Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., compiler and publisher, Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), privately printed by Commercial Service, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1958.
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Wilcoxson and Allied Families: Second and Third Generations

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         1778 - included: George Wilcoxson, John Wilcoxson, John Wilcoxson, Junior, Isaac Willcoxson, George Wilcoxson.

         1782 - appeared with others: George Wilcockson, John Wilcockson, John Wilcoxson, Junior, John Whitaker.

         1787 - George Wilcockson males 21 to 60, 1; under 21, 0; females 1. Wilcockson, Jr. and on another list were John Wilcoxson, Samuel Wilcoxson William Wilcoxson.

         Rowan Co., Deed Books give deeds of John Wilcockson over a period or more than ten years and prove that he was not killed at Bryant's Station in 1780 - 1782 as some descendants have stated in letters to the author.

         He received a Land Grant from the State (DB 9:474) and, on 24 Sept., 1787, John Wilcockson, Sr., farmer of Rowan Co. sold to Abraham Welty, deceased, his heirs, etc. for 300 pounds current money 520 acres on Bear Creek near Thomas Maxfield's farm. Signed John (X) Wilcockson. Witnesses: Benjamin Hodgens, Joseph Roland, Samuel Willcockson, and proved Feb. Sessions, 1788 (DB 11: 32)

         Other sales were made in 1795, 1799 and a purchase in 1795-97. 26 August, 1795 John Wilcockson, Senior let Jacob Keller (both of Rowan Co.) have 4 acres on east side of Bear Creek for 3 pounds N. C. money, "part of a State Grant to John Wilcockson, senior." Signed by his mark and witnessed by William Willcockson and William Butlar.

         Near the end of the century, John Willcockson must have been about 78 years of age when he made two deeds to William Willcockson, probably his son but these deeds were not proven until 1805 when John's son, Samuel, presented them to the recorder. It is probable that John and Sarah made their home with Samuel Willcockson after 1798 and that John died there between 1798 and 1805 and that Sarah migrated to Kentucky with the family of Samuel and his children, dying at the home of a grandson, Jesse Willcockson, in Estill Co., 1814/5, at the age of 91 years. (Draper Mss 23 CC 47) in which Jeremiah Wilcoxen states this record of Sarah and that John was a native of Wales and died in N. C.

         These last deeds give specific location of the family property:

         26 Feb., 1798 John Willcoxson, Senior, of Rowan Co., State of North Carolina. to William Willcockson for 275 pounds specie conveyed 165 acres on West side of Bear Creek beginning at a White Oak on east side of Bear Creek, west 37 chains to a White Oak on the half-mile Branch, part of a tract granted by the State to Jacob Keller and Jacob Keller conveyed to Said John Willcockson. Signed by mark of John Willcockson and witnessed by Samuel Willcockson and Squire Willcockson; proven May sessions, 1805.

         26 Feb., 1798 John Willcockson, Senior to William Willcockson, both of Rowan Co., for 150 pounds specie, 160 acres on Bear Creek, joining Rowland's old line, now Edward Parker's to Jacob Keeler's corner. Signed by mark of John Willcockson; witnessed by Samuel Willcockson and Squire Willcockson and proved May Sessions, 1805, by Samuel Willcockson.

         1790 Tax List, Rowan Co., N. C.: William Wilcoxson, John Willcoxson, Sr., John Wilcoxson, Jr. This list is of especial importance, showing John Wilcoxson

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