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     We live in the past by a knowledge of its history,
and in the future by hope and anticipation. By ascending
to an association with our ancestors; by contemplating
their example and studying their character; by partaking
their sentiments and imbibing their spirit; by accompanying
them in their toils; by sympathizing in their sufferings and
rejoicing in their successes and triumphs, we mingle our
existence with theirs and seem to belong to their age.
--Daniel Webster, as quoted by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck in her book, Wilcoxson and Allied Families

Dear Cousins and Friends,

Welcome to the Willcockson Society family research website!

Our purpose is to help each other discover and explore our mutual, fascinating Willcockson family roots. We have fun sharing, meeting each other, and learning. We strive to advance the communal knowledge and consciousness of our Willcockson family heritage, for the enjoyment and inspiration of our descendants in the generations to come.

The Willcockson Society is just getting started. At this stage, to be a member you just have to participate in our Willcockson Society website --- explore Mrs. Wulfeck's Wilcoxson Family book, read and post messages on our Willcockson forum, and/or take our polls. Also, please think about how you might contribute your family information, photos, newspaper articles, and stories, to help us update and expand our collective knowledge of our greater Willcockson family.

The Willcockson Society Board of Directors is now (October 2003) being formed. We are bringing together researchers who have complimentary skills and who are descendants of as many different children of John and Sarah (Boone) Willcockson as possible, and we are also working on recruiting descendants of John's siblings, as well as descendants of other early Willcockson/Wilcoxson immigrants, into our Board of Directors.

In the coming months and years, we expect the Willcockson Society to grow and evolve in many exciting ways, nurtured by our hard work, lively imaginations, and a deep love of our family. We look forward to virtual and in-person reunions, research collaboration, and online photo albums, maps, and libraries.

A special website for John and Sarah (Boone) Willcockson will be launched and linked to this one in the near future. So far, in addition to Mrs. Wulfeck's wonderful Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox) book, we have posted a website for one branch of John and Sarah's descendants, the Elijah Willcockson and Charlotte Calloway Family. We are constantly striving to expand and update our huge Willcockson family tree, and hope you will contribute your research information, preferably backed by evidence or at least reliable, identified sources.

We invite you to embark with us upon this engaging adventure. We are striving to account for and reach out to as many of our fellow Willcockson descendants as possible. We share an appreciation of our rich American history and a deep sense of gratitude for the hard work, sacrifice, and vision of all those who came before us and made our prosperity, indeed our very existence, possible.

We would appreciate reports of any errors or link problems, etc., found on this website complex.

We eagerly look forward to reuniting with all of our long-lost Willcockson cousins. We hope to progressively enrich this memorial site with contributions of facts, photographs, and recollections from all of you.

Best wishes always,
Alice Imig Stipak,
member, Willcockson Society Board of Directors
John and Sarah's 6th-great-granddaughter
(through daughter Elizabeth and also son Samuel)

P.S. Please sign our Guestbook before you leave!

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The Boone Society
The Boone Society, Inc. is an association of descendants, genealogists and historians who enjoy studying the lives and times of this remarkable family.

Descendants of William Wilcoxson of Stratford, Connecticut

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