source says buried on 7 Jul 1636 in Nijmegen, Holland.] Alias/AKA: Maria VAN DE RADE.

276 Jean RAPAREILLET. Born about 1552 in Valenciennes, Nord, France. also seen as 1572. Jean died after 1602. [One source says buried on 23 Feb 1606 in Valenciennes, France.] Alias/AKA: Jean RAPPALJE/RAPARLIER, Jean Jan RAPAREILLIET.

In about 1599 Jean married Elizabeth BAUDOIN.

They had the following children:
138 i. Joris Janszen (1604-1662)
ii. Anne (1595-)
iii. Olivier (1594-)
iv. Francois (1596-)
v. Nicholaes (1598-)
vi. Unknown (1600-1600)

277 Elizabeth BAUDOIN. Born about 1560 in Valenciennes, Nord, France. [One source says she was born in 1560 in Paris, France.] Elizabeth died in Feb 1606 in Douay?, France. [One source says buried on 23 Feb 1606 in Valenciennes, Nord, France.]

278 Jeronimus TRICO. Born in 1579 in Pris Or Prische, Dept. Of Nord, France. Alias/AKA: Jerome/Jeronimus TRICO, Joris Jan Jeronimus TRICAULT/TRICO.

From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p.666:8
Jeronomis Trico...lived in Paris, and had one daughter, Catalyntie, born in Paris, 1605, died September 11, 1689; she married Joris Jansen de Rapalje, who emigrated from Rochelle, France, in 1623. He was probably a sailor. They had one child, Sarah, born June 7, 1624 or 1625, died about 1685. She was the first white child born on Long Island. She married (first) Hans Hanse Bergen, in 1639, born in Bergen, Norway, a ship carpenter by trade; moved to Holland and from there to New Amsterdam in 1633; he died in 1653 or 1654. They had one child, Jacob Hanse, baptized at New Amsterdam, September 21, 1653. He married Elsie Frederiks, of the Kreest; her father was Frederick Tubbertsen, a sailor, born 1609, died 1680; he was burgher and burghomaster in New Amsterdam; married as his second wife Tryntie Hendriks, of Brooklyn. Jacob Hanse Bergen and Elsie Frederiks had one daughter, Marretie Jacobse.
In about 1604 Jeronimus married Michele SAUVAGIE, in Pry Or Pris, Hainault, Belgium.

They had one child:
139 i. Catalina Jeronimus (1605-1689)

279 Michele SAUVAGIE. Born about 1585 in Paris, Seine, France.

288 Peter ERIKSSON.7  Born on 11 Sep 1527 in Borgholm, island of Oland.7 Peter died on 2 Aug 1590; he was 62.7

From Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, p.575:7
PETER ERIKSSON; born Sept. 11, 1527, at Borgholm, island of Oland; married Nov. 4, 1558, in Karlskrona, Matilda, daughter of Cornelius van Houden, a merchant trader on the Zuyderzee and the Baltic; died Aug. 2, 1590.
On 4 Nov 1558 when Peter was 31, he married Matilda VAN HOUDEN,7 in Karlskrona.7

They had the following children:
144 i. Cornelius (1560-)
ii. Sara7
iii. Maria7
iv. Peter7
v. Claes
vi. Jacob7

289 Matilda VAN HOUDEN.7

290 Jacobus VAN DER GOES.7 Occupation: kopman (trader) of Holland.7

Jacobus married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had one child:
145 i. Johanna

294 Benjamin TYSEN.7 Born in Amsterdam, Holland.

He was of Amsterdam, Holland.7

147 i. Margaretha

320 Domenicus Jansse DOMINICUS. Same as 256.

321 Cobmijne HARRENTSDR. Same as 257.

328 Michael Johannis MANDEVILLE. Same as 264.

329 Maria VAN DE RAEDE. Same as 265.

340 Jean RAPAREILLET. Same as 276.

341 Elizabeth BAUDOIN. Same as 277.

342 Jeronimus TRICO. Same as 278.

343 Michele SAUVAGIE. Same as 279.
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