Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., compiler and publisher, Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), privately printed by Commercial Service, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1958.
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Wilcoxson and Allied Families: Second and Third Generations

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         2nd Great grandfather was a native of Wales.
         3rd Uncle Jesse B. Willcoxen lived in Madison County Ky he is not living he has been dead about thirty five years.
         4th John Willcoxen's children are none living.
         5th Grandfather's Brother Daniel died in Kentucky but we do not know whether he was the one you refer to or not We do not know anything of his family.
         . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                        Very respectfully Yours
                                                                               J. F. Willcoxen

CHILDREN: (Order not proven.) +4 John Willcockson          +10 Daniel Willcockson
+5 George Willcockson      +11 Samuel Willcockson
+6 Isaac Willcockson          +12 Mary Willcockson
+7 Elizabeth Willcockson   +13 William Willcockson
+8 Israel Willcockson         +14 Sarah Willcockson
+9 Rachel Willcockson

4. JOHN WILLCOCKSON, Jr. (John2,      ) b. ca 1744, Penn.; d. after 1830, Howard Co., Mo.; m. Sarah _____, said to be Notson. Thomas Stilwell's tax list, Rowan Co., N. C. gives "_____ Wilcockson, junior" immediately after "John and son, George Willcockson," and John Wilcockson," and John Wilcockson, Jr. appears on tax lists of 1768, 1778, and 1790 in Rowan Co. It is not known whether John, Jr. went to Bryant's Station, Ky. With his parents, or not, but it seems more likely that he stayed in Rowan Co. and tended the farms.

         The list of his children was found at the Pennsylvania Historical Society in a drawer of manuscript and typescript files known as the "Meherrin Collection." It was compiled by a very elderly descendant, Richmond Rodgers Wilcoxson of Missouri, probably about 1910. This lineage sheet states that John married Sarah Notson in 1780 near Lexington, Ky. No record of the marriage has been found.

         He and his family removed to the Clark-Estill county area of Kentucky as some of the sons married in that district. John and his wife moved to Howard Co., Mo., with their youngest son, David. They lived to be very, very old. Tradition is that their tombstones were there but the land was later cultivated and the stones stacked up and the cattle eventually trampled them beyond legibility. The 1830 Census of Howard Co. gives the following listing, in which the ages of the elderly couple may be slightly exaggerated:

         John Wilcoxson males     90 to 100 . . . . 1
         Females                           80 to   90 . . . . 1
         Females                           40 to   50 . . . . 1 (Martha, unmarried dau.)
         Females                           15 to   20 . . . . 1 (A granddau. ? )

CHILDREN: (b. Rowan Co., N. C.)

+29 Isaac Willcockson
  30 Daniel Willcockson. No data except a Census record, 1830, Clark Co.,
Ky. Which may relate to him: Daniel Wilcoxen, 1 male age 50 to 60;
1 female age 50 to 60; 1 male age 15 to 20; 1 male age 5 to 10.
  31 John Willcockson. The earliest letter of any Willcockson located by
the author was contributed by Miss Eva Peeler, Fayette, Mo. This is
a copy of the letter from John Willcockson, Hopkinsville, Ky.,
Christian County, written to David Peeler, Esq., Fayette, Mo.

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