Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., compiler and publisher, Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), privately printed by Commercial Service, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1958.
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Wilcoxson and Allied Families: First Generation

First Generation

          All records of families of the name Willcocks, Wilcox, Willcox, and Willcockson living in Pennsylvania before 1742 have been studied. Four men were found to bear one of these names: George Willcockson, Thomas Willcox, Barnabas Willcocks, and Daniel Willcocks.


          Elizabeth Willcockson was granted administration of the estate of George Willcockson, 25 Oct., 1739, Chester Co., Penn. (Will Bk. I: p. 177. 1714-1758) A bond of 160 pounds with sureties, Phillip Yarnall and Joseph Pugh, was filed on the same date by Elizabeth Willcockson, signed by "her (E) mark." Original papers in Envelope No. 0677, pocket 1, No. 173, were two: the administratrix bond and the Inventory, which follows: Inventory of the Estate, Goods, and Chattles of George Wil1cockson, dec'd.
                                                                              L           s
Tract of land containing 95 acres                         45
Eight (3 words illegible) containing 8 acres           3
Hay and corn in the stacks                                     5          6
Corn in the ground                                                 2
Cows and horses                                                  77         15
Waring apparel and household goods                .   7           6
Implements of husbandry ware                              2           8
Weavers, looms and geares belonging                   3         16

Appraised by Edward Goff and Joseph Pugh

          There is no proof of the relationship of Elizabeth to George Willcockson. Deed Books, orphans' court records, Mayors' papers showing those "bound out" or apprenticed, were carefully checked. The name Willcockson was not found in any of them.

          Mrs. Doneghy named this George Willcockson as the immigrant ancestor and named his wife as Elizabeth Powell, daughter of Roland Powell, who resided in Burlington, N. J.

          The searcher is confronted with the questions: Was Elizabeth the widow? Did they have any children? Did she re-marry soon afterwards and sell the property under a new name? Sometimes title abstracts even 30 to 100 years later disclose such facts.


          Thomas Willcox of Devonshire, England, and his wife, Elizabeth (Cole) Willcox, settled in Concord, Penn., in 1718, where he died in 1779 and she, in 1780. They were of the Roman Catholic faith and established, in 1729, "Ivy Mills," one of the earliest paper mills in America. All Paper for Colonial currency and later for the Continental Currency was manufactured at Ivy Mills, as was the paper for music composition and for Benjamin Franklin's publications. Their children were John,

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