Third Generation (Continued)

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Family of Marshall Ney WILCOXEN (10) & Harriet A. LASWELL

77. Calvin L. WILCOXEN.8,12,1 Born on 11 Aug 1855 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Calvin L. died on 6 Mar 1905; he was 49.1 Alias/AKA: Calvin L. WILLCOXEN.1

The following is the obituary for Calvin L. Wilcoxen:28

Calvin L. Willcoxen
Died, March 7, (as we announced last week) at his home near Maples Mill of paralysis. He was a son to the late Marshall N. Willcoxen, was never married, led a clean, fine life and was successful as teacher, farmer and financeer. Rev. Dr. George of Elmwood held funeral services at Salem church, Friday, with burial in the beautiful Willcoxen cemetery.
78. Esther Amelia WILCOXEN.1,28 Born on 8 Feb 1857 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Esther Amelia died 20 June 1922;28 she was 65. Alias/AKA: Amelia Esther WILLCOXEN,1 E. Amelia WILLCOCKSON,12 Amelia Esther WILCOXEN.1

On 24 Dec 18745 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 when Esther Amelia was almost 18, she first married John J. BYERS.1,8,28 He died before 1905.28

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
BYERS, JOHN J     WILLCOXEN, ESTHER A     FULTON     12/24/1874     00E/0016     00000307
They had the following children:28
78A i. Fred
78B ii. Harry
78C iii. Della
78D ix. (Mrs. Lou Marss)

On 6 Feb 1905 when Esther Amelia was 47, she second married her aunt Anna Adeline Wilcoxen Vail's widower, George Washington RAY,1 son of William RAY & Juliann FAW.1 Born on 24 Jul 1843 in Ashe Co., North Carolina.1 He immigrated to Los Angeles, California.1 George Washington died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma28 on 31 May 1923 (also seen: 30 May 1923);11,28 he was 79. The remains of George Washington Ray were brought home and he was buried in the Wilcoxen cemetery in Fulton Co., Ilinois.28

The following is the obituary for George Washington Ray:28
Civil War Veteran Of The Liverpool District Is Called In Oklahoma
         The remains of George W. Ray, former Liverpool township resident, and veteran of the confederate army, have arrived here from Oklahoma City, OK, where he died May 31. The funeral will be held from the Ray homestead in Liverpool township Tuesday forenoon at 11 o'clock. The Rev. Swisher of Lewistown will officiate and burial will be in the Wilcoxen cemetery.
         Mr. Ray, who was widely-known and held in high esteem in this county, was born in Ashe county, North Carolina, July 24, 1843, and was 79 years, 10 months and seven days old. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ray.
         He entered the confederate army in North Carolina and served three years in the sixth N.C. cavalry. At the conclusion of his service in the army of the south he came to Illinois in 1865 and settled in Fulton county.
Married in 1866
         On June 24, 1866, he was united in marriage to Anna Wilcoxen Vail, daughter of the late Elijah Wilcoxen. They located on a farm in Liverpool township, where the decedent continued to live until last July, when he went to Oklahoma City to make his home.
         Mrs. Ray died in 1904 on June 6 and the decedent was united in marriage the second time to Esther Amelia Wilcoxen. The wedding was performed in Feb. 1906. She died June 20, 1922.
         Early in life Mr. Ray became a member of the Baptist church at Salem and had been a faithful and devoted member.
          "Uncle George", as he was known, was a loyal friend and neighbor and was especially kind to those in need. These sterling qualities caused him to be loved by all.
         He is survived by one brother, James A. Ray of Centralia, Wash., and a half brother and sister, Wiley A. Ray, Maples Mills, and Mrs. Ida Clemons of Los Angeles, Calif.
         The following step-children are living: Fred and Harry Byers of Liverpool township, Mrs. Della Barnes, N.D., and Mrs. Lou Marss of Oklahoma City.
79. Jeremiah C. WILCOXEN.8,1 Born on 17 Feb 1859 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Immigrated to LA.8 Alias/AKA: Jeremiah C. WILCOXEN,1 Jerry Willmon WILLCOCKSON.12

80. Harriet WILCOXEN.1 Born on 3 May 1861 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Harriet died ca 1862.

She was Marshll Ney's twin. She died in infancy.1

81. Marshall Ney WILCOXEN Jr.1 Born on 3 May 1861 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.8,12,1 Alias/AKA: Marshall Ney WILCOXEN, Jr.1

He was Harriet's twin.1

82. Charlotte Adeline WILCOXEN.8,12,1 Born on 12 Sep 1863 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.8,1,12 Charlotte Adeline died on 9 Jul 1926; she was 62.12 Alias/AKA: Charlotte A. WILCOXEN,1 Addie,5 Annie.28

On 18 Jun 1882 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 when Charlotte Adeline was 18, she first married Harvey Alexander GOODMAN,8,12 son of Jacob GOODMAN & Caroline TOMLINSON.12 Born on 27 Apr 1858 in Ashe Co., North Carolina.12 He immigrated to Illinois in the spring of 1881.12 Harvey Alexander died in Maples Mill, Illinois on 17 Oct 1894, two days after his daughter Lois was born; he was 36.12 He was buried in Salem cemetery.12 Cause of death: he got overheated using a thrashing machine and died suddenly.12 After the death of her first husband Harvey Alexander Goodman, Charlotte Adeline Willcoxen Goodman moved to North Carolina.12

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
GOODMAN, HARRY A     WILLCOXEN, CHARLOTTE A     FULTON     06/18/1882    00E/0157     00000145
They had the following children:
210 i. Florence
211 ii. Frank
212 iii. Charles
213 iv. Harriet Mae
214 v. Metta Caroline
215 vi. Minor
216 vii. Lois Alexandria (1894-1989)

On 25 Sep 19005 in Mason Co., Illinois,5 when Charlotte Adeline was 37, she second married Frank MOODY.5,12 Frank died before Jul 1926.12 Mrs. Charlotte Adeline Willcoxen Goodman Moody was widowed for the second time shortly after the birth of their daughter Frances.12

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
MOODY, FRANK     GOODMAN, ADDIE MRS     MASON     09/25/1900    002/0004     00003801
They had one child:
217 i. Frances (aft 1900-)

The following is the obituary for Charlotte Adeline Wilcoxen:28
Hold Funeral of Mrs. Annie Moody From Residence

          Funeral services for Mrs. Annie Moody, 62 years old, who died at her home late Friday afternoon, following an illness of a few hours, will be held from her residence at 1062 Haywood Road, Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The funeral has been delayed in order to enable her son from Chicago to reach here.
          Mrs. Moody is survived by her five daughters: Mrs. R.R. Frank, Mrs. Ralph C. Hawkins and Mrs. D. T. Thomas, all of Asheville, Mrs. Robert Zempel of Lewistown, Illinois, and Mrs. George Klein of Denver, Colo., and three sons, Frank Goodman of Chicago, Charles Goodman of Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, and M.S. Goodman of Stockton, Cal.

The following is the obituary for Harvey A. Goodman:28
             --Died, at his residence near Maples Mill, on Oct. 17, at 9:20 a.m., Harvey Alexander Goodman, of congestion of the blood. He was born in Ashe county, N.C., April 27, 1858. Came to Illinois in the spring of 1881. Was married to Miss Charlotte A. Wilcoxen June 18, 1892. To them was born seven children, four boys and three girls. United with the Methodist church in February, 1890. He was laid to rest in Salem cemetery Oct. 18, after a short service by Jasper N. Clark. He leaves a faithful wife and seven children to mourn his loss. As soon as all the family and friends can attend there will be a funeral sermon in M.E. church at Maples Mill.
83. Nellie Florence WILCOXEN.8,12,1 Born on 12 Oct 1866 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.12,1 Alias/AKA: Nellie Florence WILCOXEN.1

On 1 May 18895 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 when Nellie Florence was 22, she married Edward E. KLINE.8,1,5

Their marriage license is listed twice (with two spellings of her last name) in the online Illinois state records as:5
KLINE, EDWARD E     WILCOXEN, NELLIE F     FULTON     05/01/1889     00F/0059     00000117

KLINE, EDWARD E     WILLCOXEN, NELLIE F     FULTON     05/01/1889     00F/0059     00000117

84. Francis B. WILCOXEN.8,1 Born on 12 Oct 1868 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Alias/AKA: Francis B. WILCOXEN.1

Wulfeck says he died in infancy.[p.97]1

85. Margaret E. WILCOXEN.8,12,1 Born on 16 Oct 1870 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Alias/AKA: Margaret E. WILCOXEN.1

On 7 Oct 18915 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 (the same day as the wedding of her sister Mary Inez) when Margaret E. was 21, she married Seth P. FARWELL.1,5,8 Resided in Calloway, Nebraska.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
FARWELL, SETH P     WILCOXEN, MARGARET E     FULTON     10/07/1891     00F/0105     00000265
86. Mary Inez WILCOXEN.12,1,21 Born on 7 Sep 1873 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Mary Inez died on 26 Dec 1944 in Stanislaus Co., California; she was 71.21,34 Alias/AKA: Mary Inez WILCOXEN.1

On 7 Oct 18915 (the same day as the wedding of her sister Margaret E.) in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 when Mary Inez was 18, she first married William Marion REPASS.1,5

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
REPASS, WILLIAM M     WILCOXEN, MARY INEZ     FULTON     10/07/1891     00F/0105     00000264
They had the following children:
218 i. Virginia Mae (1893-1972)
219 ii. William Marshall (1894-)
220 iii. Dorothy Estell (1896-)
221 iv. Marion Merle (1897-)

87. Infant WILCOXEN.1,8 Born on 20 Jun 1876 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 This infant died on 20 Jun 1876.1

88. George Ray WILCOXEN.8,12,1 Born on 2 Nov 1877 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 George Ray died after 1908.29 Alias/AKA: George Ray WILCOXEN.1

On 25 Dec 190329 when George Ray was 26, he married Sylvia BLACK,29 a daughter of Theodore BLACK,29 who was in 1908 engaged in farming in Liverpool Township, Fulton County,29 and Harriet POLLITT.29 Sylvia was born 25 Dec 1883.

They had the following children:
88A i. Harriet (1905- )29
88B ii. Laurence T. (1907- )29

The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29

A well known and successful farmer and stock-raised, on Section 4, Liverpool Twp., he was born there on November 2, 1877, a son of Marshall N., and Harriet (LASSWELL) Willcoxen, natives of Fulton County. His grandparents, Captain Elijah and Charlotte (CALLOWAY) Willcoxen, were natives of NC.

Marshall Willcoxen was born in Estill Co., KY on Sept. 5, 1827, and came with his parents to Fulton Co., IL in 1830. On May 4, 1854 he was united in matrimony with Harriet Lasswell, a native of Fulton Co., and a daughter of Andrew and Barbara (BAUGHMAN) Lasswell, of whom the latter was born in Trumbull County, Ohio.

The union of Marshall N. and Harriet Lasswell resulted in the following children:
Calvin L. who was born Aug. 11, 1855, and died Mar. 6, 1905
Esther A., widow of John BYERS, born Feb. 8, 1857.
Jerry C., born Feb. 17, 1859, now a resident of Los Angeles CA.
Marshall N. and Harriet, twins born May 3 1861, of whom the
      latter died in infancy, and the former is engaged in farming
      in Liverpool Twp.
Charlotte A., b. Sept 12, 1863, who married Harvey GOODMAN, and
      is a resident of Ashe Co. NC.
Nellie F., born Oct 12, 1866, widow of Edward KLINE, who resides
      in Canton.
Francis B., born Oct 12 1868, who died in infancy.
Margaret, b. Oct. 16, 1870, who is the wife of Seth FARWELL,
      a resident of Callaway, NE.
Mary I. b. Sep. 7, 1873, who married William REPASS, a farmer
      of Liverpool Twp.
One who died in infancy, Jun 20, 1876
George R. b.Nov. 2, 1877
Jesse E., b. Jul 12, 1880

Marshall N. (now deceased) was a leading citizen of Fulton County. His son George R. now operates the old home farm, and which has been in the family name for more than 50 years.

He died Jan. 5, 1901 and his widow passed away Jan. 17, 1903. He was a member of the Baptist Church, she of the Christian Church. George H. Willcoxen was born and reared on the paternal farm and received his education in the district school of the neighborhood. He is the owner of 160 acres of fertile land. He is a thorough, progressive farmer and stock-raiser.

On Dec 25, 1903, he married Sylvia BLACK, a daughter of Theodore and Harriet (POLLITT) Black, who was born Dec. 25, 1883. Her father is engaged in farming in Liverpool Twp. This union has resulted in two children: Harriet, b. May 12, 1905 Laurence T., b. Mar 5 1907.

In politics Mr. Willcoxen is a supporter of the doctrines of the Democratic party and takes a good interest in public affairs. He is a man of irreproachable character and is highly esteemed throughout the community.

89. Jessie Estelle WILCOXEN.12,1 Born on 12 Jul 1880 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 Alias/AKA: Jessie E. WILCOXEN.1

Jessie Estelle married Unknown WHITE.12

Note: D.A.R. Information:12

Jesse Estelle (Willcoxen)White, descendant of Elijah Calloway, national number 327573

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