Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., compiler and publisher, Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), privately printed by Commercial Service, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1958.
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Wilcoxson and Allied Families: Second and Third Generations

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Second and Third Generations

         1. JOHN WILLCOCKSON (also given as Wilcox, Wilcoxson) married in 1742, Sarah Boone (Squire4, George3, George2, George1). "Abstracts of Marriage Certificates," Exeter Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania, contains these entries:

         "5-29, 1742, Sarah, daughter of Squire Boone, treated with for marrying out."

         "5-29-1742, Sarah Boone married out of Unity with Friends (1st offense of this kind). Friends appointed to speak to the father, Squire Boone."

         "6-26-1742, Squire Boone declareth he did not contenance or consent to the marriage but confesseth himself in fault in keeping them in his house after their keeping company but that he was in a great streight in not knowing what to do, and hopeth to be more careful for the future."

         Sarah (Boone) Willcockson was the daughter of Squire Boone, born 1696 in Devonshire, England; died 2 January, 1765, in Rowan Co., N. C., and his wife, Sarah Morgan, whom he married 23 Sept., 1720, in. Berks Co., Pa.

         For those who may not have access to "The Boone Family," by Hazel A. Spraker, which contains a vast quantity of authoritative and interesting information on the Boone Family, a brief outline appears in "Allied Families" section of this book, by permission of Mrs. Spraker.

         Squire and Sarah Boone left Pennsylvania after 11 April, 1750, on which date they conveyed their farm of 158 acres of land in Exeter Township to William Maugridge, "19 days before they set out for North Carolina, May 1, 1750." (Manuscript records at Berks Co., Penn. Historical Society.)

         John and Sarah Willcockson went to North Carolina then or within a few years and John appears on the first known Tax List, that of 1759.

         Information from later Tax Lists has been taken to show the neighbor and some of the possible relationships.

         8 Oct., 1761: Isaac Wilcockson, John Wilcockson and son George, Enoch Tucker, Edward Roberts, Benjamin Cutbeard, Michael Beem, Peter Beem.

         1761 - Thomas Stilwell's List: Isaac Wilcockson, John and son George son, John Wilcockson, Junior, Charles Wilson, James Wilson, Samuel Busey, John Cook, Benjamin Cutbeard - and others.

         1768 - some on the list: Samuel Busey, John Busey, Matthew Busey, David Wilcocks, Isaac Wolcokson, John Willicokson, Rev. David Caldwell, Robert Green, Thomas Green.

         1772 -Johnston's District, included among others: David Wilcoxson, Isaac Wilcoxson. George Wilcoxson.

                   Lyon's District - mentioned with others: John Wilcoxson, John Wilcoxson, Junior, George Wilcoxson.

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