Third Generation (Continued)

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Family of Jesse Boone WILCOXEN (3) & Priscilla STUFFLEBEAM

26. Infant WILCOXEN.

One child died in infancy.1,29

27. Frances M. WILCOXEN.1,29 Died age 6.1.29 Alias/AKA: Francis M.29

Research note: Was Frances/Francis a girl or a boy? The spelling "Frances" suggests a girl, while the spelling "Francis" suggests a boy.

28. Zerilda M. WILCOXEN.1,5,29 Zerilda died on 12 Oct 1863.1,29

On 13 Mar 18565 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 Zerilda M. married Francis M. "Frank" CONLEY.1,5,29 Francis M. was a resident of Macomb, Illinois.1,29

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
CONLEY, FRANCIS M     WILCOXEN, ZERILDA M     FULTON     03/13/1856     00B/0310     00000075
They had three children, one identified thus far:29
28A i. Mary Charlotte (1863-1941)35
28B ii. Unknown29
28C iii. Unknown29

29. Elijah C. WILCOXEN.1,29 Occupation: farming in Liverpool Twp., Fulton Co., Illinois.29

30. William C. WILCOXEN.1,5,29 Born on 6 Nov 1841 in Section 17, Liverpool Township, Fulton County, Ilinois.29 William C. died in Fulton County, Ilinois on 11 Feb 1917; he was 68.9 Alias/AKA: James M. WILCOXEN.1 Namesake: probably for his maternal grandfather, William Stufflebeam.

On 16 Feb 18715,29 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 when William C. was 29, he married Martha A. SPRAGUE,5,29 a daughter of Lauren P. SPRAGUE,29 who was a resident of Banner Township, Fulton County, Ilinois, and one of the early pioneers of the county.29

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, WILLIAM C     SPRAGUE, MARTHA     FULTON     02/16/1871     00D/0174     00000043
They had the following children:
30A i. Lora V. (died age 9)29 (bef 1899-bef 1908)29
30B ii. Willard R. (1883-aft 1908)29

The following is from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908:29

A farmer of long residence and marked prominence in Fulton County is located in Section 17, Liverpool Twp. He was born in that section, Nov. 6, 1841, a son of Jesse B. and Priscilla (Stufflebeam) Willcoxen, and a grandson of Captain Elijah Willcoxen. On coming to Fulton County about 1831, he located on Sect. 17 and the tract of land which he then entered up has continued in the possession of his descendants ever since that period.

Jesse B. Willcoxen first wedded Priscilla STUFFLEBEAM, a daughter of William Stufflebeam who settled in Fulton County at an early period. From this union resulted nine children, of whom the first born died in infancy. The others were:
Francis M. who died at age of six years
Zerilda, who married Frank CONLEY, a resident of Macomb, IL,
      and died Oct 12, 1863, leaving three children.
Elijah C. who is engaged in farming in Liverpool Twp.
William C. subject of this sketch
Charlotte T. widow of B. L. HARRISON, resident of Liverpool Twp.
Jesse B., deceased, who was the husband of Margaret SHIELDS,
      whose home is in Lewistown
Henry H., who also lives in that town
Joseph J. who lives on the old homestead

The mother of this family departed this life June 27, 1854, and the father subsequently married Margaret SMITH, by whom he had six children:
Sarah E. wife of Jasper N. WALKER, of Lewistown
James H. and Jacob S. who are jointly operating the homestead farm
Noah L. who carries on farming in Liverpool Twp.
Martha O., wife of Peter HAVERMILL, of Canton
Ida B. who makes her home with her mother in Joshua Twp.

Jesse B. Willcoxen died Oct. 17 1872, and was buried in the Salen Churchyard. He was a plain unassuming man, of upright character, and enjoyed the respect of all who knew him. Together with his father he helped to reclaim the lands from the wilderness, and also participated with his father in the Black Hawk War.

William C., the subject of this sketch, was reared on the farm and received his education in the district schools. He now owns and operates a farm of eighty acres and raises a good grade of stock.

On Feb. 16, 1871, Mr. Willcoxen was united in marriage with Martha A. SPRAGUE, a daughter of Lauren P. Sprague, who is a resident of Banner Twp., and one of the honored pioneers of the county, his advent into this region occurred at an early period.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. Willcoxen resulted in two children:
Lora V. who died at the age of nine years
Willard R., who was born Aug 23, 1883, and who married Bertha JORDAN, and is engaged in farming in Section 17, Liverpool Twp, his father having given him forty acres on which to begin life for himself.

He is a Democrat in politics, and is influential in its local councils, having filled the office of School Trustee for more than twenty years. He takes a lively interest in public affairs and is regarded as one of the most public-spirited members of the community.

31. Charlotte Temple WILCOXEN.1,29 As of 1908, she was a widow and a resident of Liverpool Township, Fulton Co., Illinois.29

On 8 May 1862 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 Charlotte Temple married Barton Lee HARRISON.1,29 Barton Lee was born on 15 Jul 1832 in Lewis Co., Kentucky.1 Barton Lee died before 1908.29 Occupation: school director.1

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
HARRISON, BARTON L     WILLCOXEN, CHARLOTTE TEMPLE     FULTON     05/08/1862     00D/0011     00000105
The following is from Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, M.A., Wilcoxson and Allied Families (Willcockson, Wilcoxen, Wilcox), 1958 [p.143]:1
904. CHARLOTTE T. WILCOXEN (Jesse B.5, Elijah4, Samuel3, John2,        ) m. 8 May, 1862, Barton Lee Harrison, b. 15 July, 1832, Lewis Co., Ky., son of James and Sarah C. (Lee) Harrison. He had m. (1) 25 Nov., 1858, Mary M. Arnett and their only child died in infancy. He was School Director and held other civic offices.     CHILDREN:
       1948 Mary C. Harrison, b. 1863.
       1949 Martha E. Harrison, b. 10 May, 1864.
       1950 Robert E. L. Harrison, b. 28 Oct., 1865.
       1951 Sarah E. Harrison, b. 24 Feb., 1867.
       1952 James B. Harrison, b. 27 March, 1869.
       1953 Jesse B. Harrison, b. 12 Sept., 1870; d. in infancy.
       1954 Emma R. Harrison, b. 5 Feb., 1872.
       1955 Owen C. Harrison, b. 14 March, 1874; d. age 3.
       1956 Augusta P. Harrison, b. 14 March 1876.
       1957 Tyra H. Harrison, b. 11 May, 1879.
They had the following children:
159 i. Mary C. (1863-)
160 ii. Martha E. (1864-)
161 iii. Robert E. L. (1865-)
162 iv. Sarah E. (1867-)
163 v. James B. (1869-)
164 vi. Jesse B. (Died as Infant) (1870-)
165 vii. Emma R. (1872-)
166 viii. Owen C. (Died as Child) (1874-~1877)
167 ix. Augusta P. (1876-)
168 x. Tyra H. (1879-)

32. Jesse E. WILCOXEN.1,5,29 He died before 1908.29 Alias/AKA: Jesse B.5,29

On 9 Mar 1865 in Fulton Co., Illinois,5 Jesse married Margaret A. SHIELDS1,5,29 After his death Margaret A. was still residing in Lewistown, Fulton Co., Illinois as of 1908.29

Their marriage license is listed in the online Illinois state records as:5
WILCOXEN, JESSE B     SHIELDS, MARGARET A     FULTON     03/09/1865     00D/0053     00000066
33. Harvey H. WILCOXEN..1,29 He lived in Lewistown, Fulton Co., Illinois as of 1908.29 Alias/AKA: Henry H.29

34. Joseph J. WILCOXEN.1,29 He "lived on the old homestead" as of 1908.29

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