Descendants of Elijah Willcockson and Charlotte Calloway
Grandchildren of John Willcockson and Daniel Boone's Sister Sarah

James Calvin Willcoxen, ca 1879
Son of Elijah and Charlotte (Calloway) Willcockson
Lewistown, Fulton Co., Illinois

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Dear Cousins and Friends, far and wide,

We welcome you to this memorial website in honor of Elijah Willcockson and his wife Charlotte Calloway. Elijah was the grandson of John Willcockson and Sarah Boone; Charlotte, Elijah's cousin, was their great-granddaughter (a special website for John and Sarah will be launched and linked to this one in the near future). Born and raised in Ashe County, North Carolina in the late 1700's, Elijah and Charlotte ventured west with the earliest pioneers, first in 1815 to Kentucky and then in 1830 to Fulton County, Illinois, where they finally settled for good.

Charlotte's father Elijah Calloway served as a member of the North Carolina Legislature for thirteen years. The book King's Mountain and Its Heroes documents the feisty resistance of Charlotte's mother Mary Cutbirth, then a young girl, and of the whole Cutbirth family when British officers abusively invaded their home during the War of the Revolution. Mary's father Benjamin Cutbirth, a close friend and fellow long-hunter of Daniel Boone, was the first pioneer to reach the Mississippi River from the East.

Elijah Willcockson served in the War of 1812 and two years in the Black Hawk War as a lieutenant and was discharged as a Captain. He held many civic positions in his community. At the time of his death in 1860, twelve of his children attended his funeral and his posterity numbered 114, all double-descendants of John Willcockson and Sarah Boone.

Today, their hundreds, undoubtedly thousands of descendants reside in the far corners of the U.S. and the world, following the legendary pioneer spirit they have inherited from our Willcockson, Calloway, Cutbirth, and Boone ancestors.

We invite you to embark with us upon this engaging adventure. We are striving to account for and reach out to as many of our fellow descendants as possible. We share an appreciation of our rich American history and a deep sense of gratitude for the hard work, sacrifice, and vision of all those who came before us and made our prosperity, our very existence, possible.

This report is a compilation of the tedious research, book-writing, record-keeping, and personal memories of family members and other dear people too numerous to list. I would like to express my special thanks and fond appreciation to one of them, cousin William G. Scroggins, widely regarded as the leading living Willcockson family researcher. Bill has worked tirelessly, generously, and selflessly for many, many years so that we may remember from whence we come. He has been a source of personal inspiration for me in my family work, and is my shining role model and patient mentor.

We eagerly look forward to reuniting with all of our long-lost Willcockson cousins. We hope to progressively enrich this memorial site with contributions of facts, photographs, and recollections from all of you.

Best wishes always,
their great-great-great-great granddaughter, Alice Imig Stipak
granddaughter of Martha Viola Wallick's daughter Alice (Hageman) Imig
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