Fourth Generation (Continued)

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Family of Prudence WILCOXEN (55) & John Alexander RAY

196. Teresa RAY.20

Teresa married Unknown McDANIEL.20

197. Marcellus RAY.20

198. Geneva RAY.20

Geneva married Unknown FERGUSON.20

199. Roby Gilbert RAY.20 Born in Ashe Co., North Carolina.20 Alias/AKA: Roby "Robey" Gilbert Ray.20

200. Charles RAY.20

201. Wilbur RAY.20

He married twice.20

202. Thomas Franklin "Frank" RAY.20

Thomas Franklin "Frank" married Meda Hattie SANGER.20

They had the following children:
i. Ella Florence20
ii. John Lewis20
iii. Arthur Max20
iv. Lela Marie20

203. Walter RAY.20

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