Fourth Generation (Continued)

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Family of Mary H. JOHNSON (18) & Abraham WALLICK

121. Elizabeth Victoria WALLICK.14,22,6,13 Born on 25 Feb 1853 in Fulton County, Illinois.22 Elizabeth Victoria died in Comley, Pennsylvania on 1 Sep 1881; she was 28.22

On 12 Sep 1869 when Elizabeth Victoria was 16, she married Samuel Shade SMITH,14,22 in Seward, Nebraska.22 Samuel Shade was born on 14 Feb 1844 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.22 Resided in Seward Co., Nebraska from Pennsylvania.22 Samuel Shade died in Good Hope, Illinois on 24 Jun 1923; he was 79.22

They had the following children:
i. Percy Montegue22 (1876-1947)
ii. Frank C.22
iii. Dallas22
iv. Robert J.22
v. Gerald22
vi. Elroy22
vii. Flora Maud22

122. Christian J. WALLICK.14,6,13 Born about 1855 in Iowa.15 Alias/AKA: Christian J. Wallick.14 Alias/AKA: "Wollack, Christina J.".15

The entry for him in the "History of the S. P. Hageman Family" says: "Married late in life - no children."14

From 1870 Seward County Census:
"Wollack, Christina J." 15 F W at home IA
[Note: Hageman family records have this child as a boy, Christian J.]

Christian J. married Unknown UNKNOWN.They had no children.14

123. John Franklin WALLICK.14,6,13 Born in 1856 in Iowa.15 Alias/AKA: "Wollack, John L.".15

The entry for him in the "History of the S. P. Hageman Family," 1977 says:14
"All [of his children] are now deceased"
From 1870 Seward County Census:
"Wollack, John L." 14 M W at home IA
John Franklin married Unknown UNKNOWN. "Fegard, Isabel" married a "John F. Wallick" in Knox Co., Illinois about 2/03/1881, the date the marriage license was issued. This could be his unidentified wife.5

They had the following children:
i. Mary14
ii. Minnie14
iii. Roy14
iv. Myrtle14

124. Sarah Ellen WALLICK.14,6,13 Born in 1858 in Iowa.15 Alias/AKA: Ellen.6

Sarah Ellen married Unknown ODELL14."History of the S. P. Hageman Family" indicates they had four children, but no names are provided.14

They had the following children:
i. Unknown14
ii. Unknown
iii. Unknown
iv. Unknown

125. Abraham Moses WALLICK.14,15,6,13 Born about 1860 in Iowa or Illinois.15 Resided in Arizona.14 Alias/AKA: Moses;13 "Moses" was what the family called him but in the 1870 Seward County Census it says "Abraham," so a good guess is that his full name was Abraham Moses Johnson, especially since W. W. Cox, History of Seward County , Nebraska, 1888, p.234 refers to him as "Abram M."6

The entry for him in the "History of the S. P. Hageman Family" says:"Arizona - never married"14

The following is the probable entry for Abraham Moses Johnson in the 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Abraham" 10 M W at home IA
Martha Viola

126. Martha Viola WALLICK.14,6,13 Born on 28 Jan 1862 in Cuba, Iowa.14 (Note: Conflicting birth states on Illinois and Nebrasla census reports). Martha Viola died on 13 Dec 1918; she was 56.14 She nursed other stricken family members of the "Spanish" flu epidemic until she herself became too ill, then said "I have to go to bed now." Alias/AKA: "Viola."13 Cause of death: "Spanish" flu, during the 1918 pandemic.14 Martha Viola Wallick Hageman was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, formerly Hageman Cemetery, near Ruby, Seward Co., Nebraska, to the right of her husband, Simon Peter Hageman. Religion: she was a member of the Presbyterian church.

An aunt of Martha Viola Wallick, America (Johnson) Skillman, took her to raise when her mother Mary died tragically at age 37. Martha Viola was only nine years old and America was 24. America was a sister of Martha Viola Wallick's mother, Mary H. Johnson Wallick.14

Martha Viola became Simon Peter's second wife after his first wife Sarah A. Houderscheldt died in childbirth. According to the 1880 census, Martha Viola was still living with the Skillmans in 1880 at the age of eighteen, and was working as a servant. America Johnson Skillman was the wife of Simon Peter Hageman's half-brother Thomas David Skillman,14 one of Magdalena Voorhees Stryker's four children from her first marriage to Randall Skillman, deceased. It seems likely that Martha Viola and Simon Peter met through introduction by these mutual family members, her stepmother/aunt and his mother and half-brother. Martha Viola was referred to as "Miss" which indicates she had no previous marriage.14

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Martha" 8 F W IA
Simon Peter

On 27 May 1884 when Martha Viola was 22, she married Simon Peter HAGEMAN14, son of William Brown HAGEMAN (6 Nov 1805-15 Nov 1882) & Magdalena Voorhees STRYKER (26 Aug 1819-31 Oct 1894), in Seward County, Nebraska.14 Simon Peter was born on 21 Sep 1858 in Fulton Co., Illinois.24,14 He immigrated in 1866 to Nebraska from Fulton Co., Illinois at age 8, with his parents in a covered wagon.14 They resided on his father's farm on the Blue River about 5 mi. SE of Seward.14,6 Occupation: farmer. Simon Peter died on 19 Jan 1928; he was 69.14 Simon Peter Hageman was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, formerly Hageman Cemetery, near Ruby, Seward Co., Nebraska, between his two wives, second wife Martha Viola Wallick Hageman and his first wife Sarah A. (Houderscheldt) Hageman, who died during the birth of their only child, Lottie May. AKA: "Roy."

[NOTE: To learn much more about the descendants of Simon Peter Hageman and Martha Viola Wallick, visit our William Brown Hageman Family Website starting with the entry for Simon Peter Hageman. To learn much more about the ancestors of Simon Peter Hageman, visit one or all of our four websites dedicated to the genealogy of each of his grandparents, Isaac Hageman, Maria Vanderveer, John D. Stryker, and Maria "Polly" Hoagland.]

Martha Viola and Simon Peter had the following children:
i. Albert Roy14 (1885-1974)
ii. Grace Pearl14 (1888-1977)
iii. Alice Naomi14 (1896-1979)

From W. W. Cox, History of Seward County Nebraska and Reminiscenses of Territoral History, 1905, pages 77+78:

Down in that county of brush and muddy roads, Fulton County, Illinois, Simon was born, September 21, 1858. Somehow an epidemic of western fever broke out in old Fulton in 1866 and Simon, together with the whole Hageman family, took it, and they landed in the wilderness of Seward County in the spring in time to see the flowers bloom.

Simon hunted coons along the river, helped make the old farm, went to school, fished and chased antelope and finally got after better game and captured Miss Viola Wallick, May 27, 1884, at Seward. She was born at Cuba, Iowa, January 29, 1862. They have three children, Albert R., Grace P., and Alice N., all at home. Mr. Hageman succeeded to his father's old farm four miles south of Seward. They have a splendid farm. He is a member of the Maccabees and United Workmen.

From Seward County Nebraska 1982, Seward County Historical Society:13

Simon P. Hageman was a direct descendant of Adrian Hageman and his wife, Catherine, who immigrated to New York from Holland in 1650. He was born in Illinois in 1858 and came to Seward County in a covered wagon with his parents in 1866. His parents were William Brown Hageman and Magelane Skillman both of whom are buried in the Ruby Cemetery, which was formerly called the Hageman Cemetery.

Simon married Viola Wallick in 1884. Viola's "Wallick" ancestors had come from Switzerland in the 1700's. She was also a descendant of Sarah Boone Wilcoxen who was born in Pennsylvania in 1724 and was a sister of Daniel Boone.

Simon and Viola lived all their married life on the Hageman farm on the Blue River about five miles southeast of Seward. There were many Indians around during those early years as they had a camp down by the river. Simon said his father often smoked their peace pipe with them.

Their children were: Albert Hageman who married Maude Roy[SIC, should be Ray]. He sold the home place and moved to a farm in Keith County in the early 30's.

Grace, married Orin Fosler and lived the remainder of her life on a farm near by.

Alice married George Imig and moved with her family to California.

Viola died in the flu epidemic of 1918. Simon lived until 1928.

Relatives still living in the Seward area are, Wayne Fosler, Eleanor Fosler Vogt, and LaVerne Fosler Bjorback.

The Obituary of Martha Viola Wallick Hageman:23

Viola Wallick
Viola Wallick was born January 29, 1862, at Cuba, Iowa. Her early childhood was spent in Iowa until at the age of seven, when she moved with her father's family to Seward county, Nebraska. On May 27, 1884 she was married to S.P. Hageman at Seward, and the remainder of her life was spent on their farm home five miles south of Seward.

Mrs. Hageman departed this life Friday, December 13, 1918, age 56 years, 10 months and 14 days, her death being caused by pneumonia.

She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. Grace Fosler and Mrs. Alice Imig; one son, Albert R., eight grandchildren and six brothers and four sisters.

Besides her relatives the departed leaves a host of friends who will cherish her memory as a friend and neighbor always ready with kind acts of helpfulness and comforting words in time of trouble and need. Her family has lost a devoted wife and loving mother whose life may be a shining example of loyalty to her loved ones, that may aid them through the remainder of life. She was a member of the Presbyterian church.

The Memorial Notice of Martha Viola Wallick Hageman:23

Another hand is beckoning us,
   Another call is given;
And glows once more with angel steps
   The path which reaches heaven.

Alone unto our Father's will
  One thought hath reconciled;
That He whose love exceedeth ours
  Hath taken home His child.

Hold her, oh Father! In thine arm,
  And let her henceforth be
A messenger of love between
  Our human hearts and Thee.

And grant that she who, trembling
  Distrusted all her powers,
May welcome to her holier home
  The well beloved of ours.--Whittier.

Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends and neighbors for their kindness and help during the illness and death of our beloved wife and mother. Also for the many beautiful flowers.
S. P. Hageman,
Mr. And Mrs. Bert Hageman,
Mr. And Mrs. Orin Fosler,
Mr. And Mrs. George Imig.
127. Elijah WALLICK.14,6,13 Born about 1863 in Iowa or Illinois.15 Resided in California.14 Elijah died about 1940; he was 77.14 Alias/AKA: Cox has him as "Elvira" but this is obviously mistranscribed.6

Amazingly, video exists of Elijah Wallick (on the "The Imig Family" tape of old home movies distributed among the children and grandchildren of Alice Naomi Hageman Imig and George Jacob Imig) of Elijah Wallick performing an acrobatic trick in at least his eighties -- reportedly about age ninety -- in California. He grabs a tree and deftly swings his legs out parallel to the ground, holding them in that position for several seconds before gracefully returning to a standing position with a mischievous grin on his face. [A copy is in the possession of this compiler.]

Elijah married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had the following children:
i. Goldie14
ii. Unknown14

128. William Melville WALLICK.14,15,6,13 Born about 1863 in Iowa.15 William Melville died in 1900; he was 37.14 Alias/AKA: Melville.14,6,13

He never married.14

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Wm. M." 7 M W IA  [this must be Elijah's twin, Melville]
129. Wallace G. WALLICK.14,15,6,13 Born in 1865 in Illinois.15

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Wallace G." 5 M W IL
Wallace G. married Unknown UNKNOWN.

They had the following children:
i. Millie14
ii. Roy14
iii. Ray14
iv. Edna14
v. Alice14

130. Mary Louisa WALLICK.14,6,13 Born about 1866 in Illinois.15 Alias/AKA: "Aunt Louisa" Wallick.14

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Mary L." 4 F W IL
Mary Louisa married Unknown NIGH.14

They had the following children:
i. George14
ii. Mabel14
iii. Major14
iv. Hazel14

131. Henry C. WALLICK.14,6,13 Born about 1867 in Illinois.15 Resided in Alaska.14

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Henry" 3 M W IL
Henry C. married Unknown UNKNOWN.

132. Jane WALLICK.14,6,13 Born about Apr 1870 in Fulton Co., IL.15 Resided in Oregon.14

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Jane" 3 Mo. F W IL
Jane married Unknown McGEE.14

They had the following children:
i. Muriel14 (-<1977)
ii. Lucy (-<1977)

133. Addie WALLICK.14,13,6 Born about Apr 1870.15 Resided in Illinois.14 Alias/AKA: Ada.6 Alias/AKA: Addia.15

From 1870 Seward County Census:15
"Wollack, Addia" 3 Mo. F W IL
Addie married Unknown SMITH.14

They had the following children:
i. Ruth14
ii. Clara (-<1977)

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