Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., compiler and publisher, Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), privately printed by Commercial Service, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1958.
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Wilcoxson and Allied Families: Second and Third Generations

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in the narrative of my father - and their is no less dobt that he and his companion was the first white men that ever traversed the Wilderness between North Carolina and the Mississippi River in a westerly direction their route no dobt lay through the now State of Tenessee - to the Mississippi River and far on the western side of the River and down to New Orleans and on their return trip their course lay through the now states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and thence home passing through many tribes and nations of Indians at that time inhabiting that southwestern region.
          "Mr. Cutbirth was a man of little or no knowledge of letters and consequently kept no formal or written account of this or any other of his hunting or exploring trips and no dobt without a thought of their ever being of any interest curiosity to any persons - the fact is indisputable that Cutbirth made this long trip and returned - before Daniel Boone discovered Kentucky for John Stuart was one of the party with Cutbirth on this trip and the same John Stuart was with Boone in this first discovery of Kentucky - as stated by my Father and also by Boone in his own narative of his first discovery of Kentucky. - Mr. Cutbirth left Rowan County soon after his return from this long trip with his family and removed to New River in the now County of Ashe about four miles above the Old Fields where he lived during the war of the Revolution and from whence he made his trip with Daniel Boone to Kentucky and other places. My Mother was born in Rowan - He was most ashuredly a verry great hunter - woodsman - and pioneer - a man of Strong mind and body - a man reserved in conversation - not at all disposed to be communicative. I have verry often heard my Mother say that her Father talked verry little except he met with some old acquaintance or associate with him in his hunting or excursions into the wilderness and that on such occasions as that he would sit up all night - or on religious matters - or the Scriptures - with such of his old acquaintances - and that was the way his family learned most they got from him of his extraordinary excursions into the Wilderness - and other like incidents - that he was a man of ireprochable character and undobted voracity - My GrandMother his wife was a niece of Daniel Boone's and consiquently they - Boone and Cutbirth - were great friends and associates - and had verry much the same dispositions of mind and habits ect. ect.
          "I have thought it might not be unacceptable to you to make these statements relating to my ancestor whose true character and fame as a pioneer - if it could be correctly ascertained - would be second to no one living or dec'd except perhaps Daniel Boone.
          "I will take occasion to say that Capt. William Riddle with two of his Tory associates was hung by order of Col. Cleveland at the place near the spot whear the New Court House now stands - that this is a fact you need not have a single shadow of doubt of as I have heard it from very many old persons that were eye witnesses to it - of both men and woman - of the highest respectability and was buryed in this vicinity. My verry esteemed old freind Alexander Gilbreath, Jr. who is still living and resides in six miles of this place - was the officer of the Guard - at the Execuation of Capt. Riddle and his two companions and can point out the spot whear they were hung - and buryed. -
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                                                                 Most respectfully
                                                                                            Your true friend
                                                                                                James Calloway
         Draper Mss 12 DD 57 Questions from Lyman C. Draper - Answers by James Calloway. Excerpts of interest.
         "1st - Do you know what became of John Baker and James Ward who accompanied

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