Second Generation

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Family of Capt. Elijah WILLCOCKSON (1A) & Charlotte CALLOWAY (1B)

2. Zerilda "Jane" WILCOXEN.5,2,1 Born on 4 Aug 1812 in Ashe Co., North Carolina.1,2 Immigrated in 1815 to Kentucky from North Carolina with her parents when she was 3. Immigrated in 1830 to Fulton Co., Illinois from Kentucky with her parents when she was 18.6 Zerilda "Jane" died (in either Fulton Co., Illinois, or Seward Co., Nebraska, where she was injured) on 16 Oct 1874; she was 62.6,1 Alias/AKA: "Jane" WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON/WILCOXEN, Zerelda WILCOXSON,2 Jane SNODGRASS.6 Cause of death: "injuries received from a fall from the car steps at Seward depot one dark night.".6

On 17 Mar 1831 (Wulfeck had one family source had 18 Mar 1831) when Zerilda "Jane" was 18, she first married Moses Cutting JOHNSON,1,2,5,30 thought to be the son of Asa JOHNSON (1777 - 23 Sept 1852)30 & Tryphena CUTTING (~1780-1820),30 in Fulton Co., Illinois.1,5 Moses Cutting was born on 20 Jun 1807 in Burlington, Vermont.2,1 (Spraker only has the year, 1807; Wulfeck has the date and place.) Moses Cutting immigrated before 1827 to Illinois, and was one of the first settlers in Fulton Co. In 1831 he settled on a farm in Fairview Township, being the third permanent settler north of Canton.1 Moses Cutting died in "killed by a runaway team." on 2 Mar 1851;30 he was 43.7,6 (Spraker and Wulfeck both have only the year, 1851). Occupation: farmer.7 Alias/AKA: Moses A. JOHNSON.2

Military service of Moses Cutting Johnson, from Wulfeck's Wilcoxson book:[p.94]:1

"He served in the Black Hawk War as a scout and patrolman, being an experienced hunter and an expert shot."
Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
JOHNSON, MOSES C     WILCOXEN, ZERILDA     FULTON     03/17/1831     A/ 8     73
They had the following children:
16 i. Charlotte (1832->1908)
17 ii. Louisa (1833-1873)
18 iii. Mary H. (1834-1871)
19 iv. Elijah W. (1838-1909)
20 v. Moses Melville (1839-)
21 vi. Deborah A. (1842-)
22 vii. Zerilda E. (1845-1923)
23 viii. America (1847-1905)
24 ix. Orrena Ellen (1850-)

On the 1850 census, Moses Cutting Johnson is listed as living in Fairview, Fulton Co., Illinois, age 43, farmer. "Value of real estate owned" is listed as "3500." His place of birth is listed as "Vt" (Vermont). "Zerilda" is listed as birthplace "NC" (North Carolina), age 38, and seven children are listed, all with "Ills." (Illinois) as their place of birth:7
Louisa, age 17, female
Elija, age 11, male
Moses M., age 10, male
Deborah, age 8, female
America, age 6, female
Zerilda, age 3, female
[Illegible, expected to be "Orrena"], "3 M" (infant, 3 months?), female
[Their daughter Mary H. was already married at age 15 and living with her husband Abraham Wallick.]

On 23 Dec 18515 when Zerilda "Jane" was 39, she second married James SNODGRASS in Knox County, Illinois.5,6

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
SNODGRASS, JAMES     JOHNSON, ZERILDA     KNOX     12/23/1851     002/0020
They had one child:
25 i. Erma B. (~1853-)

The following is from Hazel Atterbury Spraker, The Boone Family, Rutland, Vermont, 1922, reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1974 [p. 240]2
                    1978 Zerelda Wilcoxson, b. 4 Aug., 1812; d. 1874; m. 1830, Moses A. Johnson
                                (b. 1807; d. 1851), grandson of Amos Johnson, a Rev. soldier, b. 1756.
                                (See Mass. in the War of the Revolution, Vol. VIII, p. 815.)
The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958:1

319. ZERILDA WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 4 Aug., 1812, Ashe Co., N. C.; d. 16 Oct., 1874; m. 18 March, 1831, Fulton Co., Ill., Moses C. Johnson, b. 20 June, 1807, Burlington, Vt.; d. 1851. He rem. to Illinois prior to 1827 and was one of the first settlers in Fulton Co. In 1831, he settled on a farm in Fairview Twp., being the third permanent settler north of Canton. He served in the Black Hawk War as a scout and patrolman, being an experienced hunter and an expert shot. Data on this couple and their descendants have been contributed by a descendant, Mrs. Rue Hillyard, from records compiled over a period of many years by her sister, Eva Burnett.     CHILDREN:
      Some descendants have tried to establish eligibility to membership in Daughters of the American Revolution through service on the Johnson line but proof has not been found. However, descendants of Elijah and Charlotte (Calloway) Wilcoxen are eligible through the services of Benjamin Cutbirth and John Willcockson.     CHILDREN:
    +890 Charlotte Johnson, b. 5 Jan., 1832.
       891 Louisa Johnson, b. 18 May, 1833.
       892 Mary H. Johnson, b. 3 Jan., 1835.
       893 Elijah W. Johnson, b. 8 Oct., 1838.
       894 Moses M. Johnson, b. 5 Aug., 1839; m. 24 Dec., 1868, Eliza J. Dowman; had 3 sons and 3 daus.
       895 Deborah A. Johnson
       896 Zerilda Johnson, b. 3 June, 1845; d. 1 Jan., 1923, Argonia, Kans.; m. A. J. Reece.
       897 America Johnson, b. 19 Aug., 1847.
       898 Orrena Ellen Johnson, b. 11 Feb., 1850.

Ref.: "Portrait and Biographical Album, Fulton Co., Ill.," 1890. "History of Fulton Co., Ill.," 1879. These books contain much information on the Wilcoxen Family and their relatives.
From W. W. Cox, History of Seward County, Nebraska, 1888, p.244:6

MRS. JANE SNODGRASS, [Zerilda Wilcoxen]
The mother of Rev. E. W. Johnson, was born Aug. 4, 1812, in North Carolina. She was the daughter of Elijah Wilcoxsen. When she was eighteen her parents moved to Kentucky [no, she was 3 then], from thence to Fulton county, Ill. [when she was 18], and located near the present town of Lewistown. Here she married Moses C. Johnson, in 1831. In 1851 her husband was killed by a runaway team. She was the mother of nine children; two sons and seven daughters. Among these children were Rev. E. W. Johnson; Mrs. Abram Wallich, now deceased, and Mrs. Thomas Skillman. In 1853 she was again married to Mr. James Snodgrass, and by him had one daughter. The old lady died at Seward, Oct. 16, 1874. Her death was caused by injuries received from a fall from the car steps at Seward depot one dark night. She suffered much pain for several months from the injuries. When death came to her relief it found her ready, and she quietly fell asleep in the arms of her Savior.
3. Jesse Boone WILCOXEN.1 Born on 14 Sep 1813 in North Carolina.1 Jesse Boone died suddenly in Liverpool Twp., Fulton Co., Illinois on 17 Oct 1872;1 he was 59. Jesse Boone was buried in the Salem Churchyard.29 Occupation: farmer.1 Religion: Baptist.1 Alias/AKA: Jesse Boone WILCOXEN1 /WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

Military service of Jesse Boone Wilcoxen: He served with his father in the Black Hawk War1,29

On 23 Sep 1832 when Jesse Boone was 19, he first married Priscilla STUFFLEBEAM,1,5,29 daughter of early Fulton County settler William STUFFLEBEAM,1,29 in Fulton Co., Illinois.1,5 Priscilla was born about 1813. Priscilla died on 27 Jun 1854; she was about 41.1,29

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, JESSE     STUFFLEBEAM, PRISCILLA     FULTON     09/30/1832     00A/0011    00000111
They had the following children:
26 i. Infant (Died as Infant)
27 ii. Frances M. (Died as Child)
28 iii. Zerilda M. (-1863)
29 iv. Elijah C.
30 v. William C.
31 vi. Charlotte Temple
32 vii. Jesse E.
33 viii. Harvey H.
34 ix. Joseph J.

On 25 Oct 1855 when Jesse Boone was 42, he second married Margaret SMITH,1,29 in Fulton Co., Illinois. Margaret was born about 1813; she died after 1879; she was at least 66.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, JESSE     SMITH, MARGARET     FULTON     10/25/1855     00B/0294     00000256
They had the following children:
35 i. Sarah E.
36 ii. James H. (1858-)
37 iii. Jacob S. (1860-)
38 iv. Noah L.
39 v. Martha E.
40 vi. Ida B.

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [p.95]:1
320. JESSE BOONE WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 14 Sept., 1813, N.C.; d. suddenly, 17 Oct., 1872; Liverpool Twp., Fulton Co., Ill.; m. (1) 23 Sept., 1832, Fulton Co., Ill., Priscilla Stufflebeam; m. (2) Margaret Smith,, living in 1879. He served with his father in the Black Hawk War and was an extensive farmer and devout Baptist. At his death, he was survived by 12 children and about 200 descendants. Information on this couple and their descendants was contributed by Mrs. Fred Meacham, Roseville, Ill.     CHILDREN:
By 1st mar.
       899 One d. in infancy.
       900 Frances M. Wilcoxen, d. age 6.
       901 Zerilda Wilcoxen, d. 12 Oct., 1863; m. Frank Conley of Macomb, Ill.
       902 Elijah C. Wilcoxen
       903 William C. Wilcoxen
    +904 Charlotte T. Wilcoxen
       905 Jesse E Wilcoxen, m. Margaret Shields.
       906 Harvey H. Wilcoxen
       907 Joseph J. Wilcoxen
By 2nd mar.
       908 Sarah E . Wilcoxen, m. Jasper N. Walker.
       909 James H. Wilcoxen, b. 16 Jan., 1858, Liverpool Twp., Fulton Co., Ill.
       910 Jacob S. Wilcoxen, b. 1860; m. 18 Nov., 1885, Maude E. Hummel..
       911 Noah L Wilcoxen.
       912 Martha E. Wilcoxen, m. Peter Havermale.
       913 Ida B. Wilcoxen
The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29
A farmer [William C. Willcoxen] of long residence and marked prominence in Fulton County is located in Section 17, Liverpool Twp. He was born in that section, Nov. 6, 1841, a son of Jesse B. and Priscilla (Stufflebeam) Willcoxen, and a grandson of Captain Elijah Willcoxen. On coming to Fulton County about 1831, he located on Sect. 17 and the tract of land which he then entered up has continued in the possession of his descendants ever since that period.

Jesse B. Willcoxen first wedded Priscilla STUFFLEBEAM, a daughter of William Stufflebeam who settled in Fulton County at an early period. From this union resulted nine children, of whom the first born died in infancy. The others were:
Francis M. who died at age of six years
Zerilda, who married Frank CONLEY, a resident of Macomb, IL,
      and died Oct 12, 1863, leaving three children.
Elijah C. who is engaged in farming in Liverpool Twp.
William C. subject of this sketch
Charlotte T. widow of B. L. HARRISON, resident of Liverpool Twp.
Jesse B., deceased, who was the husband of Margaret SHIELDS,
      whose home is in Lewistown
Henry H., who also lives in that town
Joseph J. who lives on the old homestead

The mother of this family departed this life June 27, 1854, and the father subsequently married Margaret SMITH, by whom he had six children:
Sarah E. wife of Jasper N. WALKER, of Lewistown
James H. and Jacob S. who are jointly operating the homestead farm
Noah L. who carries on farming in Liverpool Twp.
Martha O., wife of Peter HAVERMILL, of Canton
Ida B. who makes her home with her mother in Joshua Twp.

Jesse B. Willcoxen died Oct. 17 1872, and was buried in the Salem Churchyard. He was a plain unassuming man, of upright character, and enjoyed the respect of all who knew him. Together with his father he helped to reclaim the lands from the wilderness, and also participated with his father in the Black Hawk War.

4. Nancy M. WILCOXEN.1 Born after 1811 in North Carolina.1 before 1820. Nancy M. died on 12 Dec 1883.1 Alias/AKA: Nancy M. WILCOXEN1 /WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 2 Jan 18345 when Nancy M. was 23, she married William HUMMELL,1,5 son of Jacob HUMMELL & Fanny McNAUGHTON, in Fulton Co., Illinois.1,5 William was born in Dec 1810 in Licking Co., Ohio.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
HUMMELL, WILLIAM     WILLCOCKSON, NANCY M     FULTON     01/02/1834     00A/0016     00000039
They had the following children:
41 i. Mary E.
42 ii. Isaiah M. (1837->1876)
43 iii. John Calhoun
44 iv. Anna Frances (1843-)
45 v. Jesse B.
46 vi. Charlotte
47 vii. Nancy M.
48 viii. Lavinia

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958:1

321. NANCY M. WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. N. C.; d. 12 Dec., 1883; m. 2 Jan., 1834, Fulton Co., Ill., William Hummel, b. Dec., 1810, Licking Co., Ohio, son of Jacob and Fanny (McNaughton) Hummel, from Chester Co., Penn.     CHILDREN:
       914 Mary E. Hummel, lived in Davis Co., Iowa, 1879.
    +915 Isaiah M. Hummel
       916 John Calhoun Hummel, lived at Golden, (Boulder Co.) Colo., in 1879.
    +917 Anna F. Hummel
       918 Jesse B. Hummel
       919 Charlotte Hummel
       920 Nancy M. Hummel
    +921 Lavinia Hummel
5. Mary Emaline WILCOXEN.5 Born after 1811. Mary Emaline died on 24 Feb 1894; she was 83. Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 3 May 18385 when Mary Emaline was 27, she married Isaac COPE,5 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.5. Isaac was born before 1825.

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
COPE, ISAAC     WILLCOCKSON, MARY EMALINE    FULTON     05/03/1838    00A/0044     00000033
6. Major Elijah Calloway WILCOXEN.1 Born on 12 Mar 1817 in Estill Co., Kentucky.1 Elijah Calloway died in Fulton Co., Illinois on 22 Jan 1872; he was 54.1 Occupation: farmer and managed a mill.1 Cause of death: He had an accident in which his thigh was broken and he died from the effects.1

On 22 Sep 1836 when Elijah Calloway was 19, he married Prudence PUTMAN,8,1 daughter of Redding PUTMAN & Stacy COMBS,36 in Fulton County, Ilinois.8,9,1 Prudence was born on 22 Sep 1820 in Fulton County, Illinois.9 Prudence died in Fulton County, Ilinois in 1883; she was 62.8,9,1


Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5

WILLCOXEN, ELIJAH C       PUTMAN, PRUDENCE      FULTON       09/22/1836     00A/0028    00000056
They had the following children:
49 i. Redding P.
50 ii. Elvira (1839-1899)
51 iii. Nancy Matilda
52 iv. Elijah
53 v. Jane
54 vi. James M. (1848-1917)
55 vii. Prudence (1851-1925)
56 viii. Calloway
57 ix. Douglas
58 x. Rebecca
59 xi. Infant (Died as Infant)
60 xii. Infant (Died as Infant)
61 xiii. Infant (Died as Infant)
62 xiv. Infant (Died as Infant)

From Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox) [p.96]:1
322. ELIJAH CALLOWAY WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 12 March, 1817, Estill Co., Ky.; d. 22 Jan., 1872, Fulton Co., Ill.; m. 22 Sept., 1836, Prudence Putnam[sic, Putman], d. 1883, dau. of Redding Putnam[sic, Putman], an early settler of Putnam[sic, Putman] Twp., Ill.
      Maj. E. Calloway Wilcoxen was a farmer and managed a mill. He was a Democrat and held may civil offices, including that of Supervisor of Liverpool, 1859-60. He had an accident in which his thigh was broken and he died from the effects. Information on them and their descendants was contributed by Mrs. Fred E. Meacham, Roseville, Ill., and by Misses Amy and Linda Faw, Chillicothe, Ill.     CHILDREN:
(b. Liverpool Twp., Ill.)
       922 Redding Wilcoxen went to Lamar, Mo.
    +923 Elvira Wilcoxen, m. Amos Faw (No. 653)
    +924 Nancy M. Wilcoxen
       925 Elijah Wilcoxen, d. at age 18.
       926 Jane Wilcoxen m. Andrew Shields.
       927 James M. Wilcoxen, b. 26 March, 1848.
       928 Prudence Wilcoxen went to the State of Washington.
       929 Calloway Wilcoxen, d. at age 18.
       930 Douglas Wilcoxen
       931 Rebecca Wilcoxen m. Alfred Ray.
       932 d. in infancy.
       933 "    "        "
       934 "    "        "
       935 "    "        "
The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29
He [James M. Willcoxen] was born in Liverpool Twp., Mar 26, 1848, a son of Elijah C. and Prudence (PUTMAN) Willcoxen. Elijah C. was a son of Captain Elijah Willcoxen, whose career is portrayed in another portion of this volume.

Prudence PUTMAN was the daughter of Redding PUTMAN who was a soldier of the Black Hawk War, and is long since deceased.

Elijah C. Willcoxen was the father of a family of 14 children, four of whom died in infancy. The others are as follows:
Redding, who live in Lamar, MO
Elvira, deceased wife of Amos FALL, also deceased, leaving two
      children, Post and Ray.
Nancy, wife of William SHIELDS, a farmer of Liverpool Twp., a sketch
      of whose life is contained in this work.
Elijah, who died at age eighteen
Jane, deceased wife of Andrew SHIELDS, who is engaged in farming
      in Buckheart Twp.
James M.
Prudence, married and a resident of the state of Washington
Calloway, who died at the age of eighteen
Douglas, a farmer in Liverpool Twp.
Rebecca, deceased wife of Alfred RAY

The father of this family departed this life in 1872, and the mother passed away in 1883. Both were prominent and highly respected members of the community. He and his wife were members of the Baptist Church. In politics he was a Democrat, and he filled various township offices.

7. Andrew Jackson WILCOXEN. Born on 7 Dec 1818 in Estill Co., Kentucky.1 Immigrated to Moved to California. Returned to Fulton Co., Illinois, sold out, and moved to Arizona by 1879.1 Andrew Jackson died on 22 Mar 1884; he was 65.1 Occupation: farmer.10 Alias/AKA: Andrew J. WILCOXEN.1 /WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

From Wulfeck's Wilcoxson book:[.67]1
He opened a large farm in Liverpool Twp., on which he built a fine brick house, with other improvements. He sold out and moved to California. After a few years, he returned to Fulton Co., Ill. but later sold out again and moved to Arizona where he was farming and raising stock in 1879.
Andrew Jackson Wilcoxen was 32 at the time of the 19 Dec 1850 census in Illinois, which lists him as a farmer owning real estate worth $2500 living in Liverpool, Fulton Co., born in Kentucky, married to Mary J. age 31, with two children:10
Daniel B., age 6
Sarah E., age 4
On 20 Jun 18395 when Andrew Jackson was 20, he married Mary Jane GRIGGSBY,5 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.5 Mary Jane was born about 1819.10 She was 31 at the time of the 19 Dec 1850 census in Illinois.10 Alias/AKA: Mary Jane GRIGSBY.

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILLCOCKSON, ANDREW JACKSON     GRIGGSBY, MARY JANE     FULTON     06/20/1839     00A/0055     00000060
They had the following children:
63 i. Daniel B. (~1844-)
64 ii. Sarah E. (1846-)

8. Elizabeth Caroline WILCOXEN.1 Born in 1824.1 Elizabeth Caroline died in Fulton Co., Illinois on 4 Apr 1863; she was 39.1 Alias/AKA: Elizabeth C. WILCOXEN1 /WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 19 Nov 1840 when Elizabeth Caroline was 16, she married William H. SMITH,1 son of Henry SMITH (4 Jul 1777-) & Mary FRY (5 Jun 1783-14 Feb 1829), in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1 William H. was born on 4 Feb 1819 in Smithfield, Jefferson Co., Virginia.1 Occupation: He held positions as Supervisor, Town Clerk, Trustee and Justice of the Peace.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
SMITH, WILLIAM H     WILLCOCKSON, ELIZABETH CAROLINE     FULTON     11/19/1840     00A/0074     00000113
They had the following children:
65 i. Henry
66 ii. John
67 iii. Mary Virginia
68 iv. Frances
69 v. Lavina
70 vi. Louise Jane
71 vii. Elizabeth Anna
72 viii. Marshall W.
73 ix. Charlotte
74 x. James D.
75 xi. William Henry

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [starting on p.96]:1
325. ELIZABETH C. WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 1824; d. 4 April., 1863, Fulton Co., Ill., at the age of 38 years, 7 months and 5 days; m. 19 Nov., 1840, William H. Smith, who m. (1) 24 May, 1839, her cousin, Lavina Bybee, (No. 335) who d. 1839. He was b. 4 Feb., 1819, Smithfield, Jefferson Co., Va., son of Henry and Mary (Fry) Smith. He mar. (3) 6 May, 1866, Abby Mason, by whom he had four children: Elizabeth C., Charles, Hattie, and Marcus Smith. He held positions as Supervisor, Town Clerk, Trustee and Justice of the Peace. Henry Smith was born in Brandenburg, Prussia, 4 July, 1777; m. Mary Fry, b. 5 June, 1783, Va.; d. 14 Feb., 1829. They had John, Catherine, Phoebe, Frances, Mary Eliza, Harriet, William H., Elizabeth and Braxton Smith.     CHILDREN:     (None by 1st mar.)
By 2nd mar. (Perhaps one more.)
       936 Henry Smith
       937 John Smith
       938 Mary V. Smith m. G. Cobleigh, b. 19 April, 1867, Lisbon, Grafton
                  Co., N. H., son of Royal Erastus and Mercy (Gay) Cobleigh.
       939 Frances Smith m. C. N. Coykendall.
       940 Lavina Smith
       941 Louise J. Smith m. James R. Ellis.
       942 Elizabeth A. Smith m. G. C. Glassford.
       943 Marshall Smith m. Rettie Spencer.
       944 Charlotte Smith
       945 James D. Smith
       946 William Henry Smith
9. Anna Adeline WILCOXEN.1 Born on 10 Dec 1825 in Estill Co., Kentucky.1 Anna Adeline died on 6 Jun 1904; she was 78.1 Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 30 May 1850 when Anna Adeline was 24, she first married Joseph Appleton VAIL,1,5 son of Hugh M. VAIL & Rebecca COMPTON, in Fulton Co., Illinois.1 Joseph Appleton was born on 6 Jun 1826 in Middletown, Ohio.1 Joseph Appleton died 19 May 1852; he was 25.1,28 Cause of death: severe injuries he suffered in the Great Hailstorm of 27 May 1850.28

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5

VAIL, JOSEPH A     WILLCOCKSON, ANNA A     FULTON     05/30/1850     00B/0137     00B/0137
They had one child:
76 i. Joseph C. (1851-1935)

On 24 Jun 1866 when Anna Adeline was 40, she second married George Washington RAY,1 son of William RAY & Juliann FAW.1 George Washington was born on 24 Jul 1843 in Ashe Co., North Carolina.1 (Another source says 24 Jul 1842.) George W. Ray had come in 1865 from North Carolina, where he had served during the Civil War as a confederate soldier in Co. B, 6th N.C. Cavalry.28 He immigrated to Los Angeles, California.1 After the death of his first wife Anna Adeline, on 6 Feb 1905 George Washington second married her niece, Esther Amelia Wilcoxen.28 George Washington died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma28 on 31 May 1923 (also seen: 30 May 1923); he was 79.11,28 The remains of George Washington Ray were brought home and he was buried in the Wilcoxen cemetery in Fulton Co., Ilinois.28

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [p.97]:1

326. ANNA ADELINE WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 10 Dec., 1825, Estill Co., Ky.; d. 6 June, 1904, m. (1) 30 May, 1850, Joseph Appleton Vail, b. 6 June, 1826, Middletown, Ohio; d. May, 1852, son of Hugh M. and Rebecca (Compton) Vail; m. (2) 24 June, 1866, George W. Ray, b. 24 July, 1843, Ashe Co., N. C., son of William Ray. He m. (2) 6 Feb., 1905, Amelia Esther (Wilcoxen) Byers. (No. 956) He moved to Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Fred Meacham, Roseville, Ill., compiled the information on their descendants and the papers for Lana Kay Vail's application for membership in Children of the American Revolution.     CHILD:
    +947 Joseph C. Vail
The following was given to Mary Kay Frank Armstrong, a descendant of Marshall Ney Wilcoxen, by her grandmother, Lois Alexandria Goodman:

"Copy of a letter written by Aunt Anna. This copy was possessed by Lois Alexandria Goodman. I don't know where the original is. The offspring of Metta Goodman also had this copy."12
                                                Maples Mill, Illinois
                                                Oct. 19, 1897
Dear Brother,

      We received your letter in due time. We are all as well as common. Brother Jerries wife is not very well, all the rest so far as I know, of the relatives are in usual health.
      Addie Goodman has got back from N.C. much improved in health and delighted with her visit. She went to see the old homestead, where our own dear Mother was raised. She says it is a beautiful place, a grand brick house, on a slight eminence, overlooking the clear rolling New River. Uncle Shade Calloway's widow holds a life lease on it, then, there will be something coming to Mothers children. Aunt Caroline write me that Uncle Shade willed a part of his land to his sisters. Addie went to see Aunt Caroline, she says she is the sweetest, spryest little woman she ever saw, she was delighted to see Addie and sent Love and good wishes to all of us.
      Now, I will give you the history of our family, well as I know it; beginning with our Great-grandfather; John Wilcoxin he came from Wales, sometime in the 16th century, settles in Roan County, N.C. there he married Rachel Boone, sister to Daniel Boone, they were parents of our Grandfather. Lamiel Wilcoxin he married Annie Jordon, they were the parents of our Father, Elijah Wilcoxin, he married Charlotte Calloway in Nov. 21st 1811. Grandfather Elijah Calloway was the son of Col. Dick Calloway, who figured in the first settlement of Kentucky, with Daniel Boone, he married Mary Cutboard, daughter of Benjamin Cutbard. Rachel and Mary Boone were sisters, so our Father was a cousin to Grandmother Calloway.
      Father Elijah Wilcoxin was born July 28 - 1789 and died July 3 - 1860.
Our Mother; Charlotte Calloway Wilcoxin: was born April 2 1792 and died June 18 - 1875.
      Now if there is anything more you would like to know I will answer the best I can. With love to all.
                              Love and best wishes,
                              Your sister, Anna

The following notes are from Mary Kay Frank Armstrong, a descendant of Marshall Ney Wilcoxen:
The above letter was written by Anna Adeline Willcockson b. 12-10-1825 d. 6-6-1904. She married Joseph Appleton Vail on 5-30-1850 and later George W. Ray on 6-24-1866 (Joseph Vail died 5-19-1852).

Also collected by someone and attached to this letter is a History of the Willcoxen family:

John Willcoxen was born in Wales. He came to America when a young man, sometime in the 18th century. He settled in Rowan Co., NC and married Rachel Boone, a sister of Daniel Boone, the great pioneer of Kentucky and Missouri. Their son, Samuel Willcoxen, was born in NC. Samuel Willcoxen married Anna Jordan, also a native of NC, and their family consisted of ten cheldren; Squire, Samuel, Isaiah, Jesse, Elijah, Alfred, Sarah, Mary, Debbie, and Frances.

(Note: A somewhat conflicting account has it that Sara Boone, eldest sister of Daniel Boone, was born on June 18, 1724 in Berks Co., PA and there married John Willcoxen on May 29, 1742 at age eighteen and moved to NC with Squire Boone's family. According to this account, Samuel Willcoxen had several brothers and sisters: John, George, Issac, Daniel, Israel, Elizabeth (who married Benjamin Cutbirth), Mary (who married a Walker), Rachel (who married William Bryant), Sara (who married Thomas Higgins), and William. Daniel Willcoxen, a Revolutionary War soldier, was about the middle of the family and gave the date of his birth as March 3, 1755).

Elijah Willcoxen, son of Samuel and Anna Jordan Willcoxen, was born July (24th or 28th) 1789 in Ashe Co., NC. Charlotte Calloway, daughter of Elijah and Mary Cutbirth Calloway, was born April (21st or 2nd) 1792 in Ashe Co., NC Elijah Willcoxen and Charlotte Calloway were married on Nov. 21, 1811 and settled in Estill Co., KY.

(Note: Elijah Calloway, for many years a prominent member of the NC legislaturre, was the son of Col. Dick Calloway who figured in the first settlement of KY with Daniel Boone. Mary Cutbirth was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Willcoxen Cutbirth. The name "Cutbirth" has also been stated as "Cutbard.")

Elijah and Charlotte Calloway Willcoxen had fourteen children:

Viz Zerilda b. 8-4-1812 m. Moses M. Johnson 3-17-1831. She d. 10-16-1874
Jesse Boone b. 9-14-1814 m. Priscilla Stufflebean 9-23-1832. He d. 10-17-1872
Nancy M. b. 1-13-1816 d. 12-12-1883; m. William Hummel 1-2-1834
Elijah Calloway b. 3-12-1817 d. 1-20-1872 m. Prudence Putman 9-22-1836; m. Nancy J. Shelby 11-28-1858
Andrew Jackson b. 12-7-1818 d. 3-22-1884; m. Mary J. Grigsby 6-20-1839
Mary Emaline b. 12-31-1819 d. 2-24-1894; m. Isaac Cope 5-3-1838
Isaiah M. b. 2-8-1822 d. 1822. He died in infancy.
Elizabeth Caroline b. 8-3-1824 d. 4-15-1862; m. William H. Smith 11-19-1840
Anna Adeline b. 12-10-1825 d. 6-6-1904; m. Joseph Appleton Vail 5-30-1850; m. George W. Ray 6-24-1866.
Marshall Ney b. 9-5-1827 d. 1-5-1901 ; m. Harriet Laswell 5-4-1854
James Calvin b. 7-23-1829 d. 12-31-1907 m. Clarissa Putman 9-10-1851; m. Mary Alice Hair 9-1879
Charlotte b. 12-17-1830 d. 1840 at age 10
Jeremiah F. b. 12-17-1833 d. 1-4-1912; m. Lorinda Ryner 2-21-1867 m. Mary C. Hendrickson 1-19-1890.
America b. 12-11-1834 d. 10-13-1884; m. Joseph M. Jacobs 8-2-1855.

Elijah Willcoxen was a volunteer in the War of 1812, and he also served in the Black Hawk War. He entered as a private and was promoted to captain. Elijah Willcoxen and family moved from KY to IL in Nov. 1830 and settled in Liverpool township of Fulton Co. (near Lewistown). He was a pillar in the regular Baptist Church, a Justice of the Peace for many years and served in nearly all of the offices in the township.

Capt. Elijah Willcoxen, a grand nephew of Daniel Boone, died on July 3, 1860. His twelve grown children were at his funeral. At the time of his death, his posterity numbered 114. His wife Charlotte Calloway Willcoxen died on june 18, 1875 and her posterity numbered 204.

Six sons of Capt. Elijah Willcoxen lived on and owned farms adjoining the old homestead at the time of their father's death. The Willcoxen family owned land north and south for three miles on each side of the road. Capt. Elijah and his wife Charlotte were interred in the Willcoxen cemetery near Bryant.

The following is the obituary for Anna Adeline Wilcoxen:28
The Death Record
Mrs. Anna Wilcoxen-Ray

Died in the family home in Liverpool tp., June 6, aged 78, after an illness of several years. She was a daughter to the late Capt. Elijah Wilcoxen and wife and was born in Estill co., Ky., 10 Dec. 1825. This famous and honored family soon thereafter came to Fulton co. and settled on the farm now owned and occupied by Ex-sheriff J.F. Wilcoxen.
         She was married, 30 May 1850, to Joseph Appleton Vail, who was born in Ohio in 1826. The Democrat has been in error as to his death. He was not killed in the Great Hailstorm of 27 May 1850, but was severely injured by the hail, altho he was married three days later. It is inferred that he never recovered from his injuries. He died, 19 May 1852. Their one child, Joseph C. Vail, now resides on his farm in the same neighborhood.
         Mrs. Vail was again married, 24 June 1866, to George W. Ray who had come, a year earlier, from North Carolina, where he had served during the civil war as a confederate soldier in Co. B, 6th N.C. Cavalry. It has been an ideal married life all these long 38 years. Very rare has been the devotion of this childless couple to each other. His gentleness and chivalry toward her during her long illness is characteristic of the impetuous and daring young cavalryman who courted death for the land of his love on an hundred southern battlefields.
         The bravest are the gentlest,
         The tender are the true.
         The editor well remembers Anna Adeline Wilcoxen as a girl of surpassing beauty in person and character -- the dark-eyed and rosy-cheeked queen of her father's stately and hospitable home. Happy beyond telling were the childhood visits this to typical old southern mansion that seemed transplanted with its kindly master and mistress and noble sons and daughters from the sunny south to the wilds of Illinois. In the long years since then this editor has gloried in the friendship of this noble woman and her kindred. Faithful unto death to every duty as daughter, wife, mother and neighbor she went to her burial, yesterday, midst the reverent grief of young and old who knew her. Rev. Dr. George of Elmwood held services in Salem church at 2 p.m. The old church was profusely decorated by loving hands and a great audience was present to testify to their love for this sainted woman. The sermon and the songs by a Lewistown quartet made a sweet service that will long be remembered. The burial was in the Wilcoxen cemetery near by Mrs. Ray's childhood home.
The following is the obituary for George Washington Ray:28
Civil War Veteran Of The Liverpool District Is Called In Oklahoma
         The remains of George W. Ray, former Liverpool township resident, and veteran of the confederate army, have arrived here from Oklahoma City, OK, where he died May 31. The funeral will be held from the Ray homestead in Liverpool township Tuesday forenoon at 11 o'clock. The Rev. Swisher of Lewistown will officiate and burial will be in the Wilcoxen cemetery.
         Mr. Ray, who was widely-known and held in high esteem in this county, was born in Ashe county, North Carolina, July 24, 1843, and was 79 years, 10 months and seven days old. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ray.
         He entered the confederate army in North Carolina and served three years in the sixth N.C. cavalry. At the conclusion of his service in the army of the south he came to Illinois in 1865 and settled in Fulton county.
Married in 1866
         On June 24, 1866, he was united in marriage to Anna Wilcoxen Vail, daughter of the late Elijah Wilcoxen. They located on a farm in Liverpool township, where the decedent continued to live until last July, when he went to Oklahoma City to make his home.
         Mrs. Ray died in 1904 on June 6 and the decedent was united in marriage the second time to Esther Amelia Wilcoxen. The wedding was performed in Feb. 1906. She died June 20, 1922.
         Early in life Mr. Ray became a member of the Baptist church at Salem and had been a faithful and devoted member.
          "Uncle George", as he was known, was a loyal friend and neighbor and was especially kind to those in need. These sterling qualities caused him to be loved by all.
         He is survived by one brother, James A. Ray of Centralia, Wash., and a half brother and sister, Wiley A. Ray, Maples Mills, and Mrs. Ida Clemons of Los Angeles, Calif.
         The following step-children are living: Fred and Harry Byers of Liverpool township, Mrs. Della Barnes, N.D., and Mrs. Lou Marss of Oklahoma City.
10. Marshall Ney WILCOXEN.12,1 Born on 5 Sep 1827 in Estill Co., Kentucky.1 Resided in on part of his father's estate.1 Marshall Ney died in Illinois on 5 Jan 1901; he was 73.12,1 Occupation: farmer,10 milling and lumber business.1 Alias/AKA: Marshall Ney WILCOXEN1 /WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

Wulfeck's book says [p.97]1:
"He resided on part of his father's estate and engaged in milling and lumber business."
On 4 May 18545 when Marshall Ney was 26, he married Harriet A. LASWELL,5 daughter of Andrew LASWELL & Barbara BAUGHMAN, in Fulton Co., IL.12,1 Harriet A. was born 26 Mar 1836 on the Laswell farm, west of Cuba, Illinois.1,12 Harriet A. died in Illinois on 7 Jan 1903 at the old family home in Liverpool township;28 she was 66. She was buried in the Wilcoxen cemetery.28 Cause of death: paralysis after she suffered three strokes.28 Alias/AKA: Harriet LASSWELL.12

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOCKSON, MARSHALL N     LASWELL, HARRIET A     FULTON     05/04/1854     00B/0250    00000111
They had the following children:
77 i. Calvin L. (1855-1905)
78 ii. Esther Amelia (1857-)
79 iii. Jeremiah C. (1859-)
80 iv. Harriet (Twin) (1861-ca1862)
81 v. Marshall Ney (Twin) (1861-)
82 vi. Charlotte Adeline (1863-1926)
83 vii. Nellie Florence (1866-)
84 viii. Francis B. (1868-)
85 ix. Margaret E. (1870-)
86 x. Mary Inez (1873-1944)
87 xi. Infant (Died as Infant) (1876-1876)
88 xii. George Ray (1877-1901)
89 xiii. Jessie Estelle (1880-)

From Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox) [p.97]:1
329. MARSHALL NEY WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 5 Sept, 1827, Estill Co., Ky.; d. 5 Jan., 1901; m. 4 May, 1854, Harriet Laswell, b. 26 March, 1836; d. 7 Jan., 1903, dau. of Andrew and Barbara (Baughman) Laswell, early settlers of Putnam[sic, Putman] Twp. He resided on part of his father's estate and engaged in milling and lumber business.     CHILDREN:
(b. Fulton Co., Ill.)
       955 Calvin L. Wilcoxen, b. 11 Aug., 1855; d. 6 March, 1905.
       956 Amelia Esther Wilcoxen, b. 8 Feb., 1857; m. (1) John Byers; m. (2)
                 6 Feb., 1905, George W. Ray. (No. 326)
       957 Jeremiah C. Wilcoxen, b. 17 Feb., 1859; moved to Los Angeles, Calif.
       958 Marshall Ney Wilcoxen, Jr. b. 3 May, 1861.
       959 Harriet Wilcoxen, b. 3 May, 1861, d. in infancy.

       960 Charlotte A. Wilcoxen, b. 12 Sept., 1863; m. Harvey Goodman; res.
                 Asheville, N. C.
       961 Nellie Florence Wilcoxen, b. 12 Oct., 1866; m. Edward Kline.
       962 Francis B. Wilcoxen, b. 12 Oct., 1868 d. in infancy.
       963 Margaret E. Wilcoxen, b. 16 Oct., 1870; m. Seth Farwell of Calloway, Neb.
       964 Mary Inez Wilcoxen, b. 7 Sept., 1873; m. William Repass.
       965 One infant, b. and d. 20 June, 1876.
       966 George Ray Wilcoxen, b. 2 Nov., 1877; d. 5 Jan., 1901.
       967 Jesse E. Wilcoxen, b. 12 July, 1880.

The following are two obituaries for Marshall Ney Wilcoxen:28
Marshall N. Wilcoxen
         Marshall N. Wilcoxen, who died at his home near Maples Mills on Saturday morning, January 5, 1901, of paralysis, came to this county when but 3 years of age from Estill county, Kentucky, where he was born on the 5th day of September, 1827, his parents being Capt. Elijah and Charlotte Wilcoxen of the old North Carolina stock. With the present day advantages that are given our young men and women for securing an education, and enjoying the social functions of life, but little conception can be had of what this aged man had to pass through before reaching manhood. In those days a young man had to attend school in a log school house with greased paper for window panes and a log fireplace from which to warm his toes, with nothing but wooden benches split from trees upon which to sit during the long school hours. Notwithstanding all theses disadvantages Mr. Wilcoxen acquired an education beyond that of the average youth of those days, and with it he acquired character that remained with him to his death. It was of that kind that won him distinction as a man whose word was regarded as good as his bond. It is seldom that a man resides in one neighborhood for seventy years and almost on the same spot where he spent his childhood days, and through all these years retains the confidence, love, and esteem of his neighbors, but this is what Mr. Wilcoxen has done, and so remarkably, that several times during his life he was called upon to fill places of trust, which were always executed with marked ability and honesty.
          During the seventy years that Mr. Wilcoxen has resided in Liverpool township he demonstrated great industry as well as perseverance. When he took possession of his farm it was a wilderness in the forest and the home of wild beasts and game, such as were found plentiful in the early days in Illinois, prior to the winter of the deep snow, and it required the hardest kind of work to place the ground in a condition to raise a crop. But with a never faultering will and willing bands he finally succeeded in bringing it under cultivation, and where today is one of the best tracts of land in Fulton county was but a few years ago the home of varmints. It is to the energy and industry of Mr. Wilcoxen that this change is due. After the clearing of land was completed the next in order was to prepare the ground for a crop, and to do this was used the old wooden moul-board plow and the forked trunk of a tree as a wagon. With these as his tools Mr. Wilcoxen carved out the forest and paved his way to a fortune, a part of which he lived to enjoy in his declining years
          He was the father of thirteen children. He has one sister and two brothers living -- Mrs. Anna Ray at Maple Mills, Jerry of Liverpool township and James of South Dakota.
          He was married in 1854 to Miss Harriet Lasswell, who was born in Fulton county in 1836, her parents being natives of Virginia and coming to Fulton county in 1825, settling near where Cuba is now located.
          Mr. Wilcoxen was a member of the Baptist church, in which faith he had lived for many years and in which he died. The funeral will take place from the Baptist church at Salem, where the remains will be laid to rest.

Death and Burial of Marshall N. Willcoxen
Editor Democrat: When I was informed by telephone last Saturday, Jan. 5, that Mr. Marshall N. Willcoxen had died that morning I felt that Fulton county had lost one of her most substantial and honorable, tho unpretentious, citizens. I took it as a great honor that the family wished me to preach and conduct the services at his funeral. As I approached the home Tuesday morning I vividly recalled the last visit I had made there more than nine years ago. It is one of my golden memories, for I went to bear my part in a double wedding, and on the journey from Lewistown and back I had for my companion my own beloved daughter Margaret, who was near the same age as the two beautiful blue-eyed, golden-haired brides. I remember the father that day, justly proud and happy in the happiness of his children, yet with that thoughtful and subdued happiness which must express itself on the countenance of one who is turning his daughters over to new destinies. Now that father has gone from the earthly to the heavenly home by the same sort of sudden death (from heart failure) by which our Margaret went more than three years ago. Both of them died as they had often expressed the wish to die. Their prayer was not, "From sudden death, good Lord, deliver us," but rather that which should be the prayer of us all: "For sudden death, good Lord, Make us always ready."
          I am glad that Mr. Willcoxen's last hour on earth was brightened by an incident of peculiar domestic happiness. His wife, with whom he had lived in mutual and faithful love for more than 46 years, had been suffering from the effects of a stroke of paralysis, and on Saturday morning, Jan. 5, had come to sit with him at the breakfast table for the first time in three months. From that feast at which her presence brought such joy he passed to sit down, as the Bible says, "with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of God."
          May the tender compassion of our Lord support and comfort her who was thus unexpectedly left behind in this lower world. She has the respect, affection and sympathy of all her neighbors and of the far-reaching circle of kindred. She has the reverential love of her children and grandchildren. May her hopes and views of the heavenly home grow clearer because it holds him with whose life her own had grown into such perfect unison thru these many years.
          Marshall N. Willcoxen was born in Estell county, Ky., 5 Sept. 1827, and at the time of his death at his home in Liverpool tp., Fulton county, Ill., he was exactly 73 years and 4 months of age. His father, Capt. Elijah Willcoxen, who died in 1860 at the age of 70, was described by the editor of The Democrat as more completely fulfilling his idea of how the old patriarchs looked than any one he had ever seen. The son went three years beyond his father in age, yet his hair and beard were only partly touched with gray, and one who saw him in his coffin would not have thought him to be much beyond 60.
          He was married, 4 May 1854, in Cuba, Ill., to Miss Harriet Laswell. Thirteen children were born to them, of whom 10 survive, with the mother. About 70 out of his 73 years were spent in Liverpool tp. For about 50 years he was a member of the regular Baptist church, and at his death was one of the faithful few still belonging to the old Salem church. There was no one to question the genuineness of his religion. It is not thought that he had an enemy in the world. He was a man whose word could be believed, whose promise could be relied upon; whose dealings were honorable, and whose heart was kind. His honorable life extended thru nearly three-quarters of the 19th century. At the opening of the 20th he passed, as we believe, into that higher life which is not reckoned by these short measures of earth.
                                                                                                                              Benj. Y. George
          (The editor was first advised of the burial of his old friend on Tuesday, by Mr. John FitzHenry the day after.)
The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29
A well known and successful farmer and stock-raised, on Section 4, Liverpool Twp., he [George Ray Willcoxen] was born there on November 2, 1877, a son of Marshall N., and Harriet (LASSWELL) Willcoxen, natives of Fulton County. His grandparents, Captain Elijah and Charlotte (CALLOWAY) Willcoxen, were natives of NC.

Marshall Willcoxen was born in Estill Co., KY on Sept. 5, 1827, and came with his parents to Fulton Co., IL in 1830. On May 4, 1854 he was united in matrimony with Harriet Lasswell, a native of Fulton Co., and a daughter of Andrew and Barbara (BAUGHMAN) Lasswell, of whom the latter was born in Trumbull County, Ohio.

The union of Marshall N. and Harriet Lasswell resulted in the following children:
Calvin L. who was born Aug. 11, 1855, and died Mar. 6, 1905
Esther A., widow of John BYERS, born Feb. 8, 1857.
Jerry C., born Feb. 17, 1859, now a resident of Los Angeles CA.
Marshall N. and Harriet, twins born May 3 1861, of whom the
      latter died in infancy, and the former is engaged in farming
      in Liverpool Twp.
Charlotte A., b. Sept 12, 1863, who married Harvey GOODMAN, and
      is a resident of Ashe Co. NC.
Nellie F., born Oct 12, 1866, widow of Edward KLINE, who resides
      in Canton.
Francis B., born Oct 12 1868, who died in infancy.
Margaret, b. Oct. 16, 1870, who is the wife of Seth FARWELL,
      a resident of Callaway, NE.
Mary I. b. Sep. 7, 1873, who married William REPASS, a farmer
      of Liverpool Twp.
One who died in infancy, Jun 20, 1876
George R. b.Nov. 2, 1877
Jesse E., b. Jul 12, 1880

Marshall N. (now deceased) was a leading citizen of Fulton County. His son George R. now operates the old home farm, and which has been in the family name for more than 50 years.

He died Jan. 5, 1901 and his widow passed away Jan. 17, 1903. He was a member of the Baptist Church, she of the Christian Church.

The following are two obituaries for Harriet A. Laswell:28

Mrs. Harriet Willcoxen
Died at the old family home in Liverpool tp., 17 Jan. 1903, of paralysis, aged 67. She was a daughter to the famous pioneer, Andrew Laswell, of Putman tp., and was born on the famous Laswell farm, west of Cuba, 26 March 1836. In girlhood she was married to the late Marshall Ney Willcoxen, one of the noble sons of that famous Liverpool pioneer, Captain Elijah Willcoxen. On both sides were grand families of southern blood, the Willcoxens coming from Tennessee and the Laswells from Kentucky. To deceased and her husband were born a large family, of whom these survive:
          Calvin Wilcoxen, Maple's Mill; George Willcoxen, Maple's Mill; M.N. Willcoxen Jr., St. David; Jerry Willmon, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Ina Repass, Mrs. Maggie Farwell, Mrs. Flora Kline, all of Maple's Mill; Mrs. Amelia Willcoxen, Lewistown; Mrs. Addie Moody, Tennessee; Mrs. Arthur White of Peoria.
          She was one of the truest and noblest women, as her husband was one of the grandest men, we have ever known.
          Rev. B.Y. George of Elmwood conducted funeral services at the home yesterday at 11 a.m. The burial was in the Willcoxen graveyard. An immense assemblage attended the funeral.


          Harriet L. Willcoxen, widow of the late M.N. Willcoxen, whose sudden death occurred Jan. 5, 1900, died of paralysis at her home in Liverpool tp., Jan. 17, 1903, after an illness of about two weeks. She had suffered two strokes before this, the third one proving fatal. Harriett Laswell-Willcoxen was born near Cuba, March 26, 1836, and has always lived in Fulton county. She united with the Christian church in her girlhood. She was married to Marshall Ney Willcoxen, May 4, 1854. To them were born 13 children, 10 of whom lived to man and womanhood. Three died in infancy.
          The living are: Mrs. Jos. Willcoxen, Mrs. Addie Goodman, Mrs. Repass, Mrs. Farwell, Mrs. Kline, Mrs. Arthur White, Calvin, George N., and Jerry W. of Los Angeles, Cal. As well as being a beautiful and accomplished lady, she was a loving mother, a faithful friend and of a beautiful christian character. This much-loved and well-known woman will be deeply mourned by all her relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the house Tuesday morning, conducted by Rev. B.Y. George of Elmwood. Interment was in the Willcoxen cemetery.

11. James Calvin WILCOXEN.1 Born in 1829 in Estill Co., Kentucky.10,1 He was 21 at the time of the 19 Dec 1850 census in Illinois. James Calvin died after 1879; he was 50. Occupations: farmer,10 banking business, flour and woolen mills, a hotel, two retail stores and building railroads.1 Alias/AKA: "Jim" WILLCOXEN28WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 18 Sep 18515 (Wulfeck gives this date as 10 Sep 1851) when James Calvin was 22, he first married Clarissa PUTMAN,1 in Fulton Co., Ilinois.1,5 Clarissa was born about 1830. Clarissa died on 8 Jul 1877; she was 47.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, JAMES C     PUTMAN, CLARISSA     FULTON     09/18/1851    00B/0173    00000172
James Calvin and Clarissa had the following children:
90 i. Alice A.
91 ii. Lewis K.
92 iii. Henry C.
93 iv. Laura N.
94 v. Mary C.
95 vi. Oliver L.

On 8 Sep 18795 when James Calvin was 50, he second married Mary Alice HAIR1,5 in Fulton Co., Illinois.5,28 Mary Alice was born about 1830. She died after Dec. 31, 1907.28 Alias/AKA: Mary Alice HARE.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, JAMES C     HAIR, MARY A     FULTON     09/08/1879    00E/0102     00000222
James Calvin and Mary Alice had the following children:
95A i. Calloway (ca 1880-aft1907)
95B ii. Gordon (ca 1880-aft1907)
95C iii. Frank (ca 1880-aft1907)

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [p.97]:1
327. JAMES CALVIN WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 1829, Estill Co., Ky.; m. (1) 10 Sept., 1851, Clarissa Putnam[sic, Putman], d. 8 July, 1877; m. (2) Sept., 1879, Mary Alice Hare. He was engaged in the banking business, flour and woolen mills, a hotel, two retail stores and building railroads.     CHILDREN:
By 1st mar.
       948 Alice A. Wilcoxen
       949 Lewis K. Wilcoxen m. 1877 Alice Baughman, dau of Harry W..
       950 Henry C. Wilcoxen
       951 Laura N. Wilcoxen
       952 Mary C. Wilcoxen
       953 Oliver L. Wilcoxen
The following is the obituary for James Calvin Wilcoxen:28
Death of James C. Willcoxen

[There is a picture of him here]

          There was very general sadness in Lewistown last Wednesday over the news that this honored pioneer of Lewistown had died the day before, Dec. 31, 1907, at his home in Sturgis, S.D., after prolonged feebleness. He was born in Estill co., Ky., in 1829. His parents were Capt Elijah and Charlotte Calloway-Willcoxen who came to Liverpool, Fulton co., in 1830. Deceased got only a common school education in country schools, and worked on his father's farm until manhood. In 1851 he was married to Miss Clarissa Putman, daughter to that honored pioneer, Harrison Putman, this esteemed lady dying, July 8, 1877, leaving six children --
          Mrs. Alice Graybeal, Liverpool tp.
          L.C. Willcoxen, Lewistown
          Mrs. Emma Downing, deceased
          Mrs. Nettie Vandercar, York, Neb.
          Mrs. Mary Lawrence, Chicago
          Oliver L. Willcoxen, out west
          In September, 1879, he was married to Miss Mary Alice Hair to whom has been born three sons -- Calloway (married), Gordon and Frank. The widow and these three sons survive husband and father.
          Mr. Willcoxen was born July 21, 1829. His brother, J.F. Willcoxen, is the only one left of this large family.
          Mr. Willcoxen opened up the splendid 320 acre farm in the northwest corner of Liverpool tp., and erected thereon a splendid great two-story brick residence, all now the property of his son-in-law, Jacob Graybeal. In 1869 Mr. W. moved to Lewistown where he became interested in our National Bank, where he had extensive timber contracts, where he had a large part in erecting the $40,000 Beadles Block and many other substantial buildings, where he was connected with a score of business enterprises, was for a time a partner in our big woolen mill and the Burgett flouring mill, opened up and cultivated some 5000 acres of bottom and hill land, built and owned for years the suburb of Proctorville, built the Narrow Gauge railway from Havana to Fairview in 1878-9, winding up his meteorlike achievements by building a $65,000 roller flouring mill of 200 barrel capacity per day whose early destruction by fire ruined him financially and resulted in his removal to Black Hawk, S.D., over 20 years ago.
          Mr. Willcoxen here made fortunes. He employed regiments of men and scattered his wealth all over these hills and valleys among men who too often gave poor returns for his prodigal kindness to them. He was the victim of stupendous ingratitude and wanton robbery by men he had helped. But he was a very Jim Fisk of a "plunger", albeit the soul of honor in all his amazing audacious enterprises. His liberality was simply prodigal. The present Christian church building is one of his minor monuments here. Then he stood like a stonewall to temperance and public decency. In all these ways and as a practical, tireless friend of laboring men by the hundreds, James C. Willcoxen was the biggest man Fulton county ever produced. He would have covered these hills with factories if he could have found a first-class financeer to have kept the gallop with him. Big-hearted, true-blue, audacious Jim Willcoxen -- we shall not again know a man like him -- a truer friend, a nobler citizen. The generations will revere his name and not forget his mighty deeds for Lewistown's up-building, commercially and morally, until the fire fiend laid him low.

12. America WILCOXEN.1 Born after 1811.10 She was 15 at the time of the 1850 Illinois census taken on 19 Dec 1850. America died on 13 Oct 1884; she was 73.1 Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

On 2 Aug 18555 when America was 44, she married Joseph M. JACOBS,1,5 son of Peter JACOBS & Mary RECHNER, in Fulton Co., Illinois.1 Joseph M. was born about 1830 in Rhine Province, Germany.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
JACOBS, JOSEPH M     WILCOXEN, AMERICA     FULTON     08/02/1855    00B/0285    00000180
They had one child:
96 i. Elmer Ellsworth (~1860-)

The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [p.97]:1
328. AMERICA WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) d. 13 Oct., 1884, m. 2 Aug., 1855, Joseph M. Jacobs, b. Rhine Province, Germany, son of Peter and Mary (Rechner) Jacobs.     CHILDREN:     (Only one known.)
       954 Elmer Elsworth Jacobs, b. abt 1860, age 67 in 1927 when he wrote
                  to Mrs. Spraker from his home, 2529 Larimer St., Denver, Colo.
13. Jeremiah F. WILCOXEN.1 Born on 17 Feb 1833 in Liverpool, Ilinois.1 Jeremiah F. died 4 Jan 1912; he was 78. Occupation: farmer.10 Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON/WILLCOXEN.

Note: This compiler is assuming that these children are by his first wife.

On 21 Feb 18675 (Wulfeck gives the date as 6 Feb 1867) in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 when Jeremiah F. was 33, he first married Lorinda RYNER,1,5 daughter of Peter RYNER & Margaret UNKNOWN.1 She was from Peoria, Illinois.1 Lorinda was born about 1833; she died on 19 Mar 1884; she was about 51.1 (Another source says she died 13 Mar 1884).

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILLCOXEN, J F     RINER, LORINDA     FULTON    02/21/1867     00D/0097     00000064
They had the following children:
97 i. Mary Adell
98 ii. Frank B.
99 iii. Charles L.

On 19 Jan 18905 when Jeremiah F. was 56, he second married Mary C. HENDRICKSON,1,5 daughter of Rev. Solomon HENDRICKSON.1 Mary C. was born about 1833.

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILLCOXEN, J F     HENDRICKSON, MARY C     FULTON    01/19/1890     00F/0072     00000016
The following excerpts are from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958:1

      In 1861, Jeremiah F. Willcoxen wrote from Canton, Ill., to Lyman C. Draper (Draper Mss 23 CC 47) stating, in part, "You say you was informed that my Father was a nephew of Col. Boon. He was a Grand nephew of Col. Boon, being a son of Samuel Willcockson who was a son of John and Sarah Willcockson, formerly Sarah Boon; a sister of Col. Boon. John Willcockson & Sarah Boon was married in North Carolina (we are not in possession of the date.) He died in Roann County N. Carolina. After which She removed to Kentucky with her Grandson (Jesse Boon Willcockson) with whom she lived till her death which took place in the year 1814 at the age of about 97 years."


      A list of the children of John and Sarah (Boone) Willcockson was given in a letter by Jeremiah Wilcoxen, grandson of Samuel Willcockson, to Lyman C. Draper. (Draper Mss 23 CC 49)
                                                                                                                  "Postmarked" Canton, Ill.
                                                                                                                  April 18th, 1861
Mr. Draper - Dear Sir:
      I received yours of the 5th inst and will proceed to answer your questions as nearly as Mother [Charlotte (Calloway) Wilcoxen] can remember. (as we are not in possession of the family record so far back)
      1st Grandfather had 6 brothers and 4 sisters all older than himself except one and his name was William. The names of the older ones were John, George, Isaac, Daniel Jr., Israel (Israel was killed by the Indians at Boonesborough, Ky.) Elizabeth, she married Benjamin Cutbirth, Mary married Walker, Rachel married William Bryant, Sarah married Thomas Hagans.
      2nd Great grandfather was a native of Wales.
      3rd Uncle Jesse B. Willcoxen lived in Madison County Ky he is not living he has been dead about thiry five years.
      4th John Willcoxen's children are none living.
      5th Grandfather's Brother Daniel died in Kentucky but we do not know whether he was the one you refer to or not We do not know anything of his family.
.   .    .   .    .   .    .   .    .   .    .   .    .   .    .   .
                                                                                                                  Very respectfully Yours
                                                                                                                        J. F. Willcoxen


330. JEREMIAH F. WILCOXEN (Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) b. 17 Feb., 1833, Liverpool, Ill..; m. (1) 6 Feb., 1867, Lorinda Ryner of Peoria, Ill.; d. 19 March, 1884, dau. of Peter and Margaret Ryner; m. (2) Jan., 1890, Mary C. Hendrickson, dau. of Rev. Solomon Hendrickson, an early circuit preacher who was killed in West Virginia during the Civil War by guerillas as he was on his way to church.     CHILDREN:     (Perhaps others.)
       968 Mary Adell Wilcoxen
       969 Frank B. Wilcoxen
       970 Charles L. Wilcoxen, m. Dale Quigley.

The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29

Jeremiah F. Willcoxen has written his name upon the history of Fulton Co. Mr. Willcoxen's parents, Captain Elijah and Charlotte (CALLAWAY) Willcoxen came to Fulton County in 1830, being among the first to locate permanently in Liverpool Twp. Here, Jeremiah was born Feb. 17, 1833, and in a rude log cabin graduated from his still ruder cradle to the floor, and from the floor to the doorstep, thence to an increasing participation in the wilderness interests by which he was surrounded. The first school in the township was held iln a log cabin two miles north of his home, which served also as a meeting house for the Baptist congregation. All of the schools were of the subscription order, the parents paying so much per term for each child sent, and the teacher boarding around in the families of different patrons. He attended high school in Cuba, held in a brick building.

After the death of his father, Mr. Willcoxen succeeded to the quarter-section comprising the old homestead, and kept adding to his inheritance,until he at one time owned 2,700 acres.

In 1867 he was united in marriage to Lorinda RYNER, a native of Peoria Co. IL, and daughter of Peter and Margaret Ryner. Of this union there were three children:
Frank B., who lives with his father
Mary Adell, who lives at home
Charles L., who married Dale QUIGLEY, has a son, Kenneth Don,
      and lives on part of the old homestead.

Mrs. Willcoxen died Mar 19, 1884, and in January 1890, Mr. Willcoxen married Mary C., daughter of Rev. Solomon HENDRICKSON, the latter an early circuit preacher who was killed on his way to church in West Virginia, by guerillas during the Civil War.

Mr. Willcoxen was known as one of the most extensive stockraisers in his township, and he derived a liberal income from sheep, cattle, horses, and hogs.He later drifted into the banking business as a large stock-holder and Vice President of the firm of TURNER, PHELPS & Company. When this institution failed in 1894, much of the land and collateral of Mr. Willcoxen was swept away, his total loss being about $90,000. Few farmers have so much to lose, and few take their financial losses as philosophically and wisely as did Mr. Willcoxen. His sons now own the original old homestead, and have taken from his shoulders much of the responsibility of his affairs.

Since casting his first Presidential vote, Mr. Willcoxen has allied with the Democratic Party. He was Sheriff of Fulton County from 1862 to 1865, and since then has held practically all of the various offices in his township.

The following is the obituary for Jeremiah F. Wilcoxen:28

Jeremiah F. Willcoxen died Jan. 4, 1912, in the ancestral home of his honored pioneer parents in Liverpool tp., where he was born, Feb. 17, 1833 -- where he had lived almost 78 years. He was recently stricken with paralysis from which he did not rally.
          He was next to the youngest child of those distinguished early pioneers of this county, Captain Elijah and Charlotte (Calloway) Willcoxen, who came to Liverpool tp. From Kentucky in 1830, the next year locating on the land where the old Willcoxen home now stands. The great grandfather of deceased married Rachel Boone, a sister to the famous Daniel Boone. Jeremiah's mother also came from the finest line of early Americans in North Carolina and Kentucky.
          Deceased's only schooling was in the pioneer schools of his boyhood. But he not only mastered the business of farming, but was a well-read and learned man in history, politics and religion. His parents were devout Baptists, but in the absence of that denomination in his neighborhood he became a member of the Christian church to which he was devoutly attached. Feb. 21, 1867, he was married to the beautiful and cultured Miss Lorinda Ryner of Elmwood. Their three children were Mary A., Frank B. and Charles L., all living in or near the old home. Wife and mother died March 19, 1884. Jan. 19, 1890. Mr. W. was married to Miss Mary C. Hendrickson, who died several years ago.
          The subject of this sketch was the last of a remarkable family of sons and daughters, viz,, Zerilda, Jesse B., Nancy M., Elijah C., Andrew J., Mary E. (Cope), Isaiah M., Elizabeth C., Anna A. (Vail-Ray), Marshall N., James C., Charlotte, Jeremiah F. and America -- all are now dead, but a wonderful family whose children and their descendants now number several hundred people young and old. As to numerous progeny and average high citizenship of the several generations, the family of Capt. Elijah Willcoxen and wife has no equal in the annals of Fulton county.
          This editor 60 and more years ago was intimately acquainted with Capt. W. and his blessed wife, and particularly with Anna, James, Marshall, Jerry, and America, when they, too, were young people. The writer has no happier childhood recollections than his frequent visits to that hospitable home and the strong friendships of the parents and younger sons and daughters. It would require columns to tell the tale of those happy days -- to do justice to that remarkable family.
          Like their father, the sons were fine farmers and splendid business men, each of them, as we remember, of unblemished honor. They all acquired large acreages of fine land. Jerry at one time owned 2600 acres. Involved in the failure of the old Lewistown bank in 1894, he voluntarily gave up a large amount in land and money, the largest share in paying depositors over 60 per cent of their claims. He was only a stockholder and director in the bank and had no part in its management.
          Deceased held many local offices in his township and was sheriff of Fulton county during 1862-63, a two year term. Fulton county never had a finer official nor a better citizen than Jeremiah F. Willcoxen.
          Rev. Dr. B. Y. George of Elmwood, a cherished friend of the Willcoxen generations, conducted funeral services on Sunday, at 2 p.m., with burial in the Willcoxen cemetery where many generations of that name await the resurrection morn. It was the coldest day this section has known for many years. Only very robust people dared face the icy blast at 18 degrees below zero. A great multitude otherwise would have thronged the home in honor of the good man. The respect shown him was remarkable. A wealth of very rare flowers covered the casket and grave.

14. Isaiah M. WILCOXEN.1 Born after 1811. Isaiah M. died before 1850. He died young.1 Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

15. Charlotte WILCOXEN.1 Born after 1811. Charlotte died at age 12 in about 1825.8,1 Alias/AKA: WILLCOCKSON/WILCOXON.

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